Crufts 2016 – Pastoral

Saturday 2016 was pastoral day. The pastoral group contains many of my favourite breeds, including Shetland Sheepdogs.


I often have people remark that you don’t see many shelties around. They should go to Crufts as compared to some breeds shelties get a lot of entries.

I liked spotting little moments of dogs interacting with each other and their owners. It’s a social event for people as well as a competition and I like to see the dogs treating it the same too.



The pastoral group are the shepherd of the dog world, they can be associated with any cloven hooved animal. Because they would often be outside on open pasture in the harsh elements they often have thick double coats. They can also have some of the most unique coats.



Both of these breeds -the Old English Sheepdog and the Puli- look like their coats would need a lot of work! Pastoral breeds are often also high energy and require owners to give their dogs something to do to channel this, but all the people I spoke to said what rewarding dogs they were to own. Even if they do have to spend hours getting them show ready. (12 hours to dry in one puli’s case!)

I think pastoral also has some of the most beautiful dogs too, although I am rather biased! Thanks to the owners who let me take their dogs photo.



I met little Popp’s Dad, Oliver. Isn’t he lovely!


I’ll leave this corgi to convey how to sum up a long day.

cuftscorgiAll that showing is hard work…

Congratulations to the Border Collie who took Best in Group. It’s a breed that originates from our own area.


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