Don’t worry Mum, I feel fine!



Ludo here, I is being a doggy scarf on my favourite spot on the sofa. In case you missed the last post I recently had a small lump removed from my back leg and it comed back from tests as being a kind of cancer. On tuesday Me, Mum and TND all went on a long car journey. I be pretty excited cos we only do that to go on holiday mostly. Arran stayed behind at Grandpawents house on the monday and he tells me he sulked all night.

We got there and had a walk around and then went into a building. Ok, it did not has the usual charm of the holiday cottages we usually go to and there be other people and dogs in there, but I knew it did not be my vet. We went into a room (well, I tried to go out the front door again) with a nice man who stroked me all over and spent a while chatting to Mum and TND, but then he did that very unpleasant thermometer thing. It did be a vets after all! I is tricked!

Then another man called an oncologist came and talked to Mum and TND some more. I got kind of bored lying down and went over and made him stroke me. Then he looked all around me too and carried me off into another room! I got kind of sleepy after that but soon after I woke up I got tooked back out to that first room and Mum and TND tooked me back to the car. Talk about a rubbish holiday huh? Who goes to the vet on holiday anyway? Not me usually. Mum said it tooked hours and they went off and had a nice meal at a pub. Without me! We drove to my Uncle’s house cos he lives near to the weird vet holiday place and had dinner and then back home and to bed. I felt a bit cold underneath and had a couple of hurty spots.

Bare belly!

Bare belly!

Mum said I had lots of scans and some biopsies.

Arran came home the next morning (I thought I had got rid of him for a moment!) and we had to do waitings for the results. Well, not me, I just carried on as normal. We went to the lake afore my vet holiday… I thinks my belly would be too cold for swimming now.


Lake Wastwater


Poppy’s first lake.

Beach walkies

Beach walkies

What toy shall I play with today?

What toy shall I play with today?

Oh sorry Mum, did you wants to put your feets there? hehe!

Oh sorry Mum, did you wants to put your feets there? hehe!

On friday the peoples got the results and although it has not spread very much, a thingy called my inguinal lymph node did has cancer cells in it, I doesn’t know what that be, but it means I has ‘stage 2’ cancer. Which means Mum and TND had to do some important people thinking stuff.

It be a hard thinking because they didn’t really want me to have more surgery. I got kind of worried to have the stitches in there afore and it did not be nice to feel all woozy from the sleepy stuff, but Mum said the oncologist man did not have very encouraging things to say about how long I might be around if we did not do it (and maybe, even if we do.) So I is going back to the faraway vets on wednesday to try and get more of the cancer cells out of my leg and to take that lymph thing out too. But that ok, cos I doesn’t think I needs it very much, apparently I has more of them and so does you all too! Handy huh?
After, I might need some special medicines called chemo, but Mum and TND will has to do some more thinking about that too and see how I go as they want me to still be having a nice time. Also, I is being tested for the MDR1 gene, which can affect pastoral breeds like me and might mean I casnot has the medicine anyway. Mum is trying not to feel sad and I is helping. Because I is very helpful of course.

I might not be able to tell you more until I is all healed up, so don’t do worryings, I feel fine!

14 thoughts on “Don’t worry Mum, I feel fine!

  1. Hey there, Ludo. You can beat this yucky thing. You may have to wear the cone for a bit again but it’s well worth it. We hope you don’t need chemo, its rather nasty. We’ll be thinking about you, your friends Beckett and Keltic and their Mum too.

  2. We are very sorry to hear about your non-holiday at the non-cottage place. They gave u a fur cut too. Those theives!

    In all seriousness, we are sad to hear u have cancer.

    We know Shelties! And us Shelties can bark and yap! There has got to be a Sheltie holding a world record fur barking somewhere!

    All us Shelties need to all bark with all our might and scare that nasty cancer right out of u.

    We will start yapping immediately fur u to get better soon.

  3. hello shelties its dennis the vizsla dog hay trixie and saya and me ar sending lots of tail wags to ludo abowt the c wurd thing!!! the cancer not the chemo!!! wel we ar sending tail wags for the chemo too but that’s to mayk it wurk better!!! ennyway keep feeling gud ludo!!! ok bye

  4. Oh my dear naughty/goodboy chum Ludo! This is not what I wanted for you at all! But I know you to be a strong,determined guy, so I am betting you make a complete recovery from the nasty little cancer cells. You are big and they are little, just beat ’em up! I send POTP to you from me, Zkhat and our Mom and my Mom does prays too, so she will do that for you. Lots of love, Stella

  5. Oh Ludo my dear pal, you are being very brave and I know you are always helpful (well almost always). And you are fortunately you can always rely on Mum and TND to make the best decisions so you have the nicest possible time.
    But, OK, I must admit, I am a bit worried and upset by this news about your horrid cancer thing, and so is Gail.
    Sending hugs to you and Mum and TND.
    Toodle pip!

  6. We are with you on this journey. Bailey has lymphoma and we chose not to do chemo because the outcomes for him were not good and are treating only with steroids at this point. He actually has outlived his original prognosis, but the long term survival on steroids only gives him about another month. Who knows, maybe he’ll keep fighting stay with us a bit longer.

    Our prayers are with you. It is hard to make the choices that give our pets the best quality and quantity of life. That balance is often a very tricky one to walk. We hope you have many wonderful memories in the time that comes.

  7. You are helping us to feel less sad Ludo. You have a great positive spirit, and I love your sense of humor.

    Oreo and Chewy will be crossing their paws in both directions for you. Sending love to you and your parents Ludo.

  8. Ludo, Katie and I are crossing ALL our paws over and over again hoping that things go good. Ludo you are very special to us and lots of people. There is no dog like you Ludo! We are sending you tons of good vibes. And lots of hugs to your peoples too.

  9. Such a worrying time. But one great thing is that Ludo is not aware of the possibilities. We humans seem to have cornered the market in worrying about outcomes. I’ll be thinking of you in this hard, hard time and hoping that the surgery goes so well that you can relax for ages and enjoy life together.

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