Dear friend…

Taking a brief break in the birthday celebrations to say Goodbye to a dear friend of ours who died a few days ago.

We met Imogene online back when I first started blogging for Ludo and she has said; ‘Happy Birthday’ to him each birthday since. She was the human parent of Ludo’s virtual girlfriend Morgan, who Imogene blogged for and she’s become much more than just someone I know on the internet.


Ludo and Morgan, Curtesy of Asta

She was a wonderful, kind and funny person who thought a lot of others and loved her 4 girls, Morgan and Masie the Shelties and Laura and Josie the cats fiercely. I had become friends with her on facebook and she even friended my Mum so she’d be first to see the wedding photos. 🙂

She was really helpful and considerate, and generous with it, I’m sure she would have helped anyone if it was within her power. She once advised us on the type of harness and lead she used for her sheltie girls after I posted about Ludo getting out of his collar and when she found they didn’t deliver to the UK she ordered some and sent them on herself. (she’s since sent us more things) I think we’re on the third incarnation of those same leads. So at least we can remember her every time we go walking.

I am so sad she is gone and still in that disbelieving stage where I half expect her to pop back up and say it wasn’t real. I will miss her, along with so many others who’s lives she touched. My deepest condolences go out to those closest to her.

I’m glad we have the internet and this dog blogging world so we can connect with people we never would have, i’m so glad to have had her to call a friend. Imogene may not have liked to see this sad post, but I’m sure she would have smiled to see Morgan in that dress again. 😀

I want to link to another friend’s blog who has posted for Imogene. If you don’t know Dawn’s blog it is well worth visiting.

Goodbye Dear Friend.


11 thoughts on “Dear friend…

  1. So sorry for the loss of your friend. I didn’t know her not even from the blog world which is very funny as I always look for other Sheltie owners, I’m sure I would have thought of her as a friend too.

  2. hello shelties its dennis the vizsla dog hay yes we wer verry sorry to heer abowt maisie and morgans mama maisie and morgan wer sum of my first blog frends from way bak in the day!!! they must miss there mama terribly i no i wood miss mine!!! ok bye

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