Love where you Live – Winner!

Hurro, it me Ludo! I is here to announce the winner of my birthday competition ‘Love where you live’. Thank you to all my furiends for helping me celebrate and showing me where you live. I has really loved exploring the places with you! I wish I could go see them all but the piccures is almost just as good.

Hover over the photos for information or click to make them bigger.


Mum picked out card numbers 1 – 10 and gave everyone a number adsc_0060nd shuffled them up and I picked one out. Well, I kind of pulled out two, since they stuck together with my saliva so I pulled out number 7 and the piccure what we used for 10 (Uno does not have 10’s) so if Guinness and Speedy could get your peoples to message me your a

ddresses I will send you some Cumbrian things so you can have a little bit of where I love!


Thanks you so much again for helping me celebrate my birthday!

~Lickies, Ludo!



pee ess: Some of our lovely entries keep their own blogs where I is sure you can see more photos of the wonderful places they come from.


Love where you live – Birthday contest entries

Hurro! Ludo here!

You may know I is doing a birthday giveaway . All you has to do is send me a picture to of you (your pet if you is a human) appreciating the area where you live and you can win some stuff from where I live, here in Cumbria. I has already had some wonderful entries!

Hover over the photos for information or click to make them bigger.

Beckett and Keltic entered a few photos of them enhancing the Canadian scenery and their Mom gave some links too which I thought you might like to see. –

How will we ever choose a winner!

~Lickies, Ludo!

pee ess: Some of our lovely entries keep their own blogs where I is sure you can see more photos of the wonderful places they come from.


My Birthday! Win Prizes!

Hurro Efurryone!

Today be a very special day because it my Birthday!


‘Me’ – Ludo’s 8th Birthday

I is a whole 8 years old. Mum says 8 be a very lucky number because 7 a lucky number and she always says ‘plus one more for luck.’

Since it such a special day (and we missed my birthday last year acoss of my pawrents getting married) we is going to do a lot of celebrating over the next couple of weeks. Grandma already got me a card and treat and Mum gonna take me out to pick a present tomorrow! Birthdays is very fun, they is like mini Christmasses that you all can join in with!

If you would like to join in and do helpings of the celebrations you can take part in my birthday give-away.

Since my blog not only about me, it about the place where we live (Cumbria) we would like to use my birthday to celebrate Cumbria. We have some wonderful little prizes for your peoples from one of our favourite Cumbrian companies Herdy. Plus I will pick out some treats for you too.


All you has to do is send us a picture of you appreciating where you live, maybe enhancing some scenery… like this. (Thanks to my pal Bertie for the description)

I lives in the Lake District

Or of you with something your area is famous for (for us that could be Cumberland sausage, or Herdwick sheep). You can send the pictures in to or if it is easier, click on our facebook link over to the side there and post the photos on our page.

I will get Mum to help me post the photos over the next couple of weeks and we will pick a winner before Arran’s birthday on the 15th of May.

I is hoping Mum will let me bring some of my friends over for a party like this one too.

~Lickies, Ludo!

Crufts 2016 ticket winners

We had 58 entries for the tickets to Crufts. I printed or hand wrote the names with comments attached in case of duplicate names and the boys got to pick one each.

Congratulations to Hazel Keane and Kat Screamy! Please send me your addresses asap.

Commiserations to those who didn’t win but thank you for entering I really loved reading all your reasons why you wanted to go.

You can buy tickets here

Win Tickets to the 125th year of Crufts


2016 marks the 125th year of Crufts and we are helping the UK Kennel Club to celebrate the anniversary of its annual ‘celebration of dogs’.

It is on between the 10 – 13 March 2016 at The NEC, Birmingham

125 years is a lot of years, that’s around 875 years in dog years and lots of generations! It’s a very momentous occasion and I bet when it first started, before either World War happened, that Mr. Cruft didn’t imagine quite how big it would grow!

There have been 78 Best in Show winners … and not one of them has been a sheltie! Not one! Cocker spaniels have won 7 times! Pretty greedy of those gun dogs, isn’t it? You can see all the past winners here.

Of course, it isn’t just Best in Show that counts anymore. We like Crufts because it is like the Glastonbury festival of the Dog World. Where else can you go to see so many dogs, doing so many things, all under one roof?

For any dog and their person competing, whether they are trying to win Best in Show, or taking part in a dog sport like agility, being at Crufts gives a great sense of pride. You can see a video about the history of Crufts below.

Going to Crufts is a whole lot of fun for doggy people, so if you’d like to go and soak up the atmosphere we have two pairs of day tickets to give away.

All you have to do is comment on this post! Because we have overseas readers, who probably wouldn’t be able to make it, please comment ‘I want to go to Crufts because…’ so we can tell if you are wanting the tickets and don’t forget to fill in a valid email address so we can contact you if you win. We will pick a winner from a hat on the 18th February.

2016 ticket prices are

Thursday / Friday = Adults £16.20  Saturday / Sunday = Adults £18.36 Under 12’s go Free!

Watching Best in Show requires an extra ticket.


You can find more information on pricing and buy tickets at the Crufts website 



Those Supermodel dogs sure do get a big trophy, Mum! I wonder if my pal Bertie be related to this winner from 1962?

We’ll be posting more about Crufts over the next month and our human will be visiting and blogging from there again too!

Good Luck!

Discover Dogs – Win tickets!


Humum Dee here!


Eukanuba’s Discover Dogs is nearly here again! On the 17th and 18th of October, in the Excel Centre in London, over 200 breeds of dogs are converging, just for a chance for you to go and meet them all!

You can buy tickets here and you can get 10% off tickets using code DDCOMP

When I went to Crufts last year I found I spent an awful lot of my time visiting the Discover Dogs stands. I have to say I’m rather fascinated by the variation in dog breeds, their evolution alongside us is a remarkable thing and they really have changed the world.

I especially loved seeing the more unusual, dogs, or those on the vulnerable list.


A gorgeous King Charles Spaniel

Handsome Otter Hound

Handsome Otter Hound

Both old breeds that are on the vulnerable native breeds list. And of course, I loved seeing the familiar breeds, that I maybe had preconceptions about.

I like cuddles just as much as the next guy!

I like cuddles just as much as the next guy!

If you are thinking of adding a new puppy, or adult rescue to your household soon, I think visiting Discover Dogs is invaluable. You get to speak to so many real, friendly owners, compare the breeds all together, make contacts etc. I found all the people very genuine, passionate and honest. Each breed display listed health issues, or reasons why you might not want their chosen breed, as well as reasons why you might.
The Kennel Club has produced a great article for any first time puppy owners, wondering which breed to choose, which you can find here. So often in the puppy classes I help at, people arrive with a breed that they’ve only just found out needs lots of exercise, or really does shed a lot, or might be more inclined to chase the family guinea pig.

But there’s much more to see at Discover Dogs than just, well, dogs. There’s other dog stuff too! (Yay!)

Shopping, of course. Agility, sheepdog displays, dog rugby (that should be interesting) and the Scrufts final. It would make a great day out or weekend away for the whole family.

And, the Kennel Club has very kindly offered two tickets for us to give away to our readers. If you would like to win, just write in the comments what breed of dog you’d most like to see at Discover Dogs. Ludo will draw a winner from a ‘hat’ on Friday.

(You don’t have to say sheltie hehe)