Crufts – Agility

Dee here again with my reports from Crufts. You may have noticed that we like agility. Ludo just started competing last year and after a shaky start we’re getting into the atmosphere of shows.

I’ve always loved watching agility at Crufts so I’ve made sure I spent some time in the main arena. Remember you can still view the rest of today (the last day of Crufts, boo!) on the live stream. Plus you can follow links from there to see agility clips from the main arena . For anyone who doesn’t know KC agility in the UK is split into sizes small, medium and large. Your dog is measured and competes against others of a similar size to it. We start in grade 1 if you are new to agility and progress through the grades by getting so many clear round wins or points until you reach grade 7 and championship level. Crufts has competitions encompassing all the sizes, and grades from 3 up as well as international competitions and special ABC (anything but a ‘border’ collie) classes.

They also have rescue dog team displays. They have teams of 5 with a baton change in a centre box.

Various rescues were represented, these dogs are not usually as experienced as the competing dogs, but they are great ambassadors for rescue dogs, really showing what they can do.

Some of the charities represented in this event were Many Tears, Valgray’s, Battersea dogs home, the National Animal Welfare Trust and the Blue Cross.

Sorry the photos are not great quality, they were all moving so fast!


Sam a lurcher originally from the National Animal Welfare Trust



agch1 agch2 agch5



Look how happy!


I also got some photos of the singles heats Round 2, Agility. It was a tight course, lots of obstacles in eye line in the middle of the course. I do believe that in Large Greg Derrett came 1st and 2nd and had amazing runs (with two different dogs obviously). I didn’t catch the final, but I’ve just looked up the results online and he came 1st with his dog Detox, but got E’d with Rehab, which just shows even the best can go wrong.


Greg Derrett – I hope… (Great journalist, me.)




Showing the course, the next obstacle is the wall (not in picture) just where the dog is pointing.






Of course I had to finish on a sheltie!


Wilmslow Agility show

Hurro, it me, Ludo!

At the show

A couple of weekends ago me and Mum (and Grandpaw) went to an indoor agility competition run by Wilmslow dog training club. Mum asked Grandpaw to go with us because she a big chicken and gets scared going new places by herself (she probably a sheltie type of people) and it gives Grandpaw something different to do. Grandpaw said he had fun. It my 4th show I entered and my 2nd indoor one.


We had a nice time. Lots of my friends from my club went too so it helped Mum be more relaxed, we did very well as a club and one of my friends even got a 1st! I didn’t get eliminated once, which makes a change from my 3 eliminations at my last indoor show. I still got some points for refusals though, I has to keep Mum on her toes! And I didn’t even leave the rings at all! I is really good at doing the agility parts of agility, I like going on the things called contacts so I tries to go to them whenever I can. For some reason Mum likes me to do the course in a certain order that she must has decided in her head so to be a nice dog I does try to listen to what she says but sometimes she not clear enough to make me want to do what she says.

I got two of those ribbon things that Mum likes. I did not really want them stucked on me though.

I got a second in grade 1 agility (on a 1-3 course) and I got a rosette for a clear round. Mum made sure to pick one up cos she forgot to get me one at West lakes show.

Grandpaw recorded 3 of my runs but on one of them he just recorded the floor so I doesn’t think you want to see that one.

Agility graded 1-3 (Mum note: Ludo got his 2nd place in this one, only 3 grade 1’s didn’t get e’d and no one went clear so I was extra proud of us, I took photos of the score sheet sheets, i’ve tried to blur out other names.)


Agility combined graded 1-3. We like this judge, he overlooked some of my twiddles. (Mum note: One of my fellow club members pointed out that he was ‘kind’ to us here, but I figure he’ll be judging everyone the same and it’s nice for them to ease up on us beginners a bit and I guess it depends on how the rules are interpreted. A different person said that on the previous run we’d been marked tough on the weave refusal so I guess it all evens out in the end, I’ll still take the clear. 😉 )


This jumping graded 1-3.

I went pretty fast here, if I hadn’t got those 10 faults I woulda beed a fast time!


And the last one which Grandpaw did not record, only 5 faults but not so speedy.scoresheet4

When be our next show Mum?

Mum says she going to Crufts soon so will get to watch lots of agility, which she will be doing postings all about. Only I does not get to go!! Not fair!

~Lickies, Ludo

West Lakeland Agility show

Hurro, it me Ludo!

Last weekend me and Mum went to an my dog club’s open agility show. It our first time staying over night at a show, Mum be helping since she a club member. We loaded up the car on friday afternoon and off we goes. We had had a busy week already since Mum’s sister and neices comed and stayed with us for a few days. Arran stayed behind with TND.


Camping at Haverigg

Haverigg Rugby club

Mum got her tent up and then put me in it and went off to help. She soon comed back and helped Barbara set up her tent too, not many people were in tents so mum did be glad to have Barbara there too. Barbara had never put a tent up so she be glad to have Mum there! We went for a little walk to the village of Haverigg and I had my dinner and then Mum and Barbara sat drinking wine and eating snacks until bedtime. I slept next to Mum on my bed. I like camping!

After breakfast and walkies Mum went off by herself again and I chilled out in the tent until my first run. Mum beed pretty nervous because at my first proper show earlier in the year I did not complete one single course and left the ring to find TND and told the photographer and pole pickers off. If I did all that again we were not going to compete anymore. Mum came to get me for my run and I had beed pretty bored in my tent. So I be raring to go. I did start doing some stressy sniffing at the start line but Mum got me to watch her and off we went. I finished the course mostly, with just a couple of refusals and missing a jump and got an E… for excellent, no doubt!

It started raining really a lot and we all got pretty wet and my little tent was beed blown about all over! I got E’s in all my courses except one which I only got 10 faults in, one for a pole off and one for a refusal. But I managed to be inside the time each course and in that run I be the only grade one which did not get e’d. I did keep going past the last jump though, until one of our trainers said Mum slowing down cos she knows we getting to the end and to not let me know and aftWe managed to survive the rain, only Mum chickened out of staying in the tent and we drove home that night. We had to get up early in the morning to get back in time, and I ran out to the car and barkbarked to be let in! Arran came with us on Sunday and he stayed in the scorers marquee in his crate with my obedience trainer Betty whilst I did my runs and Mum did her helping, he did has a nice time getting fussed by everyone and ‘socialising’.  We doesn’t know who took these photos, but Betty sent them to us.

IMG_1609 d showp2

Sunday be a nicer day and the sun comed out! My first run be the first one of the day. Medium agility 1-4 combined and I got my first clear. Mum beed very happy!

I got two more E’s, one Mum really messed up and couldn’t work out how to run the course and one I messed up by running to the A’frame and putting my foot on it before Mum called me back (off course). But I really does love the contacts!  My last Run of the day be in medium jumping combined 1-3 and I got another clear! Then Mum be really suprised to hear our name on the tannoy. We got a third!


Third place!

Third place!

You can click on these piccures below to make them bigger.

We even got our name in the local paper, along with lots of my furiends.

Article in newspaper.

We met quite a few other shelties, only mum did not take her camera. All their peoples wanted to come and meet Arran. I think he enjoyed hisself too. A Tired dog be a what dog?

A tired dog is a…


~Lickies, Ludo.

Agility Sunday!

On Sunday Me and Mum tooked part in our very first Agility competition. Just a fun one, so the points don’t count to move you up but still a competition. It beed at our own club so we got lots of support and encouragement and we had a really good time. We played our local clubs of Wigton and Barrow. Barrow won. I going to be 5 this year so we a bit behind other agility dogs but we has only just got back into training a few months ago, mum could never go cos of work afore, but now she has a nice 9-5pm job we can fit agility in again.

I sure does be good at agility!

Doing a start line wait

I like it cos no matter what you does you win at the end. I win my wubba or a treat and a happy Mum. But some dogs win their lead, or their favourite bally, or just a nice cuddle. I like going on the equipment too. My favourite at the moment the tip it, or see saw. What would you like to win in agility?

Our first be a jumping round, with jumps and a tunnel and a long jump, which I has actually never seed afore!  Mum walked the course lots with our trainer Ashley to decide how to run it. I did a really good wait whilst Mum walked three jumps away all the way to the tunnel (I love tunnels!) and we did our course. I did run towards the long jump when we went past it but Mum called me quickly and I didn’t go ‘off’ course. We had decided to do a turn at jump 10 and run round the outside of 11 and 12, but watching everyone else most people tried to do a front cross and run on the inside but quite a few went a bit wrong so we sure were glad we had Ashley to tell us what to do. BOL! I got a clear round in that and I actually got a third place in grade 1-3 small and mediums! Hurrah! Mum did be very pleased and proud of me. Ashley told Mum she was thinking that I had better jump that long jump after going to look at it. I did! And I didn’t even freak out about the judge standing in the middle of the course!

here I be coming up to the last jump in the jumping course. Go, me, go!

Next we did an agility run. I did very good in that one too. Mum even remembered the course and I did my weaves perfectly, I does try and miss one in the middle. I almost turned round on the top of the dog walk but Mum called me and I carried on. The dog walk beed a bit wonky we think and some dogs dropped right off the top of it! I got eliminated in this one though cos the course did a loop where you go through a tunnel and then on to the seesaw and then the second time you go through the tunnel you go right to a jump. I is so clever I remembered we did the see saw first time so I put my feet on it before Mum called me. I still won my wubba though and got a clap from my club. I likes clapping!

Last one we did be the tunnel exchange. This like an easier jumping course, but in the middle it has a tunnel and when you come out the tunnel you can run the rest of the course with a different person. Mum tried to exchange me but I did not want to so she carried on. We got 3rd in small -medium grade 1-3 in that too! We did lose a bit of time in the attempted exchange part, so Mum said we might have done even better otherwise.

All the piccures be from the tunnel exchange. A nice man from Barrow club tooked them and said we could use whichever ones we wanted. Doesn’t that be nice?

I will be a medium when/if we ever compete properly but my trainers wanted my first experience to be a really good one, so we ran on small.

Look here me getting a pat from Shelley for being good, even though I didn’t run with her. My friend Tinks just about to take her turn. I like Tinks lots, but she just ignores me.

This dog did really well, right up until the last jump when his person threw his ball to go over the last jump, only she missed and he stopped and went under the bar to get his ball.  All the people laughed but he didn’t mind cos he got his prize.

Me and my two third place ribbons. Mum beed so pleased and surprised that we got anywhere! They even mentioned it our first time competing when they handed out the ribbons. Of course I knew I had won! I is not looking cos I thought I heard TNP coming home and had to run and look!

~Lickies, Ludo

Agility show

Yesterday me and Mum went to our first agility show. Grandpaw came too to look after me as Mum beed helping out cos it our club what be running the show.
It was sooo exciting. We had to drive about an hour to get there and when we arrived Mum took me for a walk in the sand dunes near by.

Luckily it was a lovely sunny day. The first one in ages!

Here is some of the rings where dogs be running. I did not get to run. The British kennel club says you has to be 18 months old before you can be measured and compete, so I got measured at the show. I a medium size dog.

It was so exciting but I managed to be good and not bark lots. Of course I had to bark SOME.

I met lots of puppies getting socialised and lots of shelties. Here a whole gaggle of them. One lady thought I would make a good boyfriend for one of her young dogs but I told her that, sorry, I already taken. Mum whispered something about my new-ters too, but I not sure what that got to do with being a boyfriend?

The little black one coming in for a sniff (she called Breeze) was the potential GF.

Whilst Mum was working (she be the ticket collector and lead chucker abouter) I sat with grandpaw and chewed on my bully stick daydreaming.

When what did my eyes see? You will never believe it!


*sigh* No, a very pretty look-a-like, but on closer inspection, not a patch on my gal.

Oh, but look who I did do meetings of!

Does she look familiar to you?

How bout now?

She my big sister! Well, bigger in age. Sadly Mum can’t remember her name. She did win her agility gold warrant award for her placings in the shows though! How cool.

Every people who not know shelties usually think I a girl, but cos I so big all the sheltie peoples knew right away that I indeed a very handsome boy, not a girl! Ruff!

Here my sis running.
And another sheltie.

Ah, what a good day.

~lickies, Ludo