Dog bucket lists

Hurro, it me, Ludo!


A bucket list be sort of like a human joke thingy of stuff to do before you die… It not a funny joke, like: squeak-toys-at-Mum-but-don’t-let-her-get-them, or pretend-to-bite-Dad’s nose, but who understands people humour anyway?

Before I had any troubles with cancer mum started doing a post after reading this article: ’50 Things to do in Cumbria before you die’ and we started thinking about things that might be on a dog’s ‘life’ list, because, lots of peoples has started doing ‘bucket lists’ even though they doesn’t have a ‘reason’ to.

I guess you could call them Goals.

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Don’t worry Mum, I feel fine!



Ludo here, I is being a doggy scarf on my favourite spot on the sofa. In case you missed the last post I recently had a small lump removed from my back leg and it comed back from tests as being a kind of cancer. On tuesday Me, Mum and TND all went on a long car journey. I be pretty excited cos we only do that to go on holiday mostly. Arran stayed behind at Grandpawents house on the monday and he tells me he sulked all night.

We got there and had a walk around and then went into a building. Ok, it did not has the usual charm of the holiday cottages we usually go to and there be other people and dogs in there, but I knew it did not be my vet. We went into a room (well, I tried to go out the front door again) with a nice man who stroked me all over and spent a while chatting to Mum and TND, but then he did that very unpleasant thermometer thing. It did be a vets after all! I is tricked!

Then another man called an oncologist came and talked to Mum and TND some more. I got kind of bored lying down and went over and made him stroke me. Then he looked all around me too and carried me off into another room! I got kind of sleepy after that but soon after I woke up I got tooked back out to that first room and Mum and TND tooked me back to the car. Talk about a rubbish holiday huh? Who goes to the vet on holiday anyway? Not me usually. Mum said it tooked hours and they went off and had a nice meal at a pub. Without me! We drove to my Uncle’s house cos he lives near to the weird vet holiday place and had dinner and then back home and to bed. I felt a bit cold underneath and had a couple of hurty spots.

Bare belly!

Bare belly!

Mum said I had lots of scans and some biopsies.

Arran came home the next morning (I thought I had got rid of him for a moment!) and we had to do waitings for the results. Well, not me, I just carried on as normal. We went to the lake afore my vet holiday… I thinks my belly would be too cold for swimming now.


Lake Wastwater


Poppy’s first lake.

Beach walkies

Beach walkies

What toy shall I play with today?

What toy shall I play with today?

Oh sorry Mum, did you wants to put your feets there? hehe!

Oh sorry Mum, did you wants to put your feets there? hehe!

On friday the peoples got the results and although it has not spread very much, a thingy called my inguinal lymph node did has cancer cells in it, I doesn’t know what that be, but it means I has ‘stage 2’ cancer. Which means Mum and TND had to do some important people thinking stuff.

It be a hard thinking because they didn’t really want me to have more surgery. I got kind of worried to have the stitches in there afore and it did not be nice to feel all woozy from the sleepy stuff, but Mum said the oncologist man did not have very encouraging things to say about how long I might be around if we did not do it (and maybe, even if we do.) So I is going back to the faraway vets on wednesday to try and get more of the cancer cells out of my leg and to take that lymph thing out too. But that ok, cos I doesn’t think I needs it very much, apparently I has more of them and so does you all too! Handy huh?
After, I might need some special medicines called chemo, but Mum and TND will has to do some more thinking about that too and see how I go as they want me to still be having a nice time. Also, I is being tested for the MDR1 gene, which can affect pastoral breeds like me and might mean I casnot has the medicine anyway. Mum is trying not to feel sad and I is helping. Because I is very helpful of course.

I might not be able to tell you more until I is all healed up, so don’t do worryings, I feel fine!


It is me, Big Scamp! That’s right, I am big now, 16 months old. I am still a puppy though, because my Mum, ladee says I am.

I am a very helpful puppy. I like to help with the cleaning…

Helping wipe my paw prints off the wall by the ‘window I like to look out of and bark at things from’.

DSC_0177 DSC_0178

Helping attack the horrible noise thing. I even start to go nuts when I hear the plug go in! Keep away from ladee, noise thing!

DSC_0182 DSC_0183
And Helping with the mop thing because it is really fun! It goes back and forwards super quick and I chase it!

DSC_0184 DSC_0185

Oh, not helping anymore, come on, mean old Ladee, let me in! I can’t help out here!


What’s a good puppy to do?

Speaking of helping, a while ago our Mum, ladee, posted about a charity run that she and Dad were doing, well, we didn’t get to go, although we helped practice and I think I could have done it but ladee said there were too many people and I would have been worried. Although some people did take dogs!

They enjoyed it a lot, but it was very hard work, it was more like cross country running than a normal 5k. Whatever either of those things are in people terms… Here are some photos!


colourrun1  colourrun4 colourrun5


Well, that’s all I have to help with at the moment.

Wiggles, Arran!

p.s. From ‘ladee’ Some of you have asked when this wedding thing is, it is in April! 🙂 I’m sure one of the boys will tell you all about it. 😉

Nearly here!!

Can you hear him?

I has beed practicing doing more good boy things, like sitting by our tree at TNP’s house. Me and Mum didn’t get one for our place this year.

Here Auntie Penny and Grandpawents waiting patiently too.

Faline tried to help Mum wrap the presents, but mostly Mum said she just hindered.

I sure know when to keep out of the way!

In our local town they had some Reindeer, Mum made me pose in front of one. She took some better piccures of them by themselves. But i will show them later.

Hm, you might has to turn your head around to see this, but since Mum got her phone attached to the computer she uploaded a couple of pics from when she and TNP went to Morecambe a couple weeks ago. They stayed at an Art Deco hotel called the Midland and Mum really liked it.

Ok, I is off to wait For Santa Paws!!

I hope yous all has a most wonderful and pawsome Crisp mas, you so know I will!!

~lickies, Ludo

I had to post again

Because Mum be doing big sads. There only so much one little doggy can do. We just readed about Bear and then we finds on the shelter website where we used to live, my rabbit-dog brothers Crocus and Bilbo, only OD didn’t even care enough to tell them Crocus’ right name and so he be called Rocky(my other brother) on their site. Old-daddy says that he has rehomed my sister Mina too. Mum be very upset about this as old-daddy did not tell her he was rehoming them and she knows lots of rabbit people where they might have gone and had a better chance at finding the right home. Mum say it probably best that they be rehomed as oldDaddy not beed coping well last time she saw them but she not think it fair to find out this way. She feels like it really does be goodbye to them now as she will never see them again.

Why must people be so horrid to each other. Old-daddy be so mean, when I loved him so. We not even do anything wrong.

So I has to say goodbye too. I hopes you find wonderful new homes my lovely family. Crocus be the white one, Bilbo the brown and Mina the one what look like me. So’s you can see we be related.

Please click here, and here to see more posts about them, since not many of you got to meet them.


Mum’s back… I mean you might have guessed. But I thoughted I’d tell you anyways.
I calmed down a bit but I has beed so happy hyper I has not beed able to keep still for one minute. I has beed digging my bed and Mum’s bed like I used to when I was littler. I sure beed suprised to see Mum when she comed back. I thought she’d gone forever and had settled down to life as a sad little orphan and no beach walks and no trainings.

Mum stayed in bed for ages, I had to nearly chew her hands off in the end to wake her up. I also has to follow her everywhere. She went and had one of those bath things so I had to sit outside the room with my nose snuffling at the door in case she escaped out that secret door that I just knows bees in there somewhere.

I got zoomies bad.

Take that thing off your paw mum.

Happy faces.

You sure all has beed busy. 438 posts in google reader. I mean, that would take me soo long to read them all, so we just gonna start afresh from today and as you make new posts we will read the old ones to get catched up.

Today also a T-day. I is making a list of pups what be playing. Some of you has said you is gonna so I will add you as you play. Yes, please do send a pic of you doing a trick if you wants your own button or use mine if you does not.
Now I thinks some of you be very silly indeed. You terriers and huskies has beed saying you cannot do tricks cos of what breed you be. As if! I knows I find it easier being a rabbit-dog but you can all still do them and it fun when you start. You just has to learn to work within your own learning style. Get really yummy treats and a super patient parent and learn in little bursts. Mum do most of my training when them advert thingies come on the tv, a few minutes at a time.

Mum gonna get some piccures to prove it but about half my advanced freestyle class be terriers. You terriers be very intelligent you know! There also be a husky called Finn who come to agility with me.

I will still be working on my paw tricks like marching this week, and Mum gonna start to teach Penny how to target things with her feet. So for the next couple of tricky T-days it would be very pawsome. (hehe, getit? I bet Ammy would be proud) if you could show off any tricks you can do with your paws. If you post on tricky t-day if you give it it’s own label I will do linkings to just those posts.

~lickies, Ludo