Counting down to Crispmas

I is not teaching Arran anything about Crisp mas. I think it better all around if he does not know about it existing. So far I has done pretty well keeping him away from any thing looking like a present by showing him my Very Mean Teeth.

Mean teeth

Mean teeth

Because of course all presents has to be for me!

I even has to share my advent calendar!

How many days left Mum?

How many days left Mum?

Mum always likes to do christmassy things, so last weekend we wented to Muncaster Castle’s Taste Cumbria fayre. Mum bought some goodies for some peoples, sadly, they did not have any dog stuff there, but we had a nice time anyway. There beed a really big snowman and fairy and school children playing in a band. My rabbit-dog brofur and sisfur got some willow too.

Speaking of bands, a couple of weeks ago Mum and TND went to go see TND’s brother who lives in a place called Liverpool. There a place you can go to listen to music called a ‘Royal philharmonic hall’ and so they wented to that. And cos Mum and TND had just got back from a weekend away and felt bad leaving us again, we got to go!

First, we spent the day in Kendal, whilst waiting for TND’s brother to finish work. Mum likes shopping in Kendal. I just like doing anything with my peoples! Mum thinks it a shame Kendal does not be as dog friendly as Keswick. We had to wait outside some shops. (not by ourselves)

window shopping

window shopping

But we did manage to find a very nice cafe! Farrer’s coffee shop did be dog friendly, and there even beed another puppy in there hasing his first time in a cafe, just like Arran. Arran beed such a chicken and sat on Mum’s lap!

DSC_0463 DSC_0462 DSC_0458

So she could not take any photos of us inside there, but it beed very nice and ‘oldy worldy’. with funny shaped rooms and ‘beams’ on the ceilings. I only really cared about making friends with the lady next to us, you never know if she might has wanted to share her sausage sandwich.

We went for a nice walk when we got to TND’s brothers house and got really good and muddy, then we stayed in whilst the peoples went out.


Mum said they really enjoyed listening to the orchestra and singers. It be the John Wilson Orchestra. We enjoyed sleeping!

Today Mum went out and did the last of her Crisp mas shopping. I bet she got some things for me cos I could smell it in the bag so I shouted at Arran and made him stay out of the kitchen until Mum moved the bags. Mum said she seed a sign what said ‘Dear Santa, leave the presents, take my brother.’ but she did not get me it.

I suppose he ok. Mum calls this our bunk beds.

In other-other news. We had some pretty windy weather here! 

But it only lasted one day.

Although this weekend Ennerdale lake did has some waves!

Waves on lake.

Did I still go in?

Of course!

~Lickies, Ludo

Crisp mas!

Not many piccures I afraid. Mum’s camera not seem to be working very well.

We did the same as last year. TNP’s family came to visit and so we had lots of places to go. I liked getting attentions of course. There a little baby in the family now so she does steal some of my attentions away. But she ok. I mostly pretend she not there. We went round grandpawents for breakfast and present opening and then TNP went to his Dad’s and then me and Mum went round later for more presents! We had lots of nice days with nice walks and TNP and Mum home all day and nice visitors!

I is so good at opening presents now that I can help every one else open theirs too. Even if they not want to open it yet! Mum always leaves one present to open whilst still in bed. I got some gluten free treats.

See, I helped TNP open all his things.

Grandma does her Crisp mas shopping early, so Auntie Penny had time to help herself to some of my treats.

Rusty did not even know how to open presents! He did get the hang of it after he got a very squeaky chicken in one toy. But of course, I much better at it. He be very excited and so this the only not blurry piccure Mum got of him dashing around everywhere.

My usual sitting at the dining table waiting for dinner pic. Nope i did not get to eat at the table again! Me and Rusty had Turkey wings for dinner. Rusty has goned on to the raw diet like me and he loves it.

Self timer.
Mum got someone to paint a piccure for grandpawents of Auntie Penny. They liked it. They even cried a little.
During Crisp mas Week Mum tooked Grandma and me and Rusty to walk along the Harbour in town.
Rusty liked it, and he getting better about not barking at other dogs. Mum says I doesn’t help by just barking for the fun of it when he barking. hehe!

I got a lovely jumper from TNP’s brother and sister in law and some treats from his Auntie.

Me and Rusty play bitey face and chase lots now but we has not quite worked out playing with toys together. We has had one good game of tug of war but Rusty still a bit possessive of his toys if I pick them up.
But here a video anyway.
Phew! Zorsted!
Not long till next year right??
~lickies, Ludo!

Has a lovely Crisp mas Efurry one!

 I didn’t really feel like posing today. It far too exciting! My presents is not under here, they at Grandpawents house. These presents for other peoples. But they still very exciting. I got up and licked Mum’s face and so she gave up trying to get a ‘good’ piccure.

Molly and Faline got an early Crisp mas present of a box that someon else’s present came in. It nearly fills up their whole kennel. 
Can you see Molly’s little face? 

 Some cards from previous years, since I decided not to pose.

 Auntie Penny never minded doing anything.

See you all on the other side!!! Hope you get efurrything you want!

~lickies, Ludo

CHrisTmas Party

My dog club has a CHrisTmas party every year at the end of ‘term’. It a great way to undo all the years training and we has to dress up festive. Mum decided to be a cheapskate and make my costume. I turned into some sort of chef elf I thinks.
You can see how very impressed I be right?

But the party beed lots of fun! 

Grandma came too. They has signed Rusty rockets up for the beginners class in January. I is in the advanced/fun class, he better not show me up! This my friend Skylar.

 The turkey won, but I got a goody bag too.

 Musical newspapers!
Me and Mum went out first, cos we got isolated over here with other people and Mum beed too polite to push them out the way.
 The hall decorates very nicely for Crisp mas.

 Getting ready for the egg and spoon race. You has to get your person to hold your lead in the egg and spoon hand so if you pull, they drop the egg and then you get to try and eat it like one doggy did.  Our team got sabotaged and we didn’t win.

 We did  win the mini rally style game though and the get sausages out the water game.

 We played pass the parcel too.

Then they had people stuff like a raffle and food. Grandma won a toy and gived it to Rusty. He like it.

Currently Rusty wants to eat any other dog he sees in the outside world, so Mum be a bit ‘nervous’ about how he gonna do at training. But that the point of training I guess. Except for me, cos I so perfect.

~lickies, Ludo

Oh Crisp mas time, oh Crisp mas time…

(Note from Mum, please excuse the mess, I’m fiddling with the blog layout)

I has not posted about lovely lovely Crisp mas yet and it only 2 weeks away! I has seed some presents arrive already!
I has beed doing lots of Crisp massy things though, doesn’t do worryings about that!

TNP got himself an early Crisp mas present. I helped open it.

It beed a boring lamp.

We has our Crisp mas tree up in the living room…

 Hey Mum I is blurry!

We went to a couple of Crisp mas fairs in nearby places.
We went to one at a place called Dalemain, which did not be very good. Mum casnot find her photos of that, but I got lots of attention, of course.
And we went to a charity one at Keswick. We go to Keswick quite a lot and this year it got voted the dog friendliest town in England. It very true. There so many dogs in Keswick all the time. A lot of the shops has signs on saying dogs can come in and there a lovely vegetarian cafe called ‘Peddlars’ where we go and eat and I sit in everyone’s way.

Molly and Faline helped Mum make up a present for a rabbit rescue. Instead of doing any card swaps this year Mum signed up to be a ‘cracker’ on Rabbits United forum and sent a present to some rescue buns. She had to wrestle the treats off them and they kept getting inside the hay box and chewing the paper and all sorts of naughty things.

Mum says they misunderstood the word ‘help’.

We has a really great Crisp mas present already in Honey getting through her scary surgery!! What more could a sheltie ask for? Except for presents and treats of course!

~lickies, Ludo