Will it ever stop raining in Cumbria?

Hurro, it me, Ludo!


From the BBC

Today I has to pose a very serious question. Will it ever stop raining in Cumbria?


According to the BBC, the answer be ‘no’. cumbria underneath the bottom of that blob of rain, which going to come down so all that other rain waiting behind it will rain on us too, and I think we has already had quite enough. Oh sure, the rest of the North West (well, most of Scotland) will be getting rained on too, but I am a dog and I can only do worryings about so many things at once and I thinks it most important to worry about myself first, right?

Mum keeps on saying that we is so lucky that we has not been directly impacted and to think of all the people who has beed flooded and also all the other people in the world dealing with horrible weather right now. (I hope none of my friends in the US got snowed in!) But really. I think it quite wet enough now. It impacted on my walkies enjoyment.

Our paths has all turned to water. (Ignore Arran’s happy face, he a weirdo) The humans is wearing plastic all over their clothes! Look at poor soggy grandpaws sad face!


I am going to has to rename our blog Soggy Shelties if this does not stop soon!

Even when it not raining all our water up really high, even our favourite lake, Ennerdale, attacked us. (You might need to click to make it bigger to see the splashing water. That water usually a few feet lower than that.



On Sunday we has our dog clubs annual fun agility match with other clubs in the area and it supposed to rain all day long and I is finally allowed to do some agility on the little dogs height, when so far all I has been allowed to do be the tunnel and running through the wings of the jumps, but I bet Mum will say it too slippery and I will not get to has my goes! Poor me.

~Lickies, Ludo!


pee ess from Mum: Aside from the inconvenience to Ludo, the rain has caused some real damage in our area and further afield. Not only to homes and businesses but to the landscape, roads and waterways themselves. The Lake District is beginning to resemble one giant lake.

However, Cumbria IS open. There is a handy guide here to keep updated on where you can still walk along with other flood information. I didn’t want to post horrible pictures here but a quick image search of ‘cumbria flood damage’ will show you a plethora of what it’s been like.

Those same places are battening down the hatches again this weekend as more severe rain and wind is forecast. Our thoughts are with those in our area and our neighbours in Scotland and the North East who are having to deal with the devastation first hand. We really hope we catch a break in the weather soon!


16 thoughts on “Will it ever stop raining in Cumbria?

  1. Hello Soggy Ludo…. sorry that it is constant RAIN Rain and RAIN fur you… and YES, WE agree… one must Worry about oneself FURST and others later…

  2. Maybe fortunately the temps stay cold here, so any rains turn into snows very quickly. Yesterday when I needed to go outdoors, our back stormdoor was frozen shut. My Mom, her hairdryer and some salt fixed it up soon enough so there weren’t no accidents.

    Do you know the song Rain, Rain go away, come again some other day? Maybe if you sing that MANY, MANY times, it might let up.

    Your pal Stella who likes spring and summer way better!

  3. Oh yes, I is FED UP with the rain, this Princess does not like getting her paws wet
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. It has to stop soon, please. I heard today of another damaged bridge over the river Greta on one of our favourite walks. We will be visiting Cumbria in a couple of weeks, though many of the walks we can manage are not accessible at the moment.

  5. Oh dear, that’s a lot of rain. We hope the sun comes out soon and dries up all those giant puddles.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning

  6. Sorry you’re getting all that rain. I do hope you get to play some agility, Ludo. We’ve been very lucky this winter, we had no snow in Dec and only one storm in Jan. The big storm that just hit the US, didn’t touch us at all. There was a high pressure system that kept it south. I hope I didn’t jinx our winter weather, Feb can be a bad month.

  7. Hi Ludo…oh my word that is a lot of sogginess. We had a terribly wet fall here in the southern USA,
    In Seotember it rained for 11 straight days…broke all kinds of records…but bless your heart having to traipse about in it. I am an indoor only kitty…I don’t like wet feets!
    Hugs Madi your new bfff (best feline friend furever

  8. Mom was raised out on the West Coast and she tells people her bright red hair is really blond hair that rusted! BOL. Looks like the four legged ones at least had fun in the rain. We hope you have sunny weather soon.

    Abby Lab in Chicago

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