Mini holiday to Overwater hotel

Hurro, it me, Ludo!

I has my stitches out now although I am still a bit sore, my results has not come back yet on account of those bank holiday things over Easter.  So, while we wait I thought I would do tellings of our recent mini hol-ee-day to a place called Overwater hotel.


We just went a little way away, in the Lake District, for Grandma and Mum’s birthdays. We took Dad and Grandpaw and Rusty (Grandpawent’s dog) too.

TND found the Overwater on a list of 10 best pet friendly hotels.  I has already been to one of them, Trigony and now I has been to this one. So there only 8 more to go. Mum says some of those very nice hotels is out of our budget, so  I is happy to settle for going 8 more times to the same ones. Mum?

The Overwater be a very nice ‘Country House hotel’ with big grounds and very nice foods.

On the way there we stopped off for a walk at Whinlatter forest. Whinlatter a very nice place to walk, even when it wet, because the trees protect your furs a bit. The forestry commission closed some of the paths though the trees because of the recent flooding.



It stopped raining near the end so we dried off a bit before we went to one of our most favourite pubs for lunch…

The Pheasant! I had chips! Well, I had some of TND’s chips! We seed an Airedale in there, like our furiends Mitch and Molly.


We arrived at the Overwater and had a very nice greeting from the owners, they seemed very pleased to see us. I knew right away that we beed on a hol-ee-day so I marched right in there and followed the man up to our room. So far so good on the pet friendly (and friendly in general) scores.

Me and Mum and TND and Arran had a big room with a four poster bed. That like a fancy people bed that dogs is not allowed on. They seemed to think it be comfy. I prefer to sleep on the bathroom floor pawsonally, but I has never seed a people do that yet.


Mum got a bath and TND went to the bar with Grandpaw. Arran stood guard at the bathroom door. He always wants to get IN the bath. He a weird, weird, weird, weird-weird dog.

Later Mum tooked us down the stairs to the bar. I had a good vantage point from here.




Hehe! (Dad made me get off)

Long time readers may know that I ALWAYS get on the furniture. E
ver since I beed a little puppy and followed my cat brofur Pepe onto the sofa I has decided if peoples is on the chairs, so should Ludo be! But sometimes Mum says ‘no’, I is not allowed on furniture. Sometimes though, other peoples help me. Likrustye when we went to a restaurant with all Mum’s family and she went to the toilet and when she comed back they had got
me my own chair at the table. Not this time though.

We went to go relax in our room whilst the people went for dinner in the restaurant. Well, Rusty did not relax so he had to go sit in Grandpaw’s car.

The peoples had a very nice meal. Grandma especially enjoyed her food and her special birthday mini hol-ee-day! We even got to try some of Grandpaws steak, they wrapped it up for us. I must admit I did not get to taste it very much, on account of me eating it very quickly, but it sure smelled amazing.


The next day we explored the Overwater’s grounds. It has a nice wooded walkway.


Until the next 8 times (don’t shake your head at me Mum!) This concludes our mini hol-ee-day.



Have you been to any dog or pet friendly hotels lately? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.

~Lickies, Ludo!


14 thoughts on “Mini holiday to Overwater hotel

  1. Oh Ludo, what a fabulous place, you are so lucky, although I think I would have held out for a spot on the four poster bed. And surely you can persuade Mum and TND to go to the other eight hotels in the list. I mean, the whole concept of the ‘budget’ is deeply flawed, in my opinion.
    Toodle pip!
    PS I can recommend a really nice place to stay in Appleby-in-Westmoreland, called the Royal Oak. That’s not a million miles from you is it? The bedrooms are big and stylish and you get a doggy welcome kit which includes a map of local walks. Even better, you can join the humans in the bar when they have dinner. Gail and I have stayed the the Royal Oak three times now on our way down to Nottingham and we love it. it is perhaps not as posh looking as some of the country house type places you have been to, but we think you would like it.

  2. What a wonderful place for a holiday!! We just love that last picture of you!!

    We just got back from a short holiday stay too!! We’ll be writing more tomorrow!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  3. Hi Ludo! Oh what a wonderful blog post you wrote!! First, we are praying that the test results are good (paws crossed!) Happy Belated Birthday to your Mum and Grandma (I am assuming we missed it?)
    OMD that hotel LOOKS AMAZING!!! It looks pretty darned expensive to me! You are so lucky that you are allowed in pubs, restaurants, bars and that gorgeous hotel! In Michigan, we are hardly allowed to go anywhere!
    This was the most beautiful holiday ever and you did such a wonderful job of telling us about it, that Mom and I felt like we were right there with you!
    Barks and licks and love, Dakota DakotasDen

  4. What a beautiful area. We think that hotel must be VERY pet friendly with all that mud around. We always get on furniture and in mud. SHE says if we went to a pet friendly hotel, it wouldn’t be pet friendly afterwards.

  5. what a pawsome holiday and a great way to take your mind off things – we have all our paws crossed that you get good results

  6. Happy to see you up and about again, Ludo! Prayers for a good Doc report! Thats a lovely place you visited, too bad Rusty got a little scared.

    Belated Happy Birthdays to your Mum and Grandmum!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  7. That is a very nice hotel, very dog friendly. Unfortunately dog friendly in Canada just means that they allow dogs and usually at a cost too which I don’t think is really very dog friendly especially when some hotels charge per dog per night. I really don’t think they spend that all on extra cleaning. Some B&B’s and cottage rentals are quite dog friendly though.

  8. Wow! What a fabulous place. I can see Britain is much, much more dog-friendly than Australia!

    I hope the test results come back soon and are good ones. Thinking of you all.

  9. Wow, Ludo and Arran, what a great trip! This place is so beautiful and SO good for you guys! We wish we can also enjoy chips in the bar or pub here inToronto …. lucky pups! 🙂 🙂
    Ludo, hope the results will be good ones. We hope your speedy recovery!

    Momo & Pinot

    ps: Our mac is so slow. Sorry if we posted the same thingy twice….

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