Where do you sleep?

Hurro, Ludo here!

A few posts ago I talked about quirks and habits. I has had to change some of mine these last couple of weeks. I cas not to runnings around now and I has to wait at the bottom of the stairs and grumble until someone carries me up them.

But I can still do sleepings. I has always slept in a most comfortable place on the back of the sofa (all different sofa’s but TND’s sofas especially comfy for this. I has made some dog shaped dents in them.


Arran sometimes comes onto the sofa for a snooze, but usually he sleeps in his little green beds or just the floor.


But since I is getting too ouchie to climb onto the back of the sofa I has decided, maybe I should sleep in Arran’s green bed instead of Arran!


What does you think? I fit doesn’t I? Arran has two green beds, one upstairs and one downstairs. I think he can spare me one.

We will both sleep on the floor and at night I like to sleep in the bathroom on the cool times or I go into the guest (my) bedroom and sleep on the people (Ludo) bed in there.

One place we never sleep though is in our fancy mini-sofa that Mum bought us. Just to annoy her because it cost a lot of money papers. We store our toys on there sometimes though.

So, where do you sleep?

~Lickies, Ludo!



14 thoughts on “Where do you sleep?

  1. Oh, yeah! You fit really good! I’m sure Arran will share!
    At night, Cam sleeps on Mom and Dad’s bed. I stay up there for a while to get some snuggling in, then I ask to go into 10 Downing Street — aka, my crate. I have a cooling mat in there that’s REALLY comfy. I like to den!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  2. you fit just fine – you know our Mom has bought us every kind of bed imaginable but we have never used them – both of us just like the cool floor – even in winter 🙂

  3. I’m sure Arran doesn’t mind sharing. Beckett has taken to sleeping in the closet in my room. He only starts there, when I wake up he’s usually in bed with me or on one of the two dog beds. Keltic starts out on the den under the desk and then usually ends up on the dog beds in my room, some times he sleeps on the tile floor in my en-suite bathroom.

  4. Both my dogs LOVE the back of the sofa like you. In fact, that’s been all of my shelties’ favorite spot. Our sofa always has a huge dent in it.

    Chewy is weird he likes to sleep UNDER our bed at night, but usually joins us on the bed around 4:30am. Oreo sleeps with his head on Jeff’s pillow, but if it gets too warm he goes in his crate next to the bed.

    I’m glad Arran is sharing his bed with you, because it looks very comfy.

  5. Katy will rest on the couch on occasion, but will jump off if forced to share with humans. She has never been a dog bed person. Always prefers the floor.

    Bailey loved his doughnut bed and our bed until he got older. At which point he’d rotate from the doughnut bed, to the bathroom floor to the bedroom floor near Katy.

    Bailey inherited a fancy wooden couch from a neighbor of my Grandmother’s when we were moving Gram to a nursing home. I wasn’t comfortable leaving Bailey at home so I brought him with us while we were packing. The woman had lost her beloved pet and wasn’t able to replace him. She fell in love with Bailey and gifted him her dog’s very fancy carved wooden couch. Katy’s never used it. We’ll have to see if the next Sheltie will like it.

  6. Merlin: at first I didn’t want to use a dog bed as Mum let me sleep on the couch but she bought me a memory foam bed just for me – it’s really comfy. My friend Megan was poorly for a lot of last year and she used to wait for a lift upstairs at night and she had a special nest. I used to snuggle in with her when there was those big noises people call fireworks. River: I haven’t lived here long and I have a small dog bed that fits me (I’m small too). You fit really snug into Arran’s bed – I’m sure he doesn’t mind. Our mum says some of her shelties from before used to ignore their beds and sleep next to them. So it made us laugh about your mini sofa! Yawn… I’m feeling a bit tired now talking about beds. Sweet dreams !

  7. We have beds that we like to sleep on, but we also like the hard floor – Mom doesn’t understand that at all. Ciara used to like to go in her crate but for some reason she never goes in there now.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning

  8. My Mom made me a nice
    bed that goes in under her desk in her bedroom. That is where I start out and I love it, its so cuddly. But when its hot like now, I leave my bed to go sleep on the kitchen floor. IF it is storming outside with big thunders and lightning, I just jump up on Mom’s bed and she gives me some hugs and I feel not so scared up there! You look cute and comfy in your green beds, Ludo

    Nobody knows where Zkhat sleeps. I asked her one time where she sleeps and she said, Its none of your business, Mutt! Cats are so rude, don’t you think?

    your pal Stella

  9. I am a BIG TIME floor sleeper! I have only used one bed Mom got me, that one is flat and Mom puts it under the coffee table. She thinks I like it cause under the table is like when I used to use my crate. I don’t even like to go up on the couch. I LOVE the floor! Barks and licks and love, Dakota DakotasDen

  10. I sleep on the bed with Mama. Sometimes when she is running back and forth, I stay out of her way by laying on a big, green dog bed in our bedroom. When she goes out, I have a smaller be downstairs. Mam wants me to have options!

  11. Penny’s sleeping habits have changed lately, also. She used to sleep out near the humans, on one of her many beds, but these days she sleeps on her comfy hammock bed or on her pile of soft bedding, at the other end of the house. I think her arthritis must be getting worse (here’s hoping it’s just the cold winter weather here in southern Australia). Sometimes she doesn’t want to go for a walk. But like you she’s still a very good sleeper.

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