Hol-ee-day, just for me!

Hurro Efurryone! It me, Ludo!

I told you I was going camping right? Well something really exciting happened after camping at the agility show. My TND turned up and instead of going home and the people’s going back to work we went to a hotel! Mum and TND said it be a trip just for me because we has not beed on a hol-ee-day for a while and I love going to hotels!

First of all, I had a nice time camping. I did not get to do agility, but I got to go on some walks and hang out with Mum and I got to sit and watch whilst she helped on a ring and watch some other dogs and bark at them. We made our tent nice and cozy although Mum did not let me sleep on her pillow like I really thought I should. It rained a lot on the Saturday but me and Arran didn’t get wet, only Mum and it dried for us to go for a walk and cook Mum’s dinner. Mum and Arran didn’t really get their act together to do any winnings but Arran did manage to get one 5th place rosette and it does be a very big show with 10 rings so Mum thinks he did well. (Of course, I got 3 rosettes last year…)


The show just in between Cumbria and Lancashire and it on the canal for nice walkies.


There be lots of shelties there. Can you spot us?


We beed very happy to see TND. I love staying in hotels and we stayed in a very nice little Inn in Kirkby-Lonsdale called The Sun Inn


We had our own goody bag in our room

The peoples bed did be very comfy and we had a nice quiet room where we didn’t has people walking past so Arran did not do guarding of the door. The Inn had a little section of the dining room just for peoples who wanted to sit with their doggies so we got to eat breakfast and dinner with our pawrents and we got lots of lots of tidbits.


I got duck and fish and chicken and creme brulee. I even got to eat some wheats (I intolerant to wheats)! The people working in the hotel all be very nice to us and of course you has to be nice to them acoss they bring the food!


Give me food!


The next day we went for a walk around the Forest of Bowland, I can still do walkings but I is not very good on runnings as I am too ouchie and I has to go nice and slowly but my peoples doesn’t mind. When we headed to the car me and Arran both said ‘no we wont go!’  and pulled back on our leads. But it ok, because we just went on a walkies and did not go home and we comed back to the hotel again!


Let’s go on an adventure!




Stones from old houses that got removed when a reservoir got made.

We got back to the village and had a late lunch in a dog friendly Cafe called The Crossing Point. I got in everyone’s way but I is pretty sure no one minded. The waiters just stepped over me. Well, you cas not see what be ON the table if you sit under it like Arran does. Kirkby-Lonsdale seemed very dog friendly. It had some nice independent shops which Mum liked to go in and a nice smelly old church to explore and lots of walks around it.


The next morning we explored the village and went down to the River Lune  to see ‘Ruskin’s view’ He thought it be a lovely ‘English’ view of river and pasture.


At the bottom of the ‘Devil’s steps’






I had a super ‘last-trip’ thank you so much to The Sun Inn for letting me and Arran come and stay.


Arran sniffs me all the time now!


Good bye Sun Inn

I wanted to thank all my friends who has gived me power of the paw against the cancer lumps. I is sure it working to keep me comfortable but the vet says nothing can make it go away now, not even good wishes, and I know I has a whole bunch of those. . My ‘golf ball’ in my groin seems to get bigger every day and I has new sores on my front leg. I has some more medicines to keep me ‘comfortable’ but the vet talked with Mum and TND about supporting their decision once they decide that I is not comfortable anymore.

Right now I am happy! Mum says she is not ready to say Goodbye yet so she hopes I can stick around for a bit longer. You know I will do anything for treats right? So I is sure I can do sticking arounds too!

~Lickies, Ludo!

23 thoughts on “Hol-ee-day, just for me!

  1. What a big agility competition, even our National Championships only has 6 rings.

    You are such a brave man, Ludo. I am so glad you had a lovely holiday. It’s so nice that there are hotels and cafes that treat doggies so well. Wish we could do more than send you our best wishes.

    Lots of licks from Beckett and Keltic and their Mum (well no licks from Mum)

  2. Oh Ludo what a lovely holiday!!!!! The Inn looked delightful and what fun you had! Arran has a personality like Dakota, guarding doors and sitting under tables…..praying you will be with us for a MUCH, MUCH longer time ((((hugs))) and love to all.

  3. What a magnificent holiday for all of you!!! We are so happy you got to go too, Ludo. You just keep on going and enjoy every day.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning

  4. What a lovely surprise after your camping trip to go to a hotel, Ludo. We know how much you like food and treats and walks with your Mum, TND and Arran. What a special way to spend time – sending lots of POTP to you. Merlin, River & Mum

  5. What a wonderful surprise for you Ludo! I love how the hotel let you eat with your parents . Dogs are only allowed to be in outdoor restaurant s in my state. So unfair!

    Looks like you are doing a great job getting lots of treats and yummies. Keep it up Ludo!

  6. Your Mom and Dad are most generous with you and I am so happy you get these special treats. Some of the views you got to see are perfect. We have been pals for a long time Ludo, and like your Mom, I’m not ready to say “So Long”. So just keep on keeping on as long as you can, dear pal!

    Love and Hugs,\

    Stella, Zkhat and our Mom

  7. Wow what a pawsome Holiday!Holidays like this are just the best Ludo.Hope you’re able to stick around for a long while yet,Hugs and snuggles xx Speedy

  8. Dear Ludo
    What a lovely time you all had at the Sun Inn. I love how they treat all their guest so special.
    You and your family made beautiful memories. Arran is a faithful and loving Brudder.
    We agree w Mackie and Mollie’s comment. Savor each moment
    Madi and mom

  9. Hi Ludo! I am a new friend, Skyler Braveheart, a rescued Scottish Terrier. Mama and I love to read about your travels with Arran, your Pawrents, and your competitions. I travel with Mama a lot, but we only travel for fun. I am not an Agility expert like you. We love your philosophy! Keep on keeping on, and “taking us along”. Your pal, Skyler Braveheart

  10. Hi Ludo
    What a lovely trip you had to Kirby Lonsdale. Your Mom and TND are so kind to you (apart from the not letting you share the pillow, of course) and Gail and I are confident that they will always make wise and caring decisions and always have your best interests at heart. Oh but these times are not easy for anyone, for sure.
    Sending loads and loads of love and hugs.
    Toodle pip!
    PS And some more hugs.

  11. Dear Ludo and Arran ~ such a lovely holiday you shared with your pawrents and each other, in such a wonderful and beautiful place. Please know we are sending and sharing some gentle woofs and purrs for you, hang in and hang on for those special treats (and all the love and hugs) yet to come your way … they are worth staying around for, fur sure!

  12. Dear Ludo and your very sweet Mum, we are stopping by again this morning because we heard that you might be needing the support and love that comes from the powerful POTP. We send our very best hugs and good thoughts to both of you at this time.

    Hugs and Woos, Ciara, Lightning and Mom

  13. Dear Ludo – hi, my name iz Lady Shasta an’I live in the US. I am new 2 u butt what an eyeful I gotz.. Your mum an’TND gave u such a surprize after the agility stuffz, WOWZERZ – u gotzta go campin’an’see all thoze purty thingz. We don’t haz a place 2 go an’hangout with our peepz while they go out 2 eat – that musta bin a furry much fun time an’all the goodiez u gotzta eat. An’a goodie bag in your room just fer ya – no peepz gotz it. You must b a furry speshal little woofy an’I bet that your mum an’TND will do all thingz possible 2 do right by u. Me an’my mom are sendin’LOTZA POTP an’peaceful vibez. Hugz 2 u an’your mum an’TND.

  14. We heard through our Blogville friends that Ludo is having a difficult time. Ludo – please know you are in our thoughts and your people will do all they can to make sure your remaining time is filled with all the love they can give

    Abby the Lab and her family in Chicago USA

  15. Dear Ludo, what a lovely happy holiday you had with lots of sniffs, treats and ambling walkies. You are giving us all such wonderful pictures to keep in our hearts and minds in the future. You are being so brave and so must we. Sending blessings to your folks and lots and lots of love to you.
    Anna & Foxy xx

  16. Oh, Ludo, we hate that you are sick and there’s nothing to be done, but we know your family will do whatever is best for you when the time comes. We’re so glad you got to go on a holiday. Such beautiful scenery. Looks like you had fun.

  17. Ludo, I am sending you rottie-strength POTP. My mom says she truly understands how your people are feeling right now. I’m sending kisses.


  18. Such a beautiful place to have a vacation! I bet we would love it there, just like you did.

    We’re sending prayers over for you Ludo and your family. Wishing you many more sun shining days ahead.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  19. Dear Ludo,

    I had a big long dream about you last night, and this morning there you are! What a wonderful trip you had. Camping with your mum and brother and then a wonderful holiday at a hotel with TNP and your Mum and brother too! That was so cool! It’s good to see your happy face. LOVE LOVE LOVE that shot of you asking for food. I hope you stick around for lots and lots more treats. You are such a special boy. Three rosettes last year! I remember that! 🙂 We love you very much. Hugs to you and your whole family. You are a strong, brave boy.

  20. oh Ludo, so sad to know that you hear but you are sick. You are having a lovely time with your family. That is a lovely part of the country you went to. I have started to explore with Max, when we have Boys Days Out, which doesn’t happen often because I don’t like leaving Heidi on her own. Much love from Me, Max and Hoppalong Heidi

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