Family Walk at Ennerdale

Hurro! Ludo here!

Last weekend some of Mum’s sisters visited and so we had a big family walk at Lake Ennerdale. Auntie Toni couldn’t come but Mum’s nieces and nephew brought Poppy along. Poppy is the other sheltie who looks a bit like Arran.

Grandpawents dog Rusty comed too and we met Auntie Tracey’s dog Wilbur who be a shitzu x yorkshire terrier and Auntie Tricia had Lily who a staffie x jack russel. It be a typical Cumbrian day. Not quite raining but just about to. Although it did get a bit sunnier at the end.

Here we is!


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Love where you live – Birthday contest entries

Hurro! Ludo here!

You may know I is doing a birthday giveaway . All you has to do is send me a picture to of you (your pet if you is a human) appreciating the area where you live and you can win some stuff from where I live, here in Cumbria. I has already had some wonderful entries!

Hover over the photos for information or click to make them bigger.

Beckett and Keltic entered a few photos of them enhancing the Canadian scenery and their Mom gave some links too which I thought you might like to see. –

How will we ever choose a winner!

~Lickies, Ludo!

pee ess: Some of our lovely entries keep their own blogs where I is sure you can see more photos of the wonderful places they come from.


Dear friend…

Taking a brief break in the birthday celebrations to say Goodbye to a dear friend of ours who died a few days ago.

We met Imogene online back when I first started blogging for Ludo and she has said; ‘Happy Birthday’ to him each birthday since. She was the human parent of Ludo’s virtual girlfriend Morgan, who Imogene blogged for and she’s become much more than just someone I know on the internet.


Ludo and Morgan, Curtesy of Asta

She was a wonderful, kind and funny person who thought a lot of others and loved her 4 girls, Morgan and Masie the Shelties and Laura and Josie the cats fiercely. I had become friends with her on facebook and she even friended my Mum so she’d be first to see the wedding photos. 🙂

She was really helpful and considerate, and generous with it, I’m sure she would have helped anyone if it was within her power. She once advised us on the type of harness and lead she used for her sheltie girls after I posted about Ludo getting out of his collar and when she found they didn’t deliver to the UK she ordered some and sent them on herself. (she’s since sent us more things) I think we’re on the third incarnation of those same leads. So at least we can remember her every time we go walking.

I am so sad she is gone and still in that disbelieving stage where I half expect her to pop back up and say it wasn’t real. I will miss her, along with so many others who’s lives she touched. My deepest condolences go out to those closest to her.

I’m glad we have the internet and this dog blogging world so we can connect with people we never would have, i’m so glad to have had her to call a friend. Imogene may not have liked to see this sad post, but I’m sure she would have smiled to see Morgan in that dress again. 😀

I want to link to another friend’s blog who has posted for Imogene. If you don’t know Dawn’s blog it is well worth visiting.

Goodbye Dear Friend.

Sheltie Shin-dig – part 1

Hello, Dee here, taking over the blog for a couple of posts. Over New Year we had a very special event! The Elanmore people (Elanmore is Ludo and Arran’s kennel name, if you are new to the blog) – Katharine, Laura and Jack, came on holiday near us again and so we got to have a couple of Sheltie meets! They brought their dogs; Becky and Charlie who’ve been on the blog before and Arran’s litter sister Beryl and his younger sister Phoebe! We were also joined in this part by his younger brother Foxy (Phoebe and Foxy are litter mates) and Foxy’s owners Anna and Bob, they also live in Cumbria. It was a real sheltie fest and lots of fun! Anna showed us some photos of her previously beloved shelties, one was very like Ludo, and it was wonderful hearing all about them, they really do seem to be a breed that stays in your heart.


Foxy, Phoebe, Arran, Ludo, Beryl, Becky and Charlie!

I asked Katharine what all their kennel club name’s were so they are… “Foxy’s name is Elanmore Encore, Phoebe’s Elanmore Exactly Right, Arran’s Elanmore Beach Boy, Ludo’s Elanmore Blue Flash, Beryl’s Elanmore Beach Babe (of course after you wanted to name Arran Beach Boy it had to be!) and Becky’s is Elanmore Royal Empress.” Poor Charlie got half cut off the photo! I’d look out for Beryl and Phoebe’s name as I think they are going to start showing soon. 🙂

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Meet and Greets

We has had a very busy week! We has beed doing workings in the garden. We made sure to supervise whilst TND digged all the old lumpy grass and stones up, (TND built his house a few years ago and didn’t quite get round to the garden, not having dogs to need it nice for… then Mum and TND put down new flat grass. We like it lots! Arran did not be very happy about doing his tinkles and number 2’s out in the front garden part and he started doing more inside than outside. Especially cos it got super windy and rainy. It not totally done yet, but a lot better to run around on!


We also helped Supervise Mum doing lots of cleanings in the house and washing the carpets with a big hoover thing. We had lots of visitors this weekend, including a little baby come to stay. Mum beed very proud of us dogs and although we got very tired out and had to keep sounding the intruder alarm when people comed and went we was very well behaved. Just afore all those people we went out to do some more socialising with Arran.

We did ‘meet and greets’ with some local Horses. They liked us a lot. Arran did not be so sure if he liked them though.

DSC_0048 DSC_0049

DSC_0050DSC_0056DSC_0057 DSC_0058He liked baby Ava who came to stay (she TND’s niece) and kept on doing fly by kisses. She can walk around now, on 4 feet, but she casnot walk on 2 feets like a growed up people can.

Just afore all our guests comed to stay Mum said Arran be in his ‘painintheass’ stage of puppyhood. He certainly a pain in my tail, acoss of all the hanging on to it he does! But he  being a good boy now.

~Lickies, Ludo

Grandpaw’s 70th Birthday pt. 1

Actually, part 3! 
We had quite a lot of visitors during my Blogcation all coming down to see grandpaw and celebrate his 70th birthday. This visitors be Mum’s best friend Matt and his wife Tanya and his little son Noah, who be Mum’s nephew only not really, just like she my Mum but not really. They is the only ones who actually made it for the day of Grandpaw’s birthday and so that why we blogging about this one first. 
Matt and Mum met in school when they beed childrens and soon became bestest friends, doing everything together, when Grandpawents and Mum moved north they stopped being able to see each other a lot but now Matt and his family come visiting us on hol-ee-day and they likes it here.
We went to a nice restaurant place called the Pheasant for a very English thing called Afternoon tea.
Matt and Tanya also has two dogs. Lulu, a Schnauzer x border terrorist and Wilma a Schnauzer. 
Here I doing a stressy yawn cos I did not want to pose with Lulu. Mum says since she a nice polite dog, unlike me, she kindly moved away a bit.
 Here I look happy cos I got my own way.

Lulu and Wilma did not come inside because they not used to being in restaurants and stuff like that. They stayed in their car. Even though it look a bit sunny in my piccures, it did not be sunny or hot at all, and in fact, just the week afore, we had snow (really) !

Mum telled me ‘get down!’ But TNP and Matt had encouraged me. Mum said you casnot take men anywhere.
 We had little sandwiches with Cucumber and cream cheese, salmon, and egg. Then scones with jam, rum butter and cream and cakes and biscuits. Oh and tea and coffee, but I not interested in that part. I got lots of little bits of sandwich and cake. I chose a good place to sit, right away from Mum. hehe!
 The lady very kindly brought out a special piece of bakewell tart for Grandpaw with a candle and a ’70’ on it. 
 Mum tooked the left over cakes home with her. We tried to get the recipe for the Rum butter too, but no luck.
Watch out… a sideways pic!
 Not our car sadly.

 The Pheasant be just beside lake Bassenthwaite. so we went for a little walk down to it and a swim. Grandpaw got to practice taking photos with his ‘new’ camera. Mum gived him hers for his birthday.

I is that little dog way our in the lake. Ok, so I is still standing.

 Noah really liked the lake. He liked picking up stones and throwing them in and saying ‘THWACK!’. Mum and TNP joined in. I went a bit cracker dog trying to find every stone, but I never pick stones up. It a bit confusing for me.

Wilma decided not to go in the water. hehe!

Grandpaw very much enjoyed his birthday afternoon tea. A pretty place and we almost had it all to ourselves. Grandpaw doesn’t like going places with lots of people or where he has to eat a lot of food so it just pawfect for him.

More from Grandpaw’s birthday week later!

Sorry we has not beed around much again. Something very strange going on here. I thought we be going on hol-ee-day again, but nope. I will keep you posted when I know more.

~lickies, Ludo