Easter (single) Seaside Sunday!

Phew, that was a jawful of words to say!

It’s me, Arran! I get to blog today because Ludo is sulking.


Something is wrong with Ludo again and I do not like it! No one will let me help. If I try and investigate where Ludo smells funny and is hurting he shows mean teeth to me and if he doesn’t Ladee and Dad tell me to leave him alone. I look at him and then I whine at Mum Ladee and walk backwards. That is how I get her attention and tell her I am worried. She says he will be ok. Ludo is sulking because he says he has horrible things stuck in him again, ¬†all across his belly, like thorns in your paw and if only he was allowed to pull them out he knows he would be ok! It sounds horrible to me! I do not like getting anything stuck on me, not even on my fur! I stop and wait until Dad or Mum pull it off of me. I don’t know why they don’t pull out the things that are bothering Ludo. Also, he is hogging all the attention and cuddles and he is always sitting on Mum’s lap!

I have been going for walkies without him too. It is still pretty fun, instead of biting Ludo and jumping on him when we go out I have to bite Ladee’s feet and undo her laces. It is a really fun game and she moves her feet out of the way and says; ‘dontbitemyfeet.’ isn’t that funny? BOL!

Today Ladee didn’t have to work so we went to the beach, the tide came in and nearly got us though! It is not so fun running on the beach without anyone to run with.



It is not very nice weather for this Easter thing. Mum feels sorry for all the Lake District Holiday makers.

For some reason Easter has something to do with rabbits. So Molly and Faline would like to say hello. They do not want you to have a happy Easter though, because they do not want to share their treats.


I think I will discover their secret stash of treats soon, they have nearly totally destroyed their bunny fort and soon I will fit in it at last! Yes, they are still in there, right at the back!


… Oh, OK. Mum says I have to say ‘We all wish Everyone a Happy and Blessed Easter. Whether you give it religious significance, or treat it as a celebration of Spring, we hope it is joyous for you!’

Wiggles, Arran!

pee ess: Thank you all for thinking of Ludo. We hope the cancer hasn’t returned and we’ll let you all know the results. The vet made a much larger incision than what we had discussed and removed the lump which was to be biopsied, so a longer recovery time, but let’s hope it was for the best.


24 thoughts on “Easter (single) Seaside Sunday!

  1. we have our paws crossed for our sweet buddy – the waiting for results is so hard .

  2. Oh No Ludo we hope and purr you are back to being a Seaside Sheltie in the beautiful out of doors very soon.
    Sending you some potent kitty slobber it is magic healing powers
    Hugs madi your bfff

  3. All our best to Ludo and we pray for no more cancer! Hoping for a nice Holiday for all the family, including Molly and Faline. We are having a beautiful Easter Sunday with blue skies and Sunshine. Pretty unusual for us. More often than not Easter wears an icy bonnet for us! Jo, Stella and Zkhat!

  4. Good luck with your tummy lump, L. We hope it gets squared away soon. Mom and I said prayers for you and your family to be brave and your doctors to be wise. We know you will do well. xo

    Love and licks,

  5. Dear Arran, thank you for telling us all about your Easter. We know you are worried about Ludo and we are sending lots of comforting hugs to all the family (rabbits included). We had horrid weather here yesterday when I went on a big hill walk with my wiry pal Horatio. Today it is sunny but windy, so no beach ‘cos of the sand in the eyes problem.
    Toodle pip!

  6. Thank you for telling us about Ludo, Arran. It must be lonely not being able to play with him while he recovers, but we sure hope he will be better soon. A warm hug for you and your layd. Purrs and paw taps for Ludo.

  7. Poor Ludo….:( We are crossing all our paws here for good news. Seems as though Aaran is doing a good job of keeping everyone entertained!

    Are the rocks on the beach really those colors? I LOVE them! So pretty. They looks like rock candy.

    • Thank you for thinking of Ludo. Yes the rocks really are those colours, though a bit brighter as they were wet today. People come and take them for rockeries though you aren’t really allowed.

  8. We are praying very hard that your big brother Ludo will be ok. Meanwhile be a good boy. We know it’s hard when you’re worried. Live the windy photo of you! You are very handsome! Hugs to you and your whole family!

  9. Arran, you are being so kind and nice to your big brother. We have all our paws crossed for the news to be a good report with no evil C. Hugs to you, your Mum, and Ludo.

    Happy Easter to you and your family.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning

  10. We have our paws crossed! And hope he’s back to racing on that gorgeous beach and annoying the bunnies VERY soon.

  11. We are sending lots and lots of POTP that you heal quickly Ludo and that evil “C” stays far away from you!!
    Dory, Mama and the Boyz

  12. We saw on POTP about Ludo and have come to send our best wishes and hugs and purrs and woofs ..hoping Ludo feels better soon..loves Fozziemum and gang xxx

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