Hurro! It me, Ludo!

Mum decided that before I could go back to competing at agility I should make sure I has good strength back in my leg and abdomen where I had the cancer surgery. We had to wait for our vet to say it ok and then last week Mum tooked me and Arran in the car to go somewhere. We went quite a way and when we got there it be quite a surprise. It did not be a show or a good walk or a hol-ee-day!

We went into a funny smelling room like a big bathroom and me and Arran got a bit dsc_1702worried. A nice lady said ‘hello’ to us, she looked a bit like a vet to me, but I still said hello cos I be a nice polite growed up dog (Arran did not say hello).

Mum tooked our leads off and we had a snuff around and the lady tried to get me to play with a ball. I did not want her ball as it had other dog cooties on it, but Mum had brought one of my new Christmas balls with her and I wanted that a lot!

I thoughts ‘This not so bad if there balls, even though it very strange!’

The lady talked me into the water down some steps into the big bath and I did not really like it, then she helped me out onto a shelf i could stand on. On my first couple of goes the lady guided me around the bath tub swimming to make sure I did not panic, but I swam just fine. I is very good at swimming although usually not in bath tubs. The lady did be very impressed with my swimming ability and how calm I is. She helped me back onto the shelf each time and checked how I swam and felt me over nicely. I liked her a lot and Arran got used to her too.

Soon I could get the ball by myself and I started hasing lots of fun and barking for her to throw the ball for me.


The lady be called Laura and the big bathtub be called Paws to Splash near Carlisle. At first I did not use my surgery leg as much as my good leg and Mum said my back end be tilted in the water, but once I got going I started using it much better. I needed it to get my bally!


Arran kept whining at me, he wanted to steal my ball but he could not get me without getting in the water too and he did not want to do that. Although he did splash Mum a lot by jumping in and out of the shallow bit by the steps. The nice lady let him has a go at the end and he got all silly and splashy and when he got out he thought his legs did not work, and then he got a bit zoomy. We both ran around drying ourselves on the walls after our shower.

We sure were tired out after that!

Here a video of my swimmings!

Thanks you very much to Paws to Splash for a great session. See you next time!

~Lickies, Ludo!


6 thoughts on “Hydrotherapy

  1. Looks like fun, Ludo, all the time its building you up and making you stronger! I am excited to see you doing agility again Cheers and hugs from your pal Stella, Mom and Zkhat!

  2. that is going to help you so much – swimming is such excellent exercise …..except for the whole getting wet part 🙂

  3. How lovely to see Ludo having such fun and also making such a good recovery. You’ve reminded me how much Penny enjoyed her hydrotherapy. I should make the trip to the pool. I must check it out.

  4. hello shelties its dennis the vizsla dog hay ludo gud on yoo going into the jiant pool of watery doom!!! i hope yoo are feeling better and ar bak dooing adjilitee verry soon!!! ok bye

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