Seaside Sunday – After Storms

Living by the seaside isn’t always so nice. Sometimes we get Sea storms and it gets very windy and too dangerous to go to the beach. The storms always pass and leave a sort of peace behind, but they leave other stuff behind too.


‘All you stones are in the wrong place. Get back to the beach where you belong!’


A strange smelling tree stump. Later a beachcomber will probably come and get this and sell it to someone.


Poor little porpoise got bashed about and washed up. It was long dead by the time we found him, but we felt sad. He should be in the water. He’s the biggest we have seen wash up so far.


All calm again now. Let’s hope it stays that way for a while. 

6 thoughts on “Seaside Sunday – After Storms

  1. Love, love the last picture. So sad about the porpoise but at least it was Mother Nature that was the cause; I saw on the news this week that at some beach people picked a baby dolphin out of the water and passed it around for so long the baby died. People are so stupid some times.

  2. hello shelties its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow that storm shoor left a mess all rite!!! i feel bad for that poor littel fish dog dada tels me it is not a fish it is a mammal but he is not waring his glasses on akkownt of saya bashed him in the eye wen they wer playing erlier so i think he just kant mayk it owt properly and ennyway wot is this wurd mammal??? i think he is mayking stuf up!!! ok bye

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