Crufts 2016 – Round up

I really enjoyed Crufts 2016! Sadly, again, there has been controversy revealed during it. But with such a large event, it’s often to be expected and I’ll leave sorting those things in the Kennel Club’s hopefully capable hands.

I’ve finally had time to sort through the last photos to share with you before I hand the blog back over to the boys.

I can’t help turning things I do into a bit of a treasure hunt and here’s a great one that I found.


Big Ludo!


Those St. Bernards really do seem very caring and not at all aware of how big they are.

I often see people wondering what the life of a show dog really entails and like on Star Trek, the question of where they go to the toilet often crops up. There are outdoor excercising areas too, but here you go, dotted around the show rings are dog toilets.


Ludo is rather particular about where he’ll do his business so I’m not sure he would be too keen on this!


I want to show you an example of what happens during show judging. Or, at least, from my lay person perspective.

Before going on the dogs are made perfect for the show ring, no hair out of place.


Thank you to Coal (O’Kinastar ‘Fire Me Up’) the Malamute and his Mum Rebecca for being my models on show ring behaviour in the following photos.

They might practice a bit before entering the ring. Some of the dogs get a bit enthusiastic and lots of owners like to try and get their dogs focused before heading in.


Once in the ring you stand nicely, waiting your turn whilst the judge looks at all the dogs. Then one by one, the judge checks the dogs over. Feeling the body underneath all that lovely fur is very important.


Each dog does a circle around the ring in a trot, showing off their movement.



Then they all stand again whilst the judge decides. I’m fairly sure the process wont have changed that much in the 125 years of Crufts, although it has probably gotten more precise and competitive.


The judge will usually pull a short list of dogs and may ask them to move around the ring again to help with their final decision. She then points to the winner and shakes their hand before deciding on the rest of the placements.

Of course, winning is not everything and that adoring gaze as they await the verdict is surely prize enough.



Coal did a great job! I don’t think he won his class, but he certainly did himself proud!


Back to the treasure hunt…

A favourite part of mine is the Discover Dogs stand. The owners there are really so keen to chat with you and I love learning more about my favourite breeds and trying to spot ones I know nothing about, or have never even heard of! Let me know if you are familiar with any of these ones that I found.

I also spent a lot of time in the arena, watching the agility. I’m saving that for another post, but when an event was going on the crowd really made the atmosphere electric. I even teared up a couple of times when a team did really well.


All those people!

I did manage to get some shopping in too and I brought home the requested/expected treats, so I think the boys were happy with me!




So, until next year I’ll leave you with this final photo…

It’s a hard life being a dog. (I think this face is actually bliss, since he was being stroked so much.)



4 thoughts on “Crufts 2016 – Round up

  1. Love Big Ludo, and also Coal the Malamute. I often fantasise about having big dog (Coal looks so huggable) but the practicalities of caring for a strong animal I could not lift, not to mention the cost of food (and the amount of the stuff that comes out the other end!) and the fact that they tend to have short lives, will mean I’ll stay with the small/medium guys!
    Great report.
    Cheers, Gail.

  2. Just want to say a big Thank You to Ludo for his wonderful comment in support of my ‘AmbassaDog’ application.
    Gail is still laughing over the bit about Scots being grumpy (which they are not, of course!)
    Toodle pip!

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