Agility makes me happy


Ludo here!  On my last post about the rain I worried Mum wouldn’t let me take part in my dog clubs annual fun competition with our neighbour clubs… But I did get to take part after all. Sometimes Mum can be a good Mum!

I competed on special micro height and all my human pals were very happy to see me hasing lots of fun. It my first time jumping since my cancer surgeries in November. I be so excited that I went really fast and Mum could not keep up with me!

I won two first places and two toys! And treats!
Arran got a couple of placings too and got all his contacts. Mum said she ‘was pleased with us both’ but I think that means especially with me!

Being back at agility makes me happy.

Now and then for a day or two I feel tired and not hungry and am sicky. I guess I is not totally better but I does feel sorry for myself when I am poorly.


(I has to have lots of sorrys and attentions from my people when I doesn’t feel well. )

Yesterday before agility training I stayed in bed as I had been sick the day before and even the word breakfast did not convince me to come down. But Mum asked if I wanted to go to agility and I did.

I had lots of fun and barked and I felt much better and ate my breakfast when I got back.

Mum says we are going to keep doing agility for as long as I want to, because happy is the best kind of Ludo to be.


Pee ess: my club came 2nd out of 4 in the competition.

9 thoughts on “Agility makes me happy

  1. If it makes you happy….do it! We’re so impressed with all your awards. You’re a legend, Ludo…..

  2. Hey Ludo, we are happy too if you are happy.
    (Gail says us dogs are world beaters when it comes to feeling sorry for ourselves when we’re poorly. Even better at it than the males of the human species, she says…)
    Toodle pip!

  3. Congratulations on such a great job in your agility events, Ludo. And congrats to Arran too. It makes us sad to hear you are feeling poorly. We hope you will be doing better soon.

    Woos- Ciara and Lightning

  4. Glad you had fun doing agility, that’s what its all about. Beckett jumps at a special height too, I moved him down last year; I didn’t want to have stress on his joints as he got older. Hope you won’t feel sickly for long.

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