Happy Birthday Arran and Faline!

Hello, it is me, Arran! Do you remember when I was just a little scamp, like this? Well, that was a long time ago now, because today, I am three! I am no longer a Scamp (sometimes). I am going to tell you all about my birthday and how grown up I am now. Oh, and it was my Sisfur Faline’s Birthday on the 12th, so I will tell you about that as well.


Birthday girl and boy – Faline and I don’t do silly hats, but it is our birthday, honest!

Faline was 10 years old! She is looking a bit old around her eyes now but she still smells nice and sisfurry and she is very spritely and happy. My Ladee – Mum, picked her a spri,ng time forage bouquet for her cake and I helped her eat it. Molly has been a bit tired and fed up with heat these past couple of days, even though they have things to keep them cool, so he did not join in. For some reason Mum always forgets about Faline’s Birthday. I guess because she is so small, it is easy to miss her.

Faline is actually a lot friendlier than Molly is, she really likes to be stroked and nudged with my nose.


Tiny Faline


Big Faline! Pretty Rabbit-dog sis-fur


Faline, you cannot fit that whole dandelion leaf in your little mouth!


BUT Ladee, the rabbit-dogs want to share their food!

They got some fenugreek crunchies too! Happy 10th birthday Faline!

Three is a very big important number so unlike last year when I didn’t even get to open my own present because Ludo stole it, Mum made sure I got to see my own stuff too. I got a card and a chewy treat from Grandpawents and Rusty and I got two toys and a cake from Mum and TND. The smell of the delicious cake did distract me from the toys a bit. I tried not to be worried that Ludo would take it.





It’s ok, I don’t need to share it with Ludo Ladee!


I really liked this cake and I would like another one! It was really yummy and it had little bone treats on it too that fell off so we could eat them separately. It also made my furs nice and pink. Only, I did have to get brushed and that is not fun.



I got an ostrich


And a seahorse!

Hooray for Birthdays! I probably do not need another one now, since I am an all-grown-up-Scamp.

~Lickies, Arran!


*Sigh* When does it be my Birthday again?

pee ess: We will do another post on Ludo’s birthday competition, ‘love where you live’ very soon to announce the winner of the prizes!

Cake from the Barking Bakery

14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Arran and Faline!

  1. Happy birthday little scamp – we can hardly believe you are all ready 3 years old – hope you had a wonderful day Arran

  2. Happy Birthday, Faline and I am glad you got a special green treat from your Mom! Happy Birthday to you too, Arran and I’m glad BD #3 was full of goodies, you deserve a special day all your own! And to my best pal, Ludo, I send good wishes and hugs across the big sea frpm me and my family!

    Your pal, Stella

  3. Well Happy Birthday Arran! You are just adorable….with your sis-fur. She was so nice to share her birthday greens, and you were very nice to share your birthday cake with Ludo. You are a fine gentleman!

  4. Happy Birthday, Arran, and Faline too:) You got some great new toys and yummy cake. Please give our best to Ludo – we hope he is doing well.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning

  5. OMD! What a fantastic celebration! We love the photos of you and Faline together! (Don’t think that would happen around here–we’re terriers, ya know.) And we think you need birthdays EVERY YEAR even if you are BIG……think of the CAKE and treats! Happy Birthday from us!

  6. hello arran and faline its dennis the vizsla dog hay arran i shoorly do reemember wen yoo wer a littel skamp like that!!! but i do not reemember tiny faline on akkownt of she is older then me!!! happy birthday my frends and menny happy reeterns!!! ok bye

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