Family Walk at Ennerdale

Hurro! Ludo here!

Last weekend some of Mum’s sisters visited and so we had a big family walk at Lake Ennerdale. Auntie Toni couldn’t come but Mum’s nieces and nephew brought Poppy along. Poppy is the other sheltie who looks a bit like Arran.

Grandpawents dog Rusty comed too and we met Auntie Tracey’s dog Wilbur who be a shitzu x yorkshire terrier and Auntie Tricia had Lily who a staffie x jack russel. It be a typical Cumbrian day. Not quite raining but just about to. Although it did get a bit sunnier at the end.

Here we is!


Arran, Poppy and Lily led the way up front with MY TND I does not mind being at the back though. We made our introductions and Arran told Wilbur off in the car park and told him he gonna be the boss but after that we all got along just fine.

We went for a splash around in the lake, us shelties mostly stuck together. We has a little chain. I get the little stick then Arran steals it from me and then Poppy steals it from him.

I tried to have a swim but Mum called me back in cos she said I looked too low in the water. I guess my tumour be weighing me down. Rusty swam though. He be very fast in the water. He needs to go swimming more as, I is sure you can see, Grandpaw has fed him too many treats. Nanny paw (she called herself that in my comments, hehe) tells him off but he does not listen.


a swimming jack Rusty terrier (even Rustier now)

The Aunties wanted to get a photo of themselves in front of a mountain, it makes them look really tiny. I think they need some practice in how to enhance scenery. They is not so good as me, so they didn’t get a treat after posing.

Wil and Lily had a great time visiting their first lake. Lily lives in Mum’s old home town down south and there not many places to let dogs safely off lead. A lot of parks has changed their rules to either not let dogs in at all or not let them off the lead. Mum said that would has made her and Auntie Penny sad if it been like that when they lived there. Lily did very well running around off her lead and comed back nicely even though she really likes saying hello to all the other peoples walking.

Mum decided we should all post together on this bench and everyone said to her they’d never be able to do it. Well, we got one photo of us mostly all doing lookings in the right direction, but has a look at these outtakes and you decide who the bestest dog be… Me! hehe!


We only went for a quite short walk around the top corner of the lake, but I made it the whole way round. I just went at my own pace and the peoples did too.


This week I had some bad days. I started getting very uncomfortable and restless at night and making Mum get up with me and being very clingy. Mum and TND got very worried as I had a lot of problems trying to do a poo even with the medicine and I went off my food and they thought maybe the cancer be obstructing my bowel. But yesterday I ate some fancy food TND got me and I managed to pass out what needed to come out! I felt much better and today I has done some more. I even went up and downstairs a few times when the peoples were not quick enough coming and getting me and yesterday I went on the beach and even did some running. TND has accused me of faking it!

~Lickies, Ludo!

16 thoughts on “Family Walk at Ennerdale

  1. Merlin and River: Nice walking round Ennerdale, Ludo. You had a pack! Hope you enjoyed it and a big dinner when you got home ! You are indeed the “bestest”. Enjoy all your good days?

  2. that was an excellent walkies – we didn’t know you had another tumor – that makes us so sad 😦

  3. The other pictures with the rest of the dogs askew, and only you, Ludo, sitting there like a prince. The top one is good though. Scenery beautiful!

    I am hoping that daily you are feeling well enough to join in all your family fun for a long while. Stella, Zkhat and Jo think of you and all our years together with much love.

  4. Hi Ludo, so pleased to see you out and about with your friends in such a beautiful place. Of course you are the best most handsomest model (although don’t tell Arran I said so).
    Toodle pip!

  5. We love all the group photos and are so glad you are feeling a bit better after “emptying out”… 🙂
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  6. What gorgeous scenery, dogs and humans! A special outing for everyone. I love the top photo where the humans are all being camera shy, hiding behind you guys 🙂

    Glad you had a good day and that TND got you some special yummy food.

  7. A happy smiling Ludo out for the day with his family is just the best. So glad things got ‘shifted’ and you enjoyed the fancy food. All the photos of you are always good but these pictures are very special. Give our love to Mum and TND and Arran of course!
    Lots of love xx

  8. So glad you had a great walk Ludo. You are right. Everyone should always go at their own pace. Doesn’t matter if you are up front or in the middle or bringing up the back. As long as you have fun. You are so photogenic. Just love you face, and all of you actually, you know that. Glad you are feeling a little better!

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