Be a very special day!

Yes because I is going to my clubs fun show and of course it will be super fun and super cool!

Oh… Mum says actually, tomorrow be special because SomePUP be hasing a 15th birthday.

I doesn’t think it me. And Molly only be 7…

Oh look, Auntie Penny! Can you believe she ever beed a puppy!

Mum has made her a cake! Grandma bought her one from the shop. But i casnot eat it, since it has wheat in.

Mum calls it an omega cake! It mackeral flavoured, with egg and seeds, all has omega’s in them. We also added a grated up brazil nut for vitamin e, some parsley for vitamin C and some Apple cider vinegar which supposed to stop it going off quickly.

I get to eat it now right Mum?

 She says no, but I do has some other treats, Like bully sticks, but meatballs instead and chicken feet. Just dried.

 I got a chicken foot!

I hopes Auntie Penny likes her cake!

Yesterday me and Mum went to the beach at Sunset. We has had so many rainy days. Rain rain rain and no real warm summer that Mum wanted to get a nice sunset before winter really comes. Not great piccures, but at least it not raining.

~lickies, Ludo!

pee ess: Jan and the Funny Farm asked us what TNP stands for. It used to be The New Person. Then I think Ricky suggested he did not be so new anymore and so he became The Nice Person. He still that, cos he do all nice things with me and none of the horrible ones that Mum does.

Be it a bird? Be it a plane?

No! It super-Ludo!
On Tuesday it be a thing called Shrove Tuesday. It has lots of different history which you can probably find out about or know about already. But what it mean here that it the start of a thing called lent when traditionally people used to fast for 40 days and 40 nights until easter day! Not eating whilst the sun be up, or maybe that wrong cos that sound very hard to do! So they used to eat pancakes to use up all the rich food stuffs like egg and sugar. Nowadays most modern peoples try and give up something bad for them, like sweets. My grandpawents is trying to give up smoking!

Me and Mum went round to TNP’s and made him pancakes.

Yum! They is the type of pancakes like French crepes but a bit thicker. I has never had a crepe though. They peoples eat them traditionally with lemon juice and sugar. I not know why. But Mum also had some chocolate on one.

Ready? Don’t blink or you might miss it!

I didn’t actually eat that second one. I spat it back out cos Mum said leave it and then just chewed one bit off and left the rest. Those meanies just wanted to try and get a piccure! TNP wants a new even faster camera, even though it super dooper good, me eating a pancake still too fast for it!
~lickies, Ludo
I might not get to visit yous all till next week now because Mum has to get her ‘time organised’ and she has got behind on her chores with this new job.
pee pee ess: Not that that usually stops her not doing chores but she says we might have guests on saturday so she really needs to do some stuff.

pre-birthday stuffs

 Remember GABE nearly over! If you hasn’t you can enter my part of GABE here and follow the link to visit Twinkie and all the other GABE’rs!

Afore my birthday I got to snoopervise the preperations. Off we go to town.

Lets go shop!
Sniffing on the way to the petshop.
Choosing. I got a free sausage from the lady there.
Obviously I chose this!
Choosing my dinner. I got lamb necks!
Next, the cake! Put a load of cooked meat (I had lamb, I actually had the scraps that had beed cooked to make gravy from Mum’s works) An egg, some olive oil and some water in a blender or food processor.
Mix with flour! Till it not so goopy, but still goopy. We use about 60 % rice flour and 40% wheat flour on account of my colitis prone tummy.
Sniff testing.
Taste testing!
Sally beed here this weekend and when Mum let her lick the spoon She had obviously never beed allowed to do that. She tried to take the whole spoon and wouldn’t let go. BOL!
Next step very important. Sit by the oven and when it starts to smell really good bark to tell Mum it done. Mum says this tooked about 20-25 minutes in a medium heat oven. If you wants to be clever get it out 5 minutes afore it done and make lines in it with a knife then put back in, then it easy to break up for treats. For extra delishness Yum sprinkled on top some cheese at this point.
Mum made Sally a little one with just rice flour cos she very llergic to wheat.
Oh, somepup asked what the frosting beed. Well, it just a squeezy cheese called primula.
Here me eating the chew I got too. But really I doesnot really likes it and Penny stoled it from me and ate it all up.
Oh, Mum also tooked some videos of me on her phone but casnot figure it out how to get them on here. oh well.
~lickies, Ludo

Spring and Yum!

Me, Mum and TNP went on another long walk, we went all the way up St. Bees head where I lives and to the light house and back round. About 4 something miles I thinks. Mum got furry tired cos it be over some rough terrain. We wented to a little stone beach called Fleswick bay.

Lookiie! Spring!

I just loves TNP. Mum says she getting kinda jealous cos I always want to sit with TNP and say hello to him better than I do to her. But come on Mum, I see you like ALL the time.
 ok, so this will probably get Mum major told off if he looks at it, but I doesn’t care. heheh!

(I better make it small, but yous all know what to do to make it bigify)

Anyways, I has to say thanks you to TNP, although I does not want to since he betrayed my trust. On Friday I beed feeling a bit poorly, so Mum being the fusspot that she is wanted to take me to the vets. We has no car at the moment since it broked, so TNP furry kindly (er, does I really has to say that Mum?) tooked me to the vets. I had a bit of a temperature so got some injections, but nothing much, I feeling better now anyways.

On the way back from our walk we had to walk through the sheep field and there beed lots and lots of lambs there!
Yum, right? Mum did take a video of them, but she stupidly thought it had uploaded in Picasa and it hadn’t, but she’d deleted it already. *sigh* I will go back and take another one.

Today I reminded Mum that really I has not had any good treats made for me lately. Plus she made herself some cookies.

So here what I got made for me, and Penny.

It a doughy heart. Mum just kinda made it up.
It made with rice flour, a whole little pot of unsweetened low fat fruit yoghurt, Some vegetable fat to bind (you can use any hard fat or butter but we has a nice healthy one called Trex on account of Mum being weird… I mean vegetarian. And a nice little dollop of honey for sweetness. Just mix the ingredients up and keep adding here and there until you get a nice gloopy dough. They shape it into a roll with some flour, twist it up and shape.

aw, Mum loves me! hehe! The twisties is so that your person can pull off nice little training size bits for you.

Like that! Mum baked this at about 170 c for 15 mins till it went golden, then turned the oven down to 150 for another 10 minutes to cook the inside better. er, I dunno what that be in American, sorry.

Yum! The yoghurt makes it smell delishious!

~lickies, Ludo

Yum! Foods!

I is doing a post all about food! Grandpa was not amused when I had this for my dinner and he did not!

Here the yummy carob treats Mum beed making for training lately, they make me go super fast! They smell so good!

Here the cookies that we baked for my friends at the dog club. Mum got asked for the recipe lots. But for some reason most people doesn’t want to liquidise liver…

Auntie Penny sampled one afore we left.

Mum and gramma are making Crisp mas preperations. I helped snoopervise the making of mince pies. I like to snoof up any bits of pastry that fall on the floor.

Some mince pies! Me and Penny don’t get to eat them, so Mum made me and Penny a cheese filled one when she ran out of mince but still had some pastry.

Faline beed very bad today and did runnings away whilst we were on our walk. Mum got very upset and went down the road with a torch. We still not know how she got out. Lucky Mum found her and tooked her home. Bad Faline, no more grass for you!

~lickies, Ludo

pee ess: I had my first spammer from the last post. Cool huh? He right, Mum be a terrible abuser and Auntie Penny treated bad… I thinks she should make up for this by giving us more crisp mas presents.

Back to training

Afore I start my post I better had remind you that you only has one day/post left to vote for the not the tricky competition. Looking at the poll it a close race!!
Our training class has beed closed for the summer hol-ee-days but it back on again now. Me and Mum has been practicing our tricks.

Left and right…


Hands up


Bite Mum… Oh oops, that not apposed to be one.

Take a bow!

And all for yummy treats!
We made some Pilchard treats to take tonight. Me and Penny licked the spoon.
If yous want to make them for yourself we just got a tin of pilchards in tomato sauce, took a fillet out and some sauce mixed it with a whole egg, about 100g of flour and a splash of water, stick it in the oven and hey presto! I had the rest of the pilchards for my dinner.
Penny only has to look pretty to get treats, not fair right?
Faline wanted some, but she doesn’t like fish for some strange reason…