Little Quirks

We has some things that Mum likes to call our ‘Little Quirks’. They is mostly things which we has got into a routine of doing all by ourselves. I only has a couple and mine started off with a reason.

After our dinner the peoples has their dinner and whilst they is eating, I like to do my ‘bang trick’ and lie upside down. I always lie on TND’s side of the room and I lie perfectly still for ages until he looks at me and tells me ‘Good bang’ then I wag my tail.

I used to do my bang to get TND to get off the sofa because he casnot resist rubbing my tummy when I do this. I never do it to Mum and if she comes to rub my tummy I get up right away so she can’t. I trained TND to get up, so I thought I would try it when he eating his dinner because then he might give me some. Right? Only it never seems to work during dinner and now I just do it every night anyway.


I also likes to bury certain treats. I get very stressed out if I casnot find a good hiding place and I especially like to hide them under pillows on beds. The peoples has got wise to this now and they only let me use my bed but I always try and sneak upstairs when they is not looking and sometimes I does manage to hide my treats very well.


I am going to hide it and you will never find it!

Arran on the other hand, he has all sorts of quirks. Every night when he gets into his bed after Mum has fed the rabbit-dogs he HAS to have a piece of rabbit food and because I was getting left out, now I get one too and I doesn’t even like them!

He always tells off the blackbird in the garden and confuses me because I doesn’t know why he be barking.

He spins round in lots of circles to run to his food bowl when it would be a lot quicker to go in a straight line.

Sometimes he thinks he be worried and he asks to be picked up. He usually gets his own way too. Lots of times he not even worried!

But the weirdest ones I will do showings of below.
Every night when Mum and TND get ready for bed they have a bath or a shower thing and Arran sits right by the shower waiting for his turn. Then he goes in the shower and wants to catch the splashes! Doesn’t he know that he getting wet and splashed and that GROOMING and BATHS happen in there? He also wants to get in the bath after the peoples and chase the water down the plug hole! Next he will be asking to be shampood!

Lately, he also started a new quirk, when the church bells ring on a Wednesday night Arran howls. I has never howled once! Mum managed to replicate it by accident when some bells comed onto her Ipad tv. (If you is our friend on facebook you will has already seen the video)

TND says he likes just likes his little routines. But I think he just weird.

Does you has any little quirks?
~Lickies, Ludo!


12 thoughts on “Little Quirks

  1. OMD the shower made me laugh sooooo much!!! Shelties ARE such quirky dogs aren’t they? It’s too funny you posted the photo of rolling on the back because I just put one on Instagram and Facebook last night of Dakota!!! Dakota howls at certain sounds too! DakotasDen

  2. Gosh Arran is quite a quirky guy isn’t he?
    Gail says that by comparison, I as mostly ‘quirk-free’ although when in Torridon I do like to go out in the garden and bark at my own echo (which comes off a nearby hill).
    Toodle pip!

  3. such lovely shelties. Max my blue merle boy, lies on his back a lot, and he snores. They both bark at door bells and race to the door, even though I don’t have a door bell and have never had a door bell. One of my previous shelties, Abbey, started barking at the theme tune to “The Archers” for no apparent reason. Every Sunday morning, as soon as she heard that tune, she would sit and howl until it finished.

  4. Merlin: Mum says all her shelties have been quirky. Rowan used to bark at plastic bags. Sally used to howl if she wanted to tell her people off. I bark at buses from some bus companies and white transit vans. But Mum is really impressed when I sit next to her and touch iPad with my paw. we don’t know about River yet!

  5. Arran! That is a GREAT howl! Love the head-tilt you tossed in there, too! Absolutely adorable!
    I think your “quirks” make you YOU! So special!

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