Agility Update

Hello, It is me, Arran!
I decided I would tell you all about what we have been doing in agility. Because I like agility now and I am not very scared of going to competitions at all!

I started doing KC agility competitions last year (I did 3) and this year I have done 4 and my Mum – Ladee has hardly let me say anything about agility.
In agility I compete in small size, whereas Ludo competes in Medium, so we are not up against each other, but I bet I would beat Ludo because I am faster! Ludo had won up from grade 1 to grade 3 so I had to start at grade 3 too. That’s just how it works!


Me and Ludo at Lune Valley’s show last year.

Going to shows is kind of strange. You have to spend a long time driving in the car, which I don’t really like doing. When I first started competing I would get very worried about anything, like people clapping the dog before me, or the people who sit at the ring side, or having to run in a circle on the course and I would try and run away and leave the ring, I also got very distracted by all the pretty lady dogs. I still do a bit and Ladee tries to make me concentrate and not sniff. Then I decided the contacts (those are the big things you run up) were scary, even though they were not scary at training and so every run I would run around the contact and feel really worried. Maybe because I was a bit too excited I leapt off the seesaw a couple of times before it hit the ground and I didn’t like the bang!

Ladee thought I was faking being scared out of habit! Luckily we had some nice judges who let me try the contacts again once Mum had called me back and given me a cuddle and I suddenly realised they are ok. Now, Mum picks me up before we take our turn and that relaxes me. Everyday when Dad comes home from work and I get all excited I ask him to ‘pickmeuppickmeup’ and then I sit in his arms for a while. Ladee thinks it is just like being in a cattle press for me, whatever one of those is.

But, I do like to stick to my habits!


Recently I have started to realise that it is actually quite exciting and not scary and in October I got my first ‘not E’ Mum Ladee was really happy and I like to be happy with her and get cuddles and treats. Of course, I get cuddles and treats even if I didn’t pay attention very well, but I can tell when Ladee is more happy than usual even though she doesn’t have a tail to wag.

Then two shows ago, at Platinum show I got my first ever clear rounds and I got two first places, Ludo showed you that a couple of posts ago. We just went to another show called Wigton and we camped for two nights.

I like camping and guarding the tent, although I don’t like it when Ladee walks away from the tent. I can get out under the tent and I make sure I find her and say ‘here I am!’ At Wigton I got a 1st in Agility and it was a clear round. I ran really fast and so did Ladee and I got lots of cuddles afterwards. I just love cuddles, don’t you? That makes me grade 4! Ladee isn’t sure we are ready for grade 4, but we will just have to be! Because there I am.

Ludo had a nice time at agility too. He enjoys barking at the other dogs that are running and just relaxing. He had some rounds of being silly and having fun and not listening to Ladee but he also had a ‘fantastic’ run a combined 1-5 jumping class and he won it! He already had two other jumping wins. (Ladee says you need an agility win or 3 jumping wins to move up a grade at our level) so he is grade 4 now too. He said he was not about to let me over take him. We went to the presentation and clapped everyone. We like barking when there is clapping.


Here we are, modelling our rosettes and trophies from the last two shows we went to.


I got more rosettes than Ludo! I think I will have to have my own display for rosettes and awards. Ludo has one in the spare bedroom, where he sleeps at night.


Our new friend Sophie, from Pendle Pawtography took some photos of us. I had a bit of a stand off with her big dog Theo. He just got too close to my Mum! I like to protect her and stand between her and other dogs that get too close.

In October Grandpaw came with us to a show and we stayed in a pub over night. It was something called a ‘good experience’ for me. I was a little bit unsure but Ludo is always so relaxed when we do anything new that I knew nothing bad could happen.

Since Grandpaw was there he managed to record some videos of us and we have some from other friends of Mum’s too. None of them are our winning runs, but you can still see us, if you like.

Hm, Ladee will have to get another video of me to show you!

There you go, that’s my official, agility update.

15 thoughts on “Agility Update

  1. Arran, you and Ludo are such stars at agility and you make it all look such fun. Soon you will need a bigger house for all those rosettes. You even had Gail looking at me and asking did I want to give it a go again some time, but I politely declined, reminding her of all the problems I had with interdigital cysts making my paws hurt last year.
    Oh and I have just read your post about Bucket lists too, which I missed ‘cos Gail was away on hold. Rolling in fox poo and not getting washed afterwards is something I can only dream about…
    Toodle pip!

  2. Arran, you are doing so very well. Congrats to you and Ludo!!! We really love seeing the videos – such fun for all.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning

  3. well done boys – that is an amazing collection of ribbons – and if cuddles help you relax then lots of cuddles before your run sounds like a great idea.

  4. Congrats, Arran, you’re doing just awesome! Ludo too! We’ve camped at agility before too but Mum says she needs a real bed now if she’s going to run agility. So nice you all can go to the pub.

  5. Great videos. We don’t know anything about agility. We always wondered how you knew which obstacle to led the dog to. We saw little numbers in front of some of the obstacles, I guess that is how you know which one to go to. Makes sense.

    We think the dogs did great in the videos. We can’t do anything even remotely to that.

    Our Mommy can’t even run alongside us like that in the videos either. (She is on a Diet and she still can’t run like that.)

    We think you all did pawsome jobs!

    • Hi you two. Yes your mum spotted it. There are usually about 20 obstacles and the judge numbers them. You get 5 minutes before the class for your human to walk the course and remember it, them you have to run it in the right order.

  6. Oh how fun! I’m hoping once we get settled with our move I can do agility with Harlow again.

    Monty and Harlow

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