Shouty Seaside Sunday (at cancer)

Today, we don’t really want to post; maybe if we don’t, what we have to tell wont really be true.

Ludo’s stitches are all out! He is very pleased about that. He can resume normal life.

Today we normalled.

Today we went back to agility training and Ludo wizzed around the course, having lots of fun.

Today we went to the beach together, the sun was beaming down on us, but it wasn’t too hot. Perfect weather, really.


We didn’t take a ball and Ludo was annoyed about that. He barked accusingly at everyone else who had a ball. He tried to steal a small child’s ball from his flinger stick.

Today we just strolled and thought, smelled the seaside air and sat to watch the world go past.


We don’t know how many Today’s we have left together to enjoy these things. Our vet has recently told us it might not be as many as we would hope for, or like.

Yes, it’s that news we didn’t want to hear. The lesions and lump recently removed from Ludo’s abdomen are the same high grade mast cell tumours as he had removed in November. His prognosis is pretty bleak. Already I have found two more lesions in different places since these ones have been removed. We have promised him no more horrible things will happen at the vets.

Luckily for dogs, they don’t know or care about the future, they live in the Today. So we will keep on enjoying our Todays for as long as we have them.

But for now… will you join us just for a moment, in SHOUTING at stupid cancer?



Go away!

Thank you dear blog pals for your support. I think we might need it in the coming months.

– Blog by Mum, Dee.

19 thoughts on “Shouty Seaside Sunday (at cancer)

  1. Aw, I am so sorry. Cancer just sucks. That’s what my Ceilidh had, Grade 3 mast cell cancer. We got 5 months from the time the tumour was removed. She was happy and full of life until the very end. I hope Ludo has many many happy days ahead. Bigs hugs to you, TND and Arran, an even bigger hug to Ludo..

  2. We are shouting very loud at the big C!! We are also sending soothing hugs and lots of POTP.

  3. Oh dear, we are so sorry to hear the bad news. But enjoy every Today you can get, take lots of walks together, hug a lot, and just LOVE.

    Many hugs and crossed paws.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning and Mom

  4. Oh no, this is not the news we wanted to hear. My heart is breaking 😦

    Hugs to you, and of course, lickies too. I will make Oreo and Chewy bark their heads off at the cancer. They can shout louder than anyone I know.

    Wishing you all the best of days, and many of them, with your dear Ludo.

  5. Oh my heart is just breaking! I have loved Ludo since the day I met him and Dee, you created this most wonderful blog personality for him. I am not shouting at cancer, too many in my family and I can’t say it helps.
    I will do some heavy-duty praying for him though. My thoughts will be with you as days go on.

    Love from Jo, Stella, and Zkhat

  6. Dearest Ludo, we didn’t want to hear this news. We have had a great big shout but couldn’t quite keep the tears away. Sending love and hugs to you all. Enjoy every precious day and create some lovely memories. All our love, Anna, Bob and Foxy xxx

  7. We love to shout and will make it our loudest to tell that nasty C to go away! We hope you can live life to the fullest and forget about that for a while.

    Millie & Walter

  8. We will bark and yap extra loud fur u Ludo. Sorry to hear about the cancer. Sorry to hear your pawrents furgot to bring a ball fur u to play with too. Hopefully they will remember the ball next time. Take care my furiend!

  9. I’m so sorry. I hope you get more time than they are telling you. Good thing dogs live for today. Enjoy the happy days and I hope you have many more.

  10. enjoy the time you all have left and think of all the wonderfull memorys he has given you all love mum

  11. In tears reading this – Ruby Sas Brodie Willow and me send all our love to you all at this awful time – hope you get more today’s than predicted but guess however many today’s you get it will never be enough – we have shouted at stupid cancer for you – hope you get to complete your bucket list – support here anytime you want it – love and hugs xxx

  12. Katie and I are HOWLING at cancer for you Ludo! It’s not fair at all. We are very very sad and wish we could make it better. Hugs all around. Especially for Ludo. He is one very very special dog.

  13. We missed this ‘cos Gail was away and I was in prison last weekend. Ludo, Dee and family, we are so very very sorry to read this bad news, and are sending our love and hugs, as well as shouting REALLY LOUD at that horrid cancer.
    Gail and Bertie.

  14. I am joining you in shouting LOUDLY at cancer! I send you wishes for strength and even for moments of joy as Ludo lives the remainder of his life to the full.

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