Cutting out the Cancer


Ludo here. Since my last update I has kind of been having a crummy time. I wont lie to you I has had to be in major sulk mode! But I has been getting lots of extra attentions! I love attentions!

I went in for my surgery at the specialist hospital (The Univeristy of Liverpool Small Animal teaching hospital) to get the cancer spread out. The vets and nurses in the soft tissue department tooked really good care of me, but oh, I was so ouchie and tired. I had to stay in 2 nights and nearly three days. I did try and be nice to all the nurses though and they gived me a lot of attentions and said they had fallen in love with me. Even though they comed and hurt my sore bits when they visited. They told Mum they had fallen in love with me. The operation went well, they managed to take out my two lymph nodes, (one the cancer had spread to and the one nearest it to be sure) The one that enlarged from the cancer came out easy but the second one be a bit hard to find. They also cut more away from my leg where the original mast cell tumour be to improve those margin thingies.

Mum agreed with them that I was a good boy, so that was ok. When Mum and Grandpaw came to pick me up I did be really sore, Mum sat in the back with me and I got on her lap. But I kept hasing to move away cos I hurt. Mum felt very sad for me. But, I was happy to be back home! Although, I did not know what happened really or why I felt so poorly.


Giving Mum the Stink Eye

Arran did not be there, he went to go stay with Auntie Toni and the girls and Poppy and Rusty at Grandpawents so I could has peace and quiet. He says he had fun, but he did be a bit worried and clingy. He gets worried easily though.


Unfortunately, Mum and TND had booked to go on holiday. They worried a lot and they almost cancelled but decided since I just needed to rest and it beed quite a fancy holiday to New York I should be ok. Grandpawents stayed and looked after me and Mum’s friend from Dog Club comed round every day to help them do my medicines. I gived them all mean face and wouldn’t let them put my anti bruise cream on and tried to bite Barbara, but I liked her to give me treats. Mum and TND skyped me but I did not talk to them.

I forgived them when they got back though and I be very happy to see them. I felt lots better by then!

They got me a taxi!


Cool huh?


Taxi biscuit

Unfortunately as soon as Mum saw me she knew I did not look right.

I had this big swelling in my abdomen. Grandpawents had tooked me to the vets on the wednesday and told Mum but the vet said it just fluid and put me on antibiotics. (excuse my private parts!)


Mum had to take me to the vets the next day to get my stitches out and our usual vet did not like the look of it and suspected it had herniated, so the next morning Mum had to take me to a different surgery for an ultra sound and unfortunately, it had. I had to be taken straight in for surgery. Some loops of intestine animg_20151130_132118.jpgd the tip of my spleen had come down through the muscle. The vet that fixed me said my muscles were all frayed and though she had done her best with a different pattern of stitches it might happen again. So I is on super strict do not move orders, which I think be really mean and boring. I likes to sleep on the top of the sofa you know! On my two day post op check the my vet thought I looked a  bit swollen again and so off we went next day for another ultra sound. But, this time, it did just be fluid and it has gone down now. So far I is ok and healing well and i get to be carried up and down stairs and on and off the furniture for cuddles. Mum sits on the floor with me, but I prefer to cuddle on my own terms.

Mum has spoken to the original surgeon and he said it has never happened before in his whole career and thank Dog the external stitches stayed intact. I is just very unlucky! Go big or go home I say! Every vet I has seen and all the nurses says what a wonderful boy I am and such a trooper. Mum sure does be lucky to has me!

Now I has to wear these rather unflattering shorts as a support for my muscles. The vet recommended tights as they didn’t has any in, but really, mum, did they has to be fishnets?


Now we is on mark 2. TND says this pose be really attractive, but I think he doing that sarcasm thing. I doesn’t care as long as I get tummy tickles. He gives the best tummy tickles, Mum does not be allowed to do them.


I is feeling fine again now and I think it about time I got out for a walk. Mum says my soft tissue vet says not for 6 weeks.


My leg has healed very well and I got all my stitches out. It kind of itches though and I like Mum to sit and rub it. I got some of the muscle taken off too and the good news be there no more cancer cells in those extra margins.


Unfortunately my dna test for the MDR1 gene comed back as positive. This means I casnot has the chemo drug, which the vets recommended to get any of that nasty cancer stuff right out. There an alternative newish drug which more a preventative, but I would need to be on it forever and Mum doesn’t think we will do that. So we just has to cross our paws and hope that the cancer does not come back!

Thank you for all your good thoughts, I think they is making me feel much better!

~Lickies, Ludo!


22 thoughts on “Cutting out the Cancer

  1. Oh my best boy Ludo! I am sad this has happened to you and wish for a good and quick recovery. It is so good that you are being the best patient and doing all the things the Vets and nurses tell you! I tell my Mom to say prays for you and we will all keep the POTP working for you and you will be well in no time flat! I wish I was at your home to give you licks and love you!

    Your long time pal,’Stella

  2. All the best Ludo, you’ve been so brave. Hope the nasty cancer keeps at bay and here’s hoping for a full recovery 🙂 x

  3. Oh, dearest Ludo, you have been having a rough time, and so has your Mum. But what a brave pup you are. It must be so frustrating having to stay still and not jump up on the back of the sofa. We think gentle cuddles are the best medicine, so make sure you get lots and lots of them.
    Toodle pip!
    Bertie (and Gail).

  4. Wow, you have had a rough time. You look cute in your pants though!

    We will be keeping paws crossed here that the cancer is gone for good. lick & love to you Ludo!

  5. Best wishes, Ludo. We hope you get better and better. You sure were unlucky and lucky at the same time with that surgery. My Ceilidh was on Palladia for the chemo after her surgery, I’m not sure I would do that again; it was hard on her. Hope you have beat the nasty thing.

  6. We r sorry u had to have so many operations. Big hugs to u and your pawrents too. We will keep our paws crossed fur u.

    Btw, Nice biker shorts. You need a leather jacket and a motorcycle now to go with the shorts.

  7. Ludo, we are happy you are doing better, but we are so sorry you had to go through so much. Your surgery reminded Mom of the big surgery and incision Phantom had on his chest when they had to remove a gigantic tumor. We hope that your evil C is gone for good. Do take care and rest well.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning

  8. Oh my Ludo! You has been through way too much stuffs! You certainly are a very brave boy, your mom and dad are very proud of you for sure! Glad you are feeling better. Katie and I have all our fingers, toes and tails crossed that the bad stuff is all gone now.

  9. Hey Ludo! Just checking in to say we’re thinking about you, and also hoping your family are all safe after all the horrid weather in Cumbria.
    Toodle pip!
    Bertie (and Gail).

    • Hi Bertie, thanks for thinking of us, we’ve escaped the floods thankfully, made getting around the county a bit tricky but we are very lucky to have been ok our end. Will come by your blog for a visit very soon!

  10. I haven’t been on the internet for a while, so I missed this update. I sure hope the recovery is still going well. It’s horrible to see our dogs uncomfortable, because they don’t necessarily know that we put them through these things to make them well. But the best part is that when it’s all over and they’re well again they just enjoy life and don’t dwell on what they’ve been through. They live in the moment. Good luck with this difficult time. I’m thinking of you all.

  11. hello ludo its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am sorry to heer they kannot giv yoo the ultra mega speshul drug but saya and i send lots of tail wags that the cancer duz not come bak!!! and saya sez yoo luk verry fetching in yore shorts like a bisiklist or sumthing i gess she has a thing for bisiklists hoo noo??? ok bye

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