Hurro furiends,

It me, Ludo!

Since I last posted I is not been doing so well. My cancer being very annoying and ouchy and not feeling comfortable at all. I is trying to not notice but it getting very hard. I still like to try and go out for walkies but we doesn’t seem to get far and I need to go to the toilet all the time, even though I can’t!

Mum has been trying to help me take my mind off it by playing little games on the floor and rolling the ball to me and we has been doing some tricks and playing find the treats and playing with my ‘brain game’ toys.

Mum and TND help us do them as I doesn’t have the same energy to figure out how to do them by myself.


Like me Arran, not with your feets for this part. You has to pull, push and nudge this one.abraintoy

I make sure I tell Arran not to come near me when I is doing my treat games. He being a very good little brother at the moment and not being all annoying and sniffing me all the time, like he did be when I first got cancer. I hope Stella forgives me for my very mean face. Hehe! Don’t do worryings, he would not come anywhere near me when I show him my mean face.


We made a video but it not very good as Mum does not really has a proper video recorder! I has fun doing my tricks even though I cas not do some of them so well as I used to. My lump very big now. 😦 I is very happy when we is doing ‘take my mind off it’ things but when we is not I is not quite so happy.

I is going back to the vets someday soon and Mum says that maybe I will see my Auntie Penny. Mum is a bit teary about that but I will try my best to cheer her up!

~Lickies, Ludo!

pee ess: Thank you so much for sticking with us and all your nice comments. Sorry that we haven’t been by to your blogs in a while.


20 thoughts on “Trying…

  1. Oh ludo…now I’m all teary eyed with your mum. But watching you do your tricks made me smile. You inspired me to get my clicker out and do tricky t-day with my fur babies.

    When the time comes, you will see your Aunt Penny for sure,and it will be a grand reunion.

  2. Hi Ludo and Mum! While I was reading I was thinking that maybe soon you will be going to the Rainbow Bridge to live with all your pals that have gone before you. I understand your body is all well when you get there and ypu will have very much fun. Aunty Penny will show you around and help you find all your old buddies. I hope I can find you when I get there! You have been a best pal for these years and I do love you even though I have been crabby with you sometimes.

    Your pal Stella

  3. Hello Ludo, You still did your tricks very well, they made me smile. I got rather teary-eyed like your Mum, it’s hard to think of you going off to visit Auntie Penny. I do wish I could see my Ceilidh again maybe Auntie Penny knows her and could introduce you. Hopefully you have some more good days doing your brain games before you have to go.

  4. Great to seeong your tricksies, Ludo & wagging your tail. I’m sure they help to take your mind off things, & good for your mum to see you having some fun. Has she tried TTouches with you – they are supposed to help with pain. Might be worth a try. Rafa says they are very soothing & relaxing.

  5. Hi Ludo! I also am quite teary-eyed but you are still happy doing your tricks and that makes me happy. Wish I could hug you and your Mum. Dakota and I are hoping you do not have to go and see Auntie Penny soon…….we love you Ludo ((((hugs))))

    • Hello Ludo, You are a brave and wonderful boy – still doing tricks with style even though you don’t feel so good. Good to see you are still enjoying your treats. Your adventures have made me smile through some sad times. Hope your Mum, TND and Arran can take your mind off things a while longer – you are one of a kind. Thinking of you all. Merlin, River & their Mum

  6. Well, Ludo, we know your Mum is doing all she can for you and will help you when the time comes. But meanwhile, we have all our paws crossed for you.

    Hugs and Woos – Ciara and Lightning

  7. Ludo, you are one brave dude ! I have many friends at the Bridge, including my hooman Dad, who will be sure to watch out for you, and help you find your way around ! I think my Mama nerds to get me some brain games…you are so clever at them. Much love, your new pal Skyler Braveheart

  8. Hi Ludo – you r lookin’purty good there duin’your trickz an’playin’with your treat toy. You shure must b smart 2 figure out how 2 git that treat in there – don’t know if I cood do that. My mom had watery eyez 2 butt also smiled az she watched your video – peepz, just can’t figure them out sumtimez.

    May-b 1 of theze dayz, whenever it iz that you do vizit your Auntie Penny, may-b you can meet up with my angel bruther – Angel Shiloh. He went over the Rainbow Bridge earlier this year – he iza lotta fun 2 b around an’likez 2 hunt wabbitz tho he never really did here.
    Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

  9. Yes we here are a bit teary-eyed too. Your Mum is so kind, trying to help you think about fun things and not the horrid ouch lump.
    Sending you all lots of love and hugs.
    Toodle pip!
    Bertie (and Gail).

  10. Sadly there is a time when we all must leave and doing it in the least amount of pain is the most important thing. It never gets any easier having to let a furbaby go – the tears always flow, the heart always ache but eventually the good memories flood back in and we can look at photos and smile again. We are sending lots of love and gentle hugs Ludo – we know you will let your Mom know when it is time for you and we know Aunt Penny and so many of our other blogville buddies will be there waiting for you and you will be able to run and play with no pain ever again.

  11. What a lovely video Ludo. We had a little weep when we saw how hard you are trying. When you do go on your special journey Mum will be by your side and we will be with your Mum in our thoughts, then you will be with your lovely Penny and keep an eye out for a very hairy tri-coloured sheltie called Sammie who was a special one of ours. Sending so much love xx

  12. We are teary eyed too. Sorry you aren’t feeling well Ludo. You do tricks better than me and Benji combined. Mommy loved that face you made protecting your treat toy. Don’t mess with a Sheltie and his treats!

  13. hello ludo its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am sorry to heer abowt this nooz but i no that as wun of owr oldest and bestest blog frends my brother tucker wil hav sumthing speshul for yoo at his everlasting rainbo bridj buffay and i am shoor trixie wil be their to kompayr fluffs with yoo and maybe eeven trouble wil show up to bop yoo on the nose with her paw!!! run free my frend until we meet agin!!! ok bye

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