Dog bucket lists

Hurro, it me, Ludo!


A bucket list be sort of like a human joke thingy of stuff to do before you die… It not a funny joke, like: squeak-toys-at-Mum-but-don’t-let-her-get-them, or pretend-to-bite-Dad’s nose, but who understands people humour anyway?

Before I had any troubles with cancer mum started doing a post after reading this article: ’50 Things to do in Cumbria before you die’ and we started thinking about things that might be on a dog’s ‘life’ list, because, lots of peoples has started doing ‘bucket lists’ even though they doesn’t have a ‘reason’ to.

I guess you could call them Goals.

Since my bad cancer diagnosis we has been thinking about what we had left to do from Mum’s list for me. We has seen dogs having last great days afore saying Good-Bye, but I wonder if many dogs have a ‘life list’ too?

I made my own list that I think other dogs would do likings of too! Luckily, I has got to do most of these! Mum says I should warn you, I like food A LOT!

Here my  dog bucket list:

  • Eat a people food meal at (maybe on!) the people table. 
  • Go the ‘magic cheeseburger window’ my friends over at Another Tequila Sunrise told me about this magical drive through window that gives you food!
  • Eat a whole lamb. (Yes I could eat a whole one Mum!)
  • Choose own toy and treats at the pet shop and eat them there.
  • Visit a dog friendly restaurant
  • To find the treat cupboard door in the kitchen left open.
  • Have a dog buddy.
  • Run free – (Maybe work on recall and/or rugby tackles prior to completing this one)Cimg3623
  • Roll in something stinky, with no bath after!
  • Visit a woodland, run through the leaves, mark the trees, release your inner wolf!
  • Go camping with your people. A night in the great outdoors.
  • Go on holiday with your people – non camping.
  • Get in the family photos!Ludo's Lookings - aira falls
  • Take part in a dog sport. The bond it creates with your person be amazing and there be so many to try. Obedience, conformation, dock diving, frizbee, dancing, agility, flyball… and on.
  • Get a doggy massage
  • Visit somewhere completely new and get a sensory overload. This might only be for more confident dogs, but try going to a dog friendly event like an agricultural show and take in all the sights and smells.
  • Meet a celebrity!
  • Do what you were bred for – where practical and safe/legal.
  • Play games just how you like. Don’t want to fetch? Make your human carry several toys!

What would you add?

Since we is an active home, Mum had her own list in her head of ‘life goals’ which she wanted to do with me.

  • Get to grade 3 in agility √
  • Become a Pets as Therapy dog √
  • Visit another country
  • Get Gold Good citizen award √
  • Get placed in a rally or obedience show
  • Get a trick dog title
  • Climb Scafell
  • Try herding or Trieball

She thought we would has a lot of time to do them though! When we got my diagnosis Mum felt kind of selfish that her thoughts turned to all the things we wouldn’t get to do.

But there already be a lot of things that I has achieved. We already did some things on Mum’s list and I has been swimming and on holidays and to hotels and been to a different country (Scotland counts!) and I did get a first place at companion show obedience.

It turns out, I has been living my Bucket List anyway!

It still a fun thing to think about and if you has a long life or a short life, you still has the whole of it before you. So, grab hold of it and if there something out there you want to do, go and do it!

Roll in that fox poo! Jump in that puddle! Eat that steak your person left on the counter.

(They’ll forgive you, I promise!)

Mum said I wasn’t allowed to ‘kick the bucket’, so I just rested on it instead.

~Lickies, Ludo!

(pee ess: but please be safe, no eating Chocklit, even if it does seem yummy and even if it does be on your list. Some things, you just cas not achieve, it not even worth it anyway, trust me, I know!)

23 thoughts on “Dog bucket lists

  1. I REALLY fancy haffing a go at the EAT the steak thingy. Are you sure Dad won’t mind?
    Bucket list are useful ‘cos they dos make you get out there a dos thingys, I haf a list of thingys fur summer (well if we haf summer) butt they do seem to involve a lot of PICNICS and BUTTIE PILLAR hunting….just need the sunshine and I’m ready to go!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. those are all good for a bucket list – don’t forget to sleep on any peoples bed anytime you want too 🙂

  3. We would add … Pee and Poop in the HOUSE when it is COLD Snowy or Rainy…. and not get in ANY Trouble fur doing “IT” where we want.
    AND… Eat the stuffs WE want from the peeps Plates… BEFORE they get to it.

  4. We think the ‘life list’ would be better. We’d like to go to a REAL beach, and dig and run and paddle AND maybe find some stinky fish to roll in…ahhhhhh, that would be great. We’re with you on the food thingy…SHE says we’re stomach hounds. Right now, we’d just go for some sunshine. Been raining for two whole days and supposed to keep raining for a few more…drats.

  5. Merlin: (fellow blue merle sheltie), I think you are a celebrity! Do all the things on your Ludo list – have a ball doing it and show us the pictures.

  6. That is a great life list and we hope you get to do a lot of the things on your list and on Mum’s. But most importantly remember to live every day to its fullest and give your Mum lots of lickies:)

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning

  7. That’s a great list! We would add, make a snow angel….

    Keep on keepin’ on Ludo!

  8. Loving your bucket list Ludo. Badger poo is pretty awesome stuff to roll in but I expect you can find something pretty smelly and fishy on the beach. We know that you are just enjoying your life without any worries and that is the best thing. Onwards lovely boy xxx

  9. hello ludo its dennis the vizsla dog hay i hope yoo git to do evrything on yore bukkit list and then sum!!! in fakt i hope that yore bukkit list just gits longer and longer so that yoo never git to the bukkit at the end of it!!! ok bye

  10. Ah Ludo, you have a very wonderful life list! You are an amazing dog and we are learning so much about living life from you. You are special and we love you very much.

  11. I haven’t thought about what the dogs would like on their bucket list, I’m sure food and rolling in stinky stuff would be up pretty high on those lists. Me, I’ve always wanted to take my dogs to Hope, British Columbia, because I always say they “Live in hope”; hope we get dinner, hope we go for a walk, hope we play agility. You get the idea.

  12. I think Penny’s favourite might be to roll in something stinky and not have a bath. She’s achieved the first many times, but always the dreaded bath followed. So far…

  13. Hi Ludo! I overheard the vet tell Mom that dogs remember the past but don’t know or worry about the future. Of course that isn’t true about the IMMEDIATE future, such as, when is supper? I know what that bath towel means! and so on. But no, we really don’t look ahead to our own end or how we will get there, so we love to live each day to the fullest that our health and peeps allow. Keep livin’ it, Ludo!!

  14. Ludo I think at the very top of the bucket list is to be loved and to give love once that is achieved all else is just like the gravy. So just live in the moment and smell the roses or stinky stuff. Enjoy your days of grace Ludo.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog
    Sweet William The Scot

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