When I went to Oxford

Hurro, Ludo here!

You know, Mum was looking through some of our photos the other day and she realised there a lot of stuff we planned to blog about and she neglected my blog never got around to posting. So here an adventure from 3 and a half years ago, afore Arran comed along, when I went on Holiday to the Cotswolds and visited the city of Oxford.

Oxford a city in the UK and it famous for it’s colleges and big fancy buildings also, it has no cars inside it.



Mum and TND took turns climbing to the top of the cathedral and I had to wait down stairs both times.


Here I is in the little yellow circle.


It also famous for boats!oxfordboats

We ate lunch in a cafe inside an old church. I could not go inside and the outside seating be on top of old gravestones. It beed very weird for the Mum and TND but stones with writings on does not mean anything special to me!oxfordcafe

We also had coffee’s in here. (I had water)


I posed outside a college and some Japanese tourists all took photos of me and some of the girls asked if they could take their photo with me too. Mum let them and I did be a very good boy and sat with them and smiled. Wont it be funny to think I is in other people’s hol-ee-day photos as well as my own? In fact, lots of tourists stopped to ask questions about me and take my photo. Well, I is very handsome!


Oxford be the most tourist filled, busyest place I had ever beed, so we found a place which be recommended as ‘off the beaten path’ and a place to relax and it took us to this quiet little graveyard, it did give us a few minutes peace and quiet.


We went in the covered market and it be really interesting and smelly! There be lots of different food stalls, fishmongers, butchers, bakers. I ate some of the sawdust from the butchers floor cos it smelled so yummy.


We bought dinner in there too.


I is on the park and ride bus here and you can see how many peoples there be and this first thing in the morning!


Well, I hope you enjoyed this very delayed tour of Oxford!

I is still doing ok!

~Lickies, Ludo!

13 thoughts on “When I went to Oxford

  1. Loved your tour of Oxford Ludo thank you, It was worth the wait. Your crossing out of words made me laugh!! Glad you are ok xx

  2. Oxford is an amazing place to visit, so much history there and inspector Morse of course, hehe
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Glad you is still okay. It’s nice to look back on holidays and to be in other people’s holiday pictures

  4. Hi Ludo and Mum: I love the beautiful pics of Oxford and would love to be a tourist there someday. I don’t think you got my reply to your last blog about needing more POTP which you have a whole lot of from Stella and Zkhat and me.

    Love and Hugs

    Stella and the Gang

  5. Great tour of Oxford. I loved it when I visited. Too bad it isn’t more dog friendly, you could have gone up the stairs too. Could you have gone punting? Glad you’re doing well.

  6. What a great adventure Ludo! And you got to ride in a bus! Katie has never done anything like that! It looked very fun. Especially the no car thing. And the boats were very pretty.

  7. hello ludo its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow oxford!!! that is ware the smart peepeuls go rite??? did yoo git a degree wile yoo wer their??? if not then yummy fuds wil do!!! i am glad yoo ar stil feeling wel!!! ok bye

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