Crufts 2016 – nerves?

Humum Dee here,
Reporting from Crufts! It’s gundog day today, land of floppy ears and whippy tails and i’m having a very nice time meeting lots of dogs and owners and soaking up the atmosphere of Crufts 2016.

My press pass gives me great seats in the arena and i’ve been watching quite a lot of agility.

I can’t help feeling nervous for the competitors as I watched them walk the course and plan their routes. You get 5 mins or so to learn the course before waiting your turn to run it with your dog.

Most of the dogs seem to take the fact that they have a much bigger crowd and tv cameras and a commentator in their stride. They are so focused on the fun thing they are doing, but what about the handler? How do they cope with the nerves of being in such a big venue, all eyes on you? I noticed some handlers who got a big cheer or the commentator was just saying how well they were doing got e’d, is that the pressure of the stage? It gives me a new respect for all the competitors! Or maybe i’m just particularly nervous. I still get butterflies on my way to little shows we do and standing inline awaiting our turn (although that does partly come from wondering if Arran is going to stay in the ring at the moment).

Even if you aren’t competing it’s still a momentous occassion. Lots of people are involved in demos and other events. The dogs often seem very chilled out.

Luckily, Cruft’s slogan ‘where dogs come first’, certainly seems to come into play and everyone is focused on keeping their dogs happy and getting the best from them which i’m sure helps with the nerves. I love the little booths the dogs get to chill out in.


Handlers sitting with their dogs before going in the show ring

It must be a great feeling to do well in such a close partnership with your dog to be able to get them to such a top level like competing at Crufts.

And who knows, maybe they’ll win their group and get to be interviewed live on TV tonight! *gulp*

Maybe it’s a good thing we’re just beach dogs?


4 thoughts on “Crufts 2016 – nerves?

  1. I’d love to go to Crufts or Westminster, even just to watch. I still get nervous waiting for my first run of a trial, not all the time but sometimes. don’t know why, maybe it’s the judge, the venue, first trial of the season. I’m sure I would get nervous at a big show like that particularly if there was a chance it would be on TV.

  2. How fun to be there and witness first hand these great dogs! Though I think for Katie and I, we;d enjoy being a beach dog too! Hugs to Ludo and Aaron and TNP at home…and of course you!

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