Nearly here!!

Can you hear him?

I has beed practicing doing more good boy things, like sitting by our tree at TNP’s house. Me and Mum didn’t get one for our place this year.

Here Auntie Penny and Grandpawents waiting patiently too.

Faline tried to help Mum wrap the presents, but mostly Mum said she just hindered.

I sure know when to keep out of the way!

In our local town they had some Reindeer, Mum made me pose in front of one. She took some better piccures of them by themselves. But i will show them later.

Hm, you might has to turn your head around to see this, but since Mum got her phone attached to the computer she uploaded a couple of pics from when she and TNP went to Morecambe a couple weeks ago. They stayed at an Art Deco hotel called the Midland and Mum really liked it.

Ok, I is off to wait For Santa Paws!!

I hope yous all has a most wonderful and pawsome Crisp mas, you so know I will!!

~lickies, Ludo

Crisp mas at last!

Here my Crisp Mas video at long last! It not a very good one, Mum just experimenting with the soft wears at the moment. Quick post from me but I had a furry good Crisp mas and got lots of nice things. Of course, Santa Paws knows how very good I be. No them presents not all be for me, they for the whole family. But I like to help open everyone’s!

ok, Me and Mum will get back into proper blogging now. I gonna ‘mark all as read’ on my google reader or else I’ll be here till NEXT Crisp mas and I will come visiting as you all post again.

~lickies, Ludo

Very busy Crisp mas eve!

I has had a busy Crisp mas eve doing errands with Mum and Grandpaw whilst Grandma and Auntie Penny stayed in and baked a ham.

We had to go to the petshop and get foods for Auntie Penny and the rabbit-dogs and Mum got some last pressies for me and Penny.
Then we had to go to the wine shop. Then we went to a nice restaurant. I has beed here afore with Mum and TNP but never with Grandpaw. I got my own biscuits and some of Mum’s chips and soup and then a nice man come over and asked Mum if I could have some beef! Say Yes Mum. She did! I really liked that guy! Mum be a stupid vegetarian so I never get scraps like that. Even though I does get raw meat for dinner nothing beats people food.

Here some piccures from my outing. Not furry good ones as Mum only had her phone.

After I comed back and went for a nice walk with Mum and TNP and then Grandma come round and pinned me down and Mum cut off all my furs around my bum!! After that I so deserve lots of presents tomorrow!! Mum says tomorrow night I is going round to TNP’s Dad’s house to meet his family cos TNP wants me to go and I must be on my very best behaviour. We’ll see. Mum not beed too much fun lately, she went to hospital to have her wisdom tooth out cos it growed the wrong way. I think it took her wisdom too cos she not beed wanting cuddles off me and been saying ‘Ludo mind my mouth’ all the time.

Okies, I gotta go, we got more busy busy and Mum has to go to work now and tomorrow. Have a pawsome Crispmas efurrybody. YIIPPPPEEEE!
~ Very excited lickies, Ludo!

Jingle bells jingle bells

That be the sound what Father Crisp mas makes you know when he comes to give me all my presents for being a good boy!

You might has noticed that it gonna be Crisp mas soon. New readers might not know this, but I loves Crisp Mas! Crisp mas be the same thing as Christmas, it just my Mum and grandpawents is ‘daan sauth’ England peoples and does not pronounce their ‘t’s’ very well. so when I be a little puppy I did get a little bit confused!

We is of course getting in the Crisp mas spirit. Which means putting up the decorations. I did not chew any up this year. Apart from looking at the tree I went and lied down. Santa Paws better leave me a whole lot of stuff for that one. I went and helped decorate Grandpawents tree then they come and helped me and Mum do mine… I mean ours.

Mum decided that we would get a beautiful alive tree and then just decorate it simply, with some of the decorations she has been buying what are unique or special or handmade.

I am looking up at these.

Mum made paper chains for the ceiling.
Now of course I is a sheltie, so I can get a bit scared of things. I is not too sure about these things on the ceiling and when I is at grandpawents where there is lots of them if the ceiling thingies move I does have to stop myself from doing runnings away and barking ‘the sky be falling the sky be falling’.

I has opened 7 days of my advent calendar now, which mean that there only about this many days left!! Exciting!

I has started getting my Crisp mas cards from the card exchange. We is getting ours out as soon as we can. It hard to go out on these icy roads! We not so used to it in England and they does not even come and grit our village.

Here I is opening a card from Addie, Lucie and Hailey. My sorta-other-girl-who’s-a-friend-what-I-really-likes Kylie’s Christmas Angels.

Gotta get in the practice for all them presents you know.

~lickies, Ludo

Nearly here!!!!!

You know what!!!
I is happy as happy can be!

No more holes on my advent calendar to open!
My DWB’s crisp mas cards. Thanks so much to all my post and e post senders!! It made me so happy and even made my Grandpaw really happy cos he collects stamps and how has ones from all over!

Molly and Faline say Merry Crisp mas too… They make kissy face a lot.
Auntie Penny got a crisp mas present early! not fair! she got a coat.

I got to eat the turkey neck and insides for dinner! Crunchy! Actually penny ate the hear and lights.

Well, I is anxiously awaiting Santa paws to come fill my stocking up. I has beed very good and not chewed anything up for like two hole weeks so I should get lots.

I might not post tomorrow cos Mum has to work in the night time. But I with you all a very Merry Crisp mas with all your hearts desires. Thanks for thinking of us whilst Pepe beed very naughty and worried us bad!
~lickies, Ludo

pee ess: Morgan?