Win Tickets to the 125th year of Crufts


2016 marks the 125th year of Crufts and we are helping the UK Kennel Club to celebrate the anniversary of its annual ‘celebration of dogs’.

It is on between the 10 – 13 March 2016 at The NEC, Birmingham

125 years is a lot of years, that’s around 875 years in dog years and lots of generations! It’s a very momentous occasion and I bet when it first started, before either World War happened, that Mr. Cruft didn’t imagine quite how big it would grow!

There have been 78 Best in Show winners … and not one of them has been a sheltie! Not one! Cocker spaniels have won 7 times! Pretty greedy of those gun dogs, isn’t it? You can see all the past winners here.

Of course, it isn’t just Best in Show that counts anymore. We like Crufts because it is like the Glastonbury festival of the Dog World. Where else can you go to see so many dogs, doing so many things, all under one roof?

For any dog and their person competing, whether they are trying to win Best in Show, or taking part in a dog sport like agility, being at Crufts gives a great sense of pride. You can see a video about the history of Crufts below.

Going to Crufts is a whole lot of fun for doggy people, so if you’d like to go and soak up the atmosphere we have two pairs of day tickets to give away.

All you have to do is comment on this post! Because we have overseas readers, who probably wouldn’t be able to make it, please comment ‘I want to go to Crufts because…’ so we can tell if you are wanting the tickets and don’t forget to fill in a valid email address so we can contact you if you win. We will pick a winner from a hat on the 18th February.

2016 ticket prices are

Thursday / Friday = Adults £16.20  Saturday / Sunday = Adults £18.36 Under 12’s go Free!

Watching Best in Show requires an extra ticket.


You can find more information on pricing and buy tickets at the Crufts website 



Those Supermodel dogs sure do get a big trophy, Mum! I wonder if my pal Bertie be related to this winner from 1962?

We’ll be posting more about Crufts over the next month and our human will be visiting and blogging from there again too!

Good Luck!

61 thoughts on “Win Tickets to the 125th year of Crufts

  1. I want to go to Crufts because I love my dogs so very much and can’t wait to shop for some amazing goodies for them 🙂 It is a great day out.

  2. I want to go to Crufts because…I’m hoping it’ll be a great day out for me and my friend who will be getting a puppy this year. Lots of shopping opportunities 🙂

  3. I want to go to Crufts because I want to shop for lots of puppy things with my friend and let my dog obsessed 2 year old have a wonderful day out.

  4. ‘I want to go to Crufts because…i love the doggies. i go wibble wibble wibble when i see one!!

  5. I’m a dog groomer as well as a dog lover so this would be great for professional and personal pleasure!

  6. ‘I want to go to Crufts because…i like to see lots of well-behaved dogs all together under one roof (with the odd misbehaving one!)

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