Ludo’s Lookings pt. 2

Hm, so what did it be on the other side of the fence?

Can you see?


Yup! Horses. They look different to how I imagined them. (click) I thinks I will need a bigger net next time I go out horspital hunting with Carlton to keep them from getting his Mama.

Carlton explained to me about horspitals being a place peoples has to go sometimes and they not like it and they keep horses there, only we not know why cos neither of us had ever seed a horse up close and ever since then I has beed ascared of them. But the horses seem ok, so maybe it just the building kind that scary…

I tried to sneak under the fence for a better look.


I was ok with them nice and far away then Mum started saying ‘c’mon’ to the horses and making a clicky sound with her tongue like she was training them with a clicker or something. They started to come real close! ‘Does you be mad Mum! They will get us’, I barked.

Then she stroked one!!

Phew, lucky it didn’t eat her, huh? I think I in trouble here cos Mum say she love horses and used to go horseriding till she beed 16. Riding, yup, peoples sit on their backs and ride them around like cars. Weird huh? Why does they not ride cows and sheeps and things instead?

The horses got bored when Mum did not give them any foods so they wandered off again and we started back home. I glad I survived the horspitals. I tooked all your advice from afore and was very good. I wonder if that building behind be a horspital? Mum say no, it a school building for the boarding school but what does she know, she must be stupid to touch a horse. In fact Mum has to go to horspital soon to have her wisdom teeths tooked out, cos they done something called impacted. I thinks this means they be sucking all her wisdom out her brain so when it try to come out her mouth the teeths steal it and only stupids come out…

Here be a pretty bit of sky. And a piccure of the church.

We gotted a bit tired on the way back, so we went into the St. Bega memorial garden and sat on a bench.

Thanks you Irene Woods, whoever you be for giving us this nice bench to sit on.

Some nice dandylions, Molly and Faline would love to come eat all these!

We also seed these funny bird things up in the sky, they looked kinda like people. Mum said they was people, but people casnot fly.

Me laughing at Silly Mum.

Flying peoples, good one! hehe!

A chicken.

A stream.

That be it. I has lots more sheep piccures but this post will get as relentlessly huge as Mango if I post them today.

I thinks some of you might have beed questioning why I does not want to herd the sheeps. But remember, I a shetland Rabbit-dog, not a shetland sheep dog. As I decided here with very good clever reasonings. So there.

I has also beed gived an award from my new Friends Ginger Jasper and Chase the puggle. Thanks you two!

Here’s how it works: 1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link. 2) Pass the award to up to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

hm, newly discovered huh? Which pose the question, how new does new be? I will pass it onto, Honey the Dane, Miss Kylie’s other boyfuriend Bruschi the puggle, Joey the goldie, Samantha, Mack, Nala (though she do have it already) and I think that it.

~lickies, Ludo

oh, pee ess, more proof that those wisdom teeths be sucking out Mum’s wisdom. She showed me this the other day and said that it beed Mason Dixie. er… ok Mum.

She has nearly finished making the competition winners so we hopes we can send them off monday. We will also get the paw it forward gifts out ASAP! Mum wanted to put a thingy in from where we live but she keep forgetting to go buy it, we gonna do it today though.

oh peepeeess: Mum also thinking ’bout making a blog for herself to keep track of her crafty things, if she does the models of the winners will be up so you can look if you wants, but not the winners please to keep it a suprise.

Beach time

It been too cold for Mummy to want to come to the beach with me this week, but today she got some new boots from the letter man so off we went. I not know why she need them. I get my feets wet all the time and I ok.

It be a very pretty day. The sun was sunny. The sky was shiney and the beach had lots of good sniffings! Plus mum tooked some beef out with her so I got treats!

I found two things that needed a really good good sniffing. Firstly someone had builded a strange thing with beach stuffs. I think it was alines what come from the sky. Next was a kind of animal sniffings. Mum said it was horses, someone had been riding them on the beach. I not know what a horses is, but remember my friend Carlton’s mamma had to go to a horsepital what was some kind of building.

I also met a friend. We did not play, just had a little chat. She be more interested in my Mummy and her food than in me.

Then me and Mum did fun runnings around. I loves to run around with Mum on the beach. Silly her forgot to bring any toys. She bringed my clicker instead! I wented in the water a little too. I is getting much braver than I used to be.

Mum got confused cos she was waving her arm about to tell me to go run and play but I was doing ‘spin’ that cos she was doing the action what means spin. Mum sure can be a silly head sometime. So then we did some ‘heel’, ready for when I start school again soon. I was doing all my trainings perfect until mum got the camera out and then I started being silly and doing barkings. I love doing barkings! BOL!

Lickies, Ludo