Birthday shopping

Hurro, it me, Ludo!

Mum DID take me birthday shopping on thursday. We went to Pets at Home, since they has nice big aisles and stuffs on ground level.

I had a good time sniffing everything and trying to find treats what had been dropped on the floor from the pick and mix bins. Mum said it did not be a scavenging excercise but a dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do. Anyway, I think they keep those shops pretty clean cos I only found one! Maybe they has some customs beagles sweep the shop at night?

I got some treats from the check-out lady though!

Mum embarrassed me by making me wear my hat! Arran did has one too but he would not wear it. I am a good boy! I doesn’t know what Mum would do without me to keep her entertained.

I picked out a pheasant, it make a fun honking noise. I also got a holey ball with a yellow ball inside. I already tooked it to the beach with me. I picked some treats out too.


Don’t forget to enter my competition too! You can find out more on my last post.


~Lickies, Ludo!

All around Ennerdale

Hurro, it me, Ludo!

Long time readers may has noticed that we go walk at a particular lake called Ennerdale quite a lot?



It nearby and very pretty, and quite quiet because a lot of the regular Lake District tourists doesn’t go that way and TND’s Mum lived there before she went to the Bridge so we could go for cups of tea after walking and she never minded how muddy we got.

We went a different route this time. Usually we park up, walk along the front of the lake, go for a swim, then go for a walk in the surrounding woods. (paw prints) or sometimes we walk along one side and back, or we has also parked up a stream called Smithy Beck and gone down to the lake that way. (the yellow two different routes)

Thanks Google maps

Thanks Google maps

A couple of weeks ago Mum decided that she has lived in Cumbria long enough (she used to be a southerner) that she should have climbed Scafell Pike by now. Scafell Pike be the highest mountain in England and nearly every Cumbrian Mum meets has gone up it, so she said she must too, to be a proper Cumbrian. TND looked a bit sceptical, since Mum not really the climby, adventurous type. I does not think me and Mum has ever climbed a real mountain! TND said we had better get in training with more challenging walks (for Mum) first… so this weekend we walked ALL the way around Ennerdale. It about 7 miles and some bits is a little climby and stoney. Mum only tooked her phone for photos, but here you is.

DSC_0011 DSC_0010 DSC_0014

When we set off it beed very misty, but it lifted in the valley and it beed mostly sunny, still frosty in places and some wet bits still frozen, Mum told me to walk like a penguin cos that how you not slip apparently. I has four paw drive so I did ok and Arran never seems to complain about anything! We just had one scary bit where we had to climb down a steep bit called Anglers Crag (we should has gone up, not down Arran new the right way, but he followed us. Mum worried about the slippy rocks, so she sat down and kind of scooted down.) Me and Arran could not make the step across, but it ok, TND and mum helped us.


Anglers cragg ahead

.DSC_0016 DSC_0018


The mist came in some parts, but it never came right down so we could see the pretty scenery all the time. Arran does not be in all the photos cos he likes to go off to the sides to has a good sniff around, or he stays with Mum or goes ahead, he is always trot trot trot all over the place. I is a wise growed up dog now and I knows to conserve my energy.DSC_0023


The people who in charge of looking after Ennerdale put big stones along the path wherever a stream comes down into the lake so people can still use the paths. We think the steppy stones be really fun, just like natural agility. On this walk we did not has too much trouble with the streams, they probably all frozen higher up, but it can get VERY wet!

Steppy stones

Steppy stones

Of course, we stopped for lunch/snacks when we got half way round. TND gived us that whole bag, even though he not supposed to. That just one reason why I love him!  We did the second half a lot quicker cos it not steep and it be proper paths for people with wheelchairs or prams. You can see the field we stopped in on the last pic.




I sure hopes you enjoyed my tour around Ennerdale! One of the stars in the map piccure goes into the water. That’s cos I went into the water! Mum did not let me has a good swim though, in case my legs be tired. I still did not want to get back in the car though!

~Lickies, Ludo!


Hurro, it me, Ludo!
I thinks I can remember how to do blogging. The peoples (and we) has just beed very busy. I does has lots to show you.

First of all this something we did at the beginning of summer.

Haweswater be a lake in the Lake district in Cumbria where I live. It also a very special place because it the home of the only (known of) Golden Eagle in England. Regular readers may has noticed that my peoples like to go out birdwatching, especially TND and he especially likes birds of prey. We has beed to Haweswater afore but we did not see him then. So TND decided we would go back when the RSPB volunteers be there to try and see him.

It beed a bit drier this time.

Overlooking Haweswater

Overlooking Haweswater

Haweswater actually be a water reservoir to store water for drinking. When the water be low you can see some fences and stuff from the farms that used to be there.

We walked up to the RSPB look out and TND chatted with the volunteers. Mum feels a bit sad for the Golden Eagle. He has beed on his own for about 10 years since his mate died. There is some thoughts of reintroducing a mate for him but the RSPB would prefer if Scotland’s population picked up and some of them naturally came this way instead. This time the peoples did spot him. But no piccures cos they could only see him through these big looking things.




Mum and TND thought he beed really cool! Me and Arran went round the other side of the wall to see what be so interesting but we could not see him. Apparently he can see us though and he probably about the same size as me + wings!

I went to explore the RSPB’s little house. I did not find any food. I did manage to snag a whole Muffin from the picnic bag though. Mum and TND know it be me cos they saw me eating ‘something’ and did not realise a whole muffin be missing till later. hehe!

We stayed a couple of hours watching and then headed back.





The peoples beed hungry then, (not because I ate their picnic of course!) so we stopped at one of our favourite pubs, The Pheasant for some food. They is very nice and friendly in there and we always feel very welcome and get treats from the staff, which make up for Mum being a silly vegetarian and never hasing any good food to share!

~Lickies, Ludo

pee ess: If you ever do go to Haweswater the RSPB peoples is only there at weekends in the summer if you want to use their telescopes. It a bit of a long walk to the view point but not too far and very pretty. There sheep free grazing though so if you chases you must stay attached to your people by your string because they can just come out of no where!

Mean old sea

These past few weeks we has had some storms in the UK. We has not had any bad flooding like other places so we is very lucky really. We did get some very bad winds up to 85 mph and me and Arran did not like it at all and Arran refused to do his poos outside and started doing them inside but he has mostly gotten over that now. We also had something called a ‘spring high tide’ and the sea has beed pretty mean to us and we lost some of our coastline what makes us ‘Seaside Shelties’.

Mum tooked a little video of the high tide.

DSC_0691 DSC_0695 DSC_0698 DSC_0707

Can you see the big hole in the corner of my piccures, just where the prom ends? It has been fenced off now. It at least as deep as Mum.

The high tide pushed all the stones about so we didn’t has any sand for a while and it left behind lots of rubbish.

DSC_0002 DSC_0005 DSC_0006 DSC_0007 DSC_0008

Some of the villagers organised a beach clean up. I did not help cos I does not has hands.

The sea chomped away parts of the cliffs… We usually do a walk starting over at that building (the beach shop) and all the way along the cliff tops to the other side of the beach. Only, it beed closed off at both ends now, we not sure if or when it will come back. Mum says ‘they’ will has to move the path in, since it vanished into the sea and that depends on if the golf course lets them.

Horrid old sea! It really a lot of fun to dash along the coastal path up and down and scare Mum by going really close to the edge and of course I has never tried to push Arran off the edge, oh no. Plus we always take our favourite photos up there. We walked along the bottom to do assessings of the damage.


Not too bad…DSC_0004

oh oh, if you makes this bigger you might see the fence posts trailing in the air. They used to be a couple of feets back.DSC_0009

Some wild bunnies lived in this bit. We always encountered tourist dogs who had abandoned their people in order to chase them. Mum got worried for them. All that grass and mud used to be up the top.DSC_0010

Yoohoo, anyone alive in there?DSC_0011 DSC_0012


Arran did not be the least bit bothered. Whilst me and Mum inspected he ran off to say hello to some cocker spaniels and decided to take his own merry little Scamp way back. Mum put him back on his lead for a little while. He becoming a real teenager and arguing with Mum, which of course, I did not/do not ever do. Except for when she not paying me attentions or doing training things right.

He did find something cool, but Mum said we could not keep it.DSC_0013

Mum says we must just think like Annie.DSC_0014


I does not know who that be so I will just keep on thinking like Ludo. So long as we has nice places to walk and good treats to eat and I can smother my peoples with love, the sun’ll come out tomorrow!

Hi Mum!

Right Mum?!

~Lickies, Ludo!


Lowther Castle

Back before Arran arrived Me, Mum and TND went to a place called Lowther Castle (click the name to visit their website), nearby to Penrith. Mum has wanted to go there for a long time since they has beed uncovering the old ruined gardens and Mum joined the mailing list for updates. They finally opened to the general public last year and so we went along to see it.

The castle got built in 1806 and has had a very interesting history, being used by the army and as a chicken farm! It has lots of grounds and you can walk through them all, they has not changed very much, just making them useable, so Mum says it feels really magical, like you is discovering a forgotten, hidden world. Being low to the ground and hasing a superior nose it always feels like that to us dogs, but it nice for my peoples to feel that way too.

Looks kinda imposing!

Looks kinda imposing!

Lowther Castle

Up I go, George would like these!

Up I go, George would like these!

Fairy Steps
Fairy Steps

DSC_0386 DSC_0388 DSC_0390 DSC_0394 DSC_0392

A nice view of part of Cumbria

A nice view of part of Cumbria

old lily ponds

old lily ponds

TND liked it too, cos we seed lots of animals for him to take photos of. I also got to eat some of the chicken from his sandwich Mum got from the cafe!

woodpecker squirrel finch

Arran’s first Lake

We went to Ennerdale lake and Arran comed too! He can do walkings a bit further now, although Mum and TND still carry him about so he does not work his little legs too much. He not so keen on being carried now and he squirms sometimes and says ‘put me down Ladee!’ Until something scares him and then he jumps up and says ‘Pick me up Mum Ladee!’ I showed him the way to go.

This way Arran

This way Arran, never mind Mum, she always a slow coach.Hurry up Ladee!

It did be a bit of a gloomy day, but it did not do rainings on us. I did not go in the lake for a swim though!

I would like to point out that I is doing a very good boy sit in all these photos, but who do you think got a treat for sitting nicely? Ok sure I got one too, but I does not think Arran deserved one.

DSC_0014 DSC_0013

DSC_0017DSC_0023On the way back round we see this  house that no one lives in and it has warning signs on it, Mum always says to TND ‘I wonder who owns it?’ And asks him if he would like to live there. I would like to live in Ennerdale, but I think I does like my own house better, because it has a proper roof and other important things like that. Mum says it reminds her of something the Secret Seven or Famous Five would investigate. Do you know Mum got a long haired ‘collie’ type dog (ME) because George in the Famous Five used to bury her face in her dogs white ruff when she got sad and so Mum always wanted a dog with fur like that.DSC_0020Then Mum did some freaking out because Arran followed me up some steps. I love going through gates and over bridges so I always rush ahead to them and Arran rushed with me and then panicked and tried to get back to Mum and Mum was making some funny squeaky noises about him falling off and made TND pick Arran up. Between you and me my little brofur a bit of a baby!


Not even that scary, right?


DSC_0019Almost back to the car, he still has a lot to learn about walking at lakes, but I think I is being a very good teacher!

~Lickies, Ludo