Snow Dogs


It’s me, Arran!

This weekend I got to have some really Scampy fun. We went to a really interesting place called ‘Snow’. I have seen snow falling from the sky before and looked at it, but I have never been to Snow before. Mum heard it had snowed, but we didn’t get any because of the salty sea air, so she said to Dad, let’s go find some, because Arran is nearly three. And we did!

We drove a bit inland and went up a little higher onto the Cumbrian Fells onto Cold Fell and there we found… Snow! It was all white and sinky and also cold. I suppose that makes sense. Mum says that it is called Cold all year round and there is only Snow sometimes, but snow is always cold. I think my head hurts.

Here are some photos!


I’ll just keep this stick on my fur for later.


Real snow!


I cannot look at the camera Ladee, it is too interesting here!



We got a bit higher and some Herdwick sheep had just passed through, there was some blood on the snow and Mum worried about the sheep. There are a lot of fell sheep wandering around and people don’t realise they might be just around the corner, not in a fenced off field or anything. A lot of dogs are not as good with sheep as we are and so it is best to always be on your lead if you are not used to sheep or think you might chase or scare them. Even if you would not hurt them, they might hurt themselves trying to run away, so we always make sure we go past slowly and stay close to our people and no barking at them (unless your people aren’t listening).

We found a little bridge across the stream, but luckily there was a newer one just next to it as Me and Mum did not like the look of going across there. We are a little bit scared of things. But at least we are scared together. Dad called it ‘Monk’s Bridge’ and said he used to play jumping off it into the water when he was a teenager.


Mum taught me how to catch snowballs. I liked to attack them and smoosh them up. It was really strange though because Dad kept throwing me balls and when I went to find them they had disappeared back into the snow!


Dad made a little snow man, but Ludo came along and pulled its arms off. He he!


It was a fun walk! Although not too long as Ludo still can’t go so far and snow is hard work to walk in.

I tried to get him to play with me. He is such a grouch sometimes! He did do some zoomies with me later, but Mum said he is sensible and walked in Dad’s tracks to help him out.

-Wiggles, Arran!


9 thoughts on “Snow Dogs

  1. Snow is super good fun isn’t it Arran?
    Good to see Ludo doing just a wee zoomie there.
    Your territory is looking even more beautiful than ever in today’s photos.
    Toodle pip!

  2. Brrr! It looks very cold there, just like here. A little snow fun goes a long way with me, but we have had sub zero temps, like F. 25 below zero and warming up to 15 below during the day. So home is where we stay when that happens! So if you want some snow balls to eat, come to Minniesnowda! Take it easy ludo, until you are all healed.

    Cheers and hugs from, Stella, Jo and Zkhat

  3. Wow, you guys! That looks totally fun! You have way more snow than we do – we just finally got a “dusting” last night. Can we come over?
    Aran, I think you and I would have TONS of fun together!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  4. Many dogs seem to get very frisky when it snows. From that video, it looks like you’re one of them Arran.

    Honey would love to see snow too. Us? Not so much. I don’t have a shovel for clearing it off the boat. 🙂

  5. They’re having such fun!~ Mom had to go to Ireland to speak to some peeps four years ago this time of year and has a bunch of pictures of snow and hills like that, it was SO beautiful – I wish I could have gone with h er.

    Abby T. Lab in Chicago

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