Dog bucket lists

Hurro, it me, Ludo!


A bucket list be sort of like a human joke thingy of stuff to do before you die… It not a funny joke, like: squeak-toys-at-Mum-but-don’t-let-her-get-them, or pretend-to-bite-Dad’s nose, but who understands people humour anyway?

Before I had any troubles with cancer mum started doing a post after reading this article: ’50 Things to do in Cumbria before you die’ and we started thinking about things that might be on a dog’s ‘life’ list, because, lots of peoples has started doing ‘bucket lists’ even though they doesn’t have a ‘reason’ to.

I guess you could call them Goals.

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Shouty Seaside Sunday (at cancer)

Today, we don’t really want to post; maybe if we don’t, what we have to tell wont really be true.

Ludo’s stitches are all out! He is very pleased about that. He can resume normal life.

Today we normalled.

Today we went back to agility training and Ludo wizzed around the course, having lots of fun.

Today we went to the beach together, the sun was beaming down on us, but it wasn’t too hot. Perfect weather, really.


We didn’t take a ball and Ludo was annoyed about that. He barked accusingly at everyone else who had a ball. He tried to steal a small child’s ball from his flinger stick.

Today we just strolled and thought, smelled the seaside air and sat to watch the world go past.


We don’t know how many Today’s we have left together to enjoy these things. Our vet has recently told us it might not be as many as we would hope for, or like.

Yes, it’s that news we didn’t want to hear. The lesions and lump recently removed from Ludo’s abdomen are the same high grade mast cell tumours as he had removed in November. His prognosis is pretty bleak. Already I have found two more lesions in different places since these ones have been removed. We have promised him no more horrible things will happen at the vets.

Luckily for dogs, they don’t know or care about the future, they live in the Today. So we will keep on enjoying our Todays for as long as we have them.

But for now… will you join us just for a moment, in SHOUTING at stupid cancer?



Go away!

Thank you dear blog pals for your support. I think we might need it in the coming months.

– Blog by Mum, Dee.


Hurro! It me, Ludo!

Mum decided that before I could go back to competing at agility I should make sure I has good strength back in my leg and abdomen where I had the cancer surgery. We had to wait for our vet to say it ok and then last week Mum tooked me and Arran in the car to go somewhere. We went quite a way and when we got there it be quite a surprise. It did not be a show or a good walk or a hol-ee-day!

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Cutting out the Cancer


Ludo here. Since my last update I has kind of been having a crummy time. I wont lie to you I has had to be in major sulk mode! But I has been getting lots of extra attentions! I love attentions!

I went in for my surgery at the specialist hospital (The Univeristy of Liverpool Small Animal teaching hospital) to get the cancer spread out. The vets and nurses in the soft tissue department tooked really good care of me, but oh, I was so ouchie and tired. I had to stay in 2 nights and nearly three days. I did try and be nice to all the nurses though and they gived me a lot of attentions and said they had fallen in love with me. Even though they comed and hurt my sore bits when they visited. They told Mum they had fallen in love with me. The operation went well, they managed to take out my two lymph nodes, (one the cancer had spread to and the one nearest it to be sure) The one that enlarged from the cancer came out easy but the second one be a bit hard to find. They also cut more away from my leg where the original mast cell tumour be to improve those margin thingies.

Mum agreed with them that I was a good boy, so that was ok. When Mum and Grandpaw came to pick me up I did be really sore, Mum sat in the back with me and I got on her lap. But I kept hasing to move away cos I hurt. Mum felt very sad for me. But, I was happy to be back home! Although, I did not know what happened really or why I felt so poorly.


Giving Mum the Stink Eye

Arran did not be there, he went to go stay with Auntie Toni and the girls and Poppy and Rusty at Grandpawents so I could has peace and quiet. He says he had fun, but he did be a bit worried and clingy. He gets worried easily though.


Unfortunately, Mum and TND had booked to go on holiday. They worried a lot and they almost cancelled but decided since I just needed to rest and it beed quite a fancy holiday to New York I should be ok. Grandpawents stayed and looked after me and Mum’s friend from Dog Club comed round every day to help them do my medicines. I gived them all mean face and wouldn’t let them put my anti bruise cream on and tried to bite Barbara, but I liked her to give me treats. Mum and TND skyped me but I did not talk to them.

I forgived them when they got back though and I be very happy to see them. I felt lots better by then!

They got me a taxi!


Cool huh?


Taxi biscuit

Unfortunately as soon as Mum saw me she knew I did not look right.

I had this big swelling in my abdomen. Grandpawents had tooked me to the vets on the wednesday and told Mum but the vet said it just fluid and put me on antibiotics. (excuse my private parts!)


Mum had to take me to the vets the next day to get my stitches out and our usual vet did not like the look of it and suspected it had herniated, so the next morning Mum had to take me to a different surgery for an ultra sound and unfortunately, it had. I had to be taken straight in for surgery. Some loops of intestine animg_20151130_132118.jpgd the tip of my spleen had come down through the muscle. The vet that fixed me said my muscles were all frayed and though she had done her best with a different pattern of stitches it might happen again. So I is on super strict do not move orders, which I think be really mean and boring. I likes to sleep on the top of the sofa you know! On my two day post op check the my vet thought I looked a  bit swollen again and so off we went next day for another ultra sound. But, this time, it did just be fluid and it has gone down now. So far I is ok and healing well and i get to be carried up and down stairs and on and off the furniture for cuddles. Mum sits on the floor with me, but I prefer to cuddle on my own terms.

Mum has spoken to the original surgeon and he said it has never happened before in his whole career and thank Dog the external stitches stayed intact. I is just very unlucky! Go big or go home I say! Every vet I has seen and all the nurses says what a wonderful boy I am and such a trooper. Mum sure does be lucky to has me!

Now I has to wear these rather unflattering shorts as a support for my muscles. The vet recommended tights as they didn’t has any in, but really, mum, did they has to be fishnets?


Now we is on mark 2. TND says this pose be really attractive, but I think he doing that sarcasm thing. I doesn’t care as long as I get tummy tickles. He gives the best tummy tickles, Mum does not be allowed to do them.


I is feeling fine again now and I think it about time I got out for a walk. Mum says my soft tissue vet says not for 6 weeks.


My leg has healed very well and I got all my stitches out. It kind of itches though and I like Mum to sit and rub it. I got some of the muscle taken off too and the good news be there no more cancer cells in those extra margins.


Unfortunately my dna test for the MDR1 gene comed back as positive. This means I casnot has the chemo drug, which the vets recommended to get any of that nasty cancer stuff right out. There an alternative newish drug which more a preventative, but I would need to be on it forever and Mum doesn’t think we will do that. So we just has to cross our paws and hope that the cancer does not come back!

Thank you for all your good thoughts, I think they is making me feel much better!

~Lickies, Ludo!


Don’t worry Mum, I feel fine!



Ludo here, I is being a doggy scarf on my favourite spot on the sofa. In case you missed the last post I recently had a small lump removed from my back leg and it comed back from tests as being a kind of cancer. On tuesday Me, Mum and TND all went on a long car journey. I be pretty excited cos we only do that to go on holiday mostly. Arran stayed behind at Grandpawents house on the monday and he tells me he sulked all night.

We got there and had a walk around and then went into a building. Ok, it did not has the usual charm of the holiday cottages we usually go to and there be other people and dogs in there, but I knew it did not be my vet. We went into a room (well, I tried to go out the front door again) with a nice man who stroked me all over and spent a while chatting to Mum and TND, but then he did that very unpleasant thermometer thing. It did be a vets after all! I is tricked!

Then another man called an oncologist came and talked to Mum and TND some more. I got kind of bored lying down and went over and made him stroke me. Then he looked all around me too and carried me off into another room! I got kind of sleepy after that but soon after I woke up I got tooked back out to that first room and Mum and TND tooked me back to the car. Talk about a rubbish holiday huh? Who goes to the vet on holiday anyway? Not me usually. Mum said it tooked hours and they went off and had a nice meal at a pub. Without me! We drove to my Uncle’s house cos he lives near to the weird vet holiday place and had dinner and then back home and to bed. I felt a bit cold underneath and had a couple of hurty spots.

Bare belly!

Bare belly!

Mum said I had lots of scans and some biopsies.

Arran came home the next morning (I thought I had got rid of him for a moment!) and we had to do waitings for the results. Well, not me, I just carried on as normal. We went to the lake afore my vet holiday… I thinks my belly would be too cold for swimming now.


Lake Wastwater


Poppy’s first lake.

Beach walkies

Beach walkies

What toy shall I play with today?

What toy shall I play with today?

Oh sorry Mum, did you wants to put your feets there? hehe!

Oh sorry Mum, did you wants to put your feets there? hehe!

On friday the peoples got the results and although it has not spread very much, a thingy called my inguinal lymph node did has cancer cells in it, I doesn’t know what that be, but it means I has ‘stage 2’ cancer. Which means Mum and TND had to do some important people thinking stuff.

It be a hard thinking because they didn’t really want me to have more surgery. I got kind of worried to have the stitches in there afore and it did not be nice to feel all woozy from the sleepy stuff, but Mum said the oncologist man did not have very encouraging things to say about how long I might be around if we did not do it (and maybe, even if we do.) So I is going back to the faraway vets on wednesday to try and get more of the cancer cells out of my leg and to take that lymph thing out too. But that ok, cos I doesn’t think I needs it very much, apparently I has more of them and so does you all too! Handy huh?
After, I might need some special medicines called chemo, but Mum and TND will has to do some more thinking about that too and see how I go as they want me to still be having a nice time. Also, I is being tested for the MDR1 gene, which can affect pastoral breeds like me and might mean I casnot has the medicine anyway. Mum is trying not to feel sad and I is helping. Because I is very helpful of course.

I might not be able to tell you more until I is all healed up, so don’t do worryings, I feel fine!

Family Matters

Hello Everyone!

It’s me, Arran!

I am going to tell you a bit more about our family today. If you ever see us on Facebook, you may have seen some extra dogs hanging around in our photos. We already had my good buddy Rusty, who is my Grandpawents dog, but now we have some extra pack members.

Mum’s sister, Auntie Toni and mum’s nieces ‘the girls’ are living with Us and Grandpawents whilst they move to Cumbria. It is really amazing! I just love extra family members and I get really excited when they appear out of no where again so it is going to be really good having them around even more. Auntie Toni is really easy to bully into taking us for extra walks and if I am extra sneaky and I can bark and bark at her whilst Mum is not in the room and make her do things I want! Which is only bad if you get caught, of course.

Mum’s niece Abi adopted a puppy called Poppy. Laura over at Elanmore put us in touch with her breeder, as Poppy’s Dad is the same as for my new Neices and Nephews. Yes, I am a real Uncle now. That is very grown up, isn’t it? I think I will rename myself All Grown up Scamp now, instead of Little Scamp.

At first, we weren’t sure about having a puppy around. I think Ludo said ‘Oh no, not another one, take it back!’ Although, I’m not sure why. He is still pretending Poppy is not even around. But I really like her now. She sure is a fun and feisty little sheltie! She throws herself around all over the place and is super friendly. Mum says it is hard to get a photo of her because she wont stay still! Rusty got over excited about her at first and he can be a very reactive jack russel terror, but Mum did some positive training with him and now he likes her a lot.


wpid-dsc_0994.jpg wpid-dsc_1013.jpg wpid-dsc_0979.jpg wpid-dsc_1020.jpg

Poppy and the girls came and stayed over and helped us do some gardening a couple of weekends ago. She sure bangs her head a lot. I don’t think I was that uncoordinated when I was a Not All Grown up Scamp.

More recently, we met cousin Ben. Ben and Auntie Toni are staying at our house and we all get on just fine. Ben is a labrador and he is 10, he likes our Dad a lot, but he is very good at listening and is showing us up a little bit!

He is a bit big, so it can be a bit worrying to play with him, but I am giving it my best shot. He is also not very quick and a bit of a pushover, so I have been able to gain a few extra toys by grabbing them when someone tries to play with him. I am very clever like that!

Cousin Ben

Cousin Ben

Ben was not really allowed in the living room in his old house, but I think we have cured him of that. Auntie Toni has conceded defeat too. He has soon picked up our good habits, like waiting for treats when Mum is going out without us. Dad says you cannot walk in a straight line in the house now, as you have to go around a dog. Don’t worry, Ben always looks kind of doleful, but he is always wagging his tail.


All four together

All four together

That photo was taken just before Mum and Dad went away to a wedding last weekend, so that’s why we are all kind of sulking.

In other family news, Ludo has had his stitches out and his surgery has healed very well (his furs are already growing back) and he doesn’t have to be a conehead anymore! We are all very happy about that, especially Ludo. We had a good game of bitey face after the cone came off. I have been very worried about Ludo and I have been trying to give him a good sniff and lick his funny smelling ouchies. I have licked his front paws better where he had some little holes, Mum said that was from the anaesthetic needles, but I just keep on getting told off for pestering him and Ludo shows his Really Mean Teeth to me. So I have been telling Mum and Dad that I am worried and whining and leaning on them and trying to get super close to Ludo. Mum says I am like piglet, going around saying ‘Oh dear, whatever shall I do?’. I like to eat piglets!

Aside from that happy part, the vet has told Mum and Dad that Ludo’s lump was something I have not heard of, but it is called a ‘cancer’, it is a type called a grade 3 mast-cell tumour. Mum and Dad need to speak to the vet some more about what to do now and the vets are talking to another special vet place, but the vet thinks he got it all out and they are quite common. I am sure Ludo will tell you how it goes. I think he will be ok though, now that he doesn’t have that silly cone on, and I am always here to lick him better. If he will finally let me!

Wiggles, Arran!