Crufts 2016 – Gundog day

Friday was gundog day at Crufts 2016.

It seems to me that gundogs can often be spotted by a few key features. They are energetic and keen to work and to please. They have happy faces.


Ranger the Flat Coated Retriever


They are able to turn their hand to lots of tasks, whether they are large retrievers, smaller dogs for flushing game or pointers for, well, pointing. They often have waggy tails and floppy ears.


Gun dogs are well known to have very high energy levels and they almost never sit still.


A ‘slumber’ spaniel

Of course our dear old Penny was a working type springy spaniel so we well know the joy of this particular group of dogs but they really do give off a real air of joy.

Gun dogs are the largest grouping of breeds at Crufts, getting a whole day to their selves. They have won Best in Show a lot. I’m sure that’s partly due to their long history of being such an essential partnership with man. Whether it was in the more traditional, varied hunting roles or more modern tasks such as drug detection dogs, working with rescue teams or as assistance dogs, gun dogs really are a remarkable and versatile group.

Although they contain some of the most popular breeds, they also contain some more unusual breeds as well as vulnerable native British breeds who are now in decline. So if you’re considering your next dog, I think a gun dog would be a very good choice!


Red and White Setters showing


Tito, the Spanish water dog – a really unusual coat on an awesome breed


An English Springer Spaniel getting a treat


Very friendly setters wanting to say ‘hi’ to each other

A very lovely Gordon Setter called James won the group today. Best of luck to them in Best in Show on Sunday where they’ll be joining Eric the Pekingese from toy group and Jen, a German Spitz Klein from the Utility group.


4 thoughts on “Crufts 2016 – Gundog day

  1. We have heard such Wonderful thingys about Crufts… it looks like some BEAUTIFUL dogs were there.

  2. When I was just a little girl we got a dog from the local pound. We think he was a gun dog that didn’t like hunting and so got dumped. He was beautiful, some kind of water spanial, freckles on his nose, big flag tail. I think of him sometimes…what a great dog he was for all four of us while we were growing up!

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