Here I still am!

Hurro, it me, Ludo!

Two months ago today the lab place tested the cancer parts of me and gived me something called a prognosis. My prognosis said 2 – 5 months. I is still here and I is still healthy and still being Ludo, just as I always have been and so I just wanted to say…


Here I still am!



20 thoughts on “Here I still am!

  1. Sometimes Doctors. are just plain wrong with their prognosis! I hope that yours is and that you will be with us long past Doc’s guess. That is what I am hoping and praying for.

    Love, hugs and kisses,
    Jo, Stella, and Zkhat

  2. …and you are as cute and cuddly as ever!!! We hope you stay here for longer than long!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  3. It says in your bio that you’re stubborn, Ludo – well keep that up – you’re great!

  4. And that makes us very happy, Luco!!! Our cousin Gypsy was given two months about 14 months ago and she is still hanging in there. Where there is fight and will, there is a way.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning

  5. Good on you, Ludo! Keep enjoying every minute of life. None of us really knows how much time we have, so there is only NOW. Smell the smells, see the sights, eat the yummy food, listen to the voices of those you love.

  6. hello ludo its dennis the vizsla dog hay heer yoo stil ar and heer may yoo remayn for menny menny munths and yeerz to kome!!! stoopid prognosisisisis we duz not need them!!! ok bye

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