Love where you Live – Winner!

Hurro, it me Ludo! I is here to announce the winner of my birthday competition ‘Love where you live’. Thank you to all my furiends for helping me celebrate and showing me where you live. I has really loved exploring the places with you! I wish I could go see them all but the piccures is almost just as good.

Hover over the photos for information or click to make them bigger.


Mum picked out card numbers 1 – 10 and gave everyone a number adsc_0060nd shuffled them up and I picked one out. Well, I kind of pulled out two, since they stuck together with my saliva so I pulled out number 7 and the piccure what we used for 10 (Uno does not have 10’s) so if Guinness and Speedy could get your peoples to message me your a

ddresses I will send you some Cumbrian things so you can have a little bit of where I love!


Thanks you so much again for helping me celebrate my birthday!

~Lickies, Ludo!



pee ess: Some of our lovely entries keep their own blogs where I is sure you can see more photos of the wonderful places they come from.


Happy Birthday Arran and Faline!

Hello, it is me, Arran! Do you remember when I was just a little scamp, like this? Well, that was a long time ago now, because today, I am three! I am no longer a Scamp (sometimes). I am going to tell you all about my birthday and how grown up I am now. Oh, and it was my Sisfur Faline’s Birthday on the 12th, so I will tell you about that as well.

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Love where you live – Birthday contest entries

Hurro! Ludo here!

You may know I is doing a birthday giveaway . All you has to do is send me a picture to of you (your pet if you is a human) appreciating the area where you live and you can win some stuff from where I live, here in Cumbria. I has already had some wonderful entries!

Hover over the photos for information or click to make them bigger.

Beckett and Keltic entered a few photos of them enhancing the Canadian scenery and their Mom gave some links too which I thought you might like to see. –

How will we ever choose a winner!

~Lickies, Ludo!

pee ess: Some of our lovely entries keep their own blogs where I is sure you can see more photos of the wonderful places they come from.


My Birthday! Win Prizes!

Hurro Efurryone!

Today be a very special day because it my Birthday!


‘Me’ – Ludo’s 8th Birthday

I is a whole 8 years old. Mum says 8 be a very lucky number because 7 a lucky number and she always says ‘plus one more for luck.’

Since it such a special day (and we missed my birthday last year acoss of my pawrents getting married) we is going to do a lot of celebrating over the next couple of weeks. Grandma already got me a card and treat and Mum gonna take me out to pick a present tomorrow! Birthdays is very fun, they is like mini Christmasses that you all can join in with!

If you would like to join in and do helpings of the celebrations you can take part in my birthday give-away.

Since my blog not only about me, it about the place where we live (Cumbria) we would like to use my birthday to celebrate Cumbria. We have some wonderful little prizes for your peoples from one of our favourite Cumbrian companies Herdy. Plus I will pick out some treats for you too.


All you has to do is send us a picture of you appreciating where you live, maybe enhancing some scenery… like this. (Thanks to my pal Bertie for the description)

I lives in the Lake District

Or of you with something your area is famous for (for us that could be Cumberland sausage, or Herdwick sheep). You can send the pictures in to or if it is easier, click on our facebook link over to the side there and post the photos on our page.

I will get Mum to help me post the photos over the next couple of weeks and we will pick a winner before Arran’s birthday on the 15th of May.

I is hoping Mum will let me bring some of my friends over for a party like this one too.

~Lickies, Ludo!

It’s my Birthday!

It is me, Arran!

My card from Grandpawents!

I am one! One does not sound very big but Ladee tells me it is very big indeed. I don’t really know why today is different to other days or why a birth day is an important thing but I’m happy if she is happy and I got sung to lots. I like singing!

I got new toys!

A rabbit toy. Just like my rabbits upstairs, only not so fun.

And a pink honky shrimp thing. Get off Ludo, it’s mine!

And some treats, but I cannot have those until tomorrow. Maybe it is also my birthday tomorrow?

I had a good time at agility training. Look at me go!

I am very clever at agility. I like working things out without needing lady to tell me. But she says she must tell me sometimes, or else I wont know where to go. I think I can figure it out, right?

Well, got to go scamp around now. Do you think tomorrow I will be two?

-Wiggles, Arran.

oh, pee ess (my first pee ess) Ladee says to say she is very sorry for not helping Ludo come visit of blog himself, they have started doing something called wedding planning and it takes a lot of ladee’s internet time up apparently.


Pawty – last day!

Hurro efurryone!
Well, I guess I get left with the clean up, but I had such a pawsome birthday weekend and I feels so big and growed up now I is 3!! Just two more piccures to share with you.

The pawty started getting a bit wild but I couldn’t tempt too many of you into the sea, more cocktails Mum?

Ah, one last pic of us lining up to play tug of war, Mitch won, well he does be bigger than me. Look who came to join us too, my TNP! See Morgan, you got to meet him. hehe!

Thanks you all so much for coming to visit me. Sorry I hasn’t returned it this week. Back to normal now.

I think your paw prints will be on my beach forever now!

~lickies, Ludo