Hol-ee-day in Yorkshire!

Yes, we went about 4 weeks ago and I is just now getting Mum to type it up for me! Disgraceful! Mum and TND went away the weekend afore and we stayed at Grandpawents, so we really needed to be having a nice time on hol-ee-day!

So, that why Arran might has shrunk since you last seed him.

We stayed in a very nice little cottage in Swaledale, Yorkshire. I has never beed to Yorkshire. It much the same as other Shires, I has beed to since we stayed in a cottage and went for nice walks, only a bit wetter. We found it here. It had it’s kitchen and bathroom downstairs and it’s living room and bedroom upstairs. It had a very big garden too!

We got there pretty late on the first day and Mum spent most of the night trying to get my stupid little bro-fur to do a wee outside. Anyway, he eventually got the hang of it and when we woke up in the morning we found a whole new stream in our garden.

DSC_0238 DSC_0239 DSC_0237

So we snoozed for a bit. Now we were not allowed on the furniture. But we were also not allowed in the bedroom and Mum said she had ‘no hope’ of stopping us, so like always, we just put our own covers on the sofas. Normally I would not let Arran be so close to me, but I be tired from my long journey.

We found a sheltie height window! Arran really like it a lot! He like doing gruff gruff barking out the window. TND says ‘No gruffing’ to him.

DSC_0241 DSC_0242 DSC_0268 DSC_0269

We love our TND! We had a nice fire. We wented out for some walks too! Some a bit wet.

DSC_0249 DSC_0254 DSC_0252 DSC_0251 DSC_0262

This usually be a path! Arran did be a bit scared!DSC_0260 DSC_0258

He had to go back on the lead when we went past sheep or cows.DSC_0263 DSC_0264

Another ‘path’.

We came to one bit which we could not get past at all and we had to climb along a wall. Mum got scared cos she dipped her stick into the water on either side and it kept on going. I went across with TND and then I got scared too and he had to carry me, then he comed back and Mum passed him Arran and then he had to come and hold Mum’s hand. She crawled along so she had 4 paw drive like us. No photos, too scary! Then we went to a little cafe and had some lunch but Arran gotted a bit cold so Mum tucked him up in her coat on the way back. I bet he casnot fit in there now!DSC_0267

We got some sunshine too. DSC_0312

DSC_0309 DSC_0307 DSC_0306 DSC_0305 DSC_0301 DSC_0299DSC_0275 DSC_0274

We went to Malham cove.DSC_0288 DSC_0291 DSC_0285 DSC_0279 DSC_0277 DSC_0276 1399718_512693382163072_368214628_o

We found a very nice dog friendly place to have lunch in… or rather, out. But we could have gone in if we wanted! It called the Lister Arms Hotel


DSC_0295DSC_0292 DSC_0293

Mum and TND had very nice sandwiches and we had some of TND’s ham.

We seed this big viaduct for trains. (Mum thinks this the Carlisle to Settle line)


Did some posing.DSC_0317

And met a goat!DSC_0319 DSC_0318

Arran thinks hol-ee-days be very good. Maybe I will let him come on another one?

~Lickies, Ludo

Pee ess: I is gonna spend this week in ‘catch up on blogs mode’. Plus I has to tell you all about the exciting news. Crispmas coming again!! It all Arran’s fault because Mum has to ‘watch him’ all the time or else she turns around and some ‘not yours’ has beed killed. To think! I would never do that!


TNP went to skiing and all I got was this…

… Big fat nothing!

I know! I outraged too. Of course, Mum got presents.

Yummy choclit, which Mum says be poison and wont let me have any, which I so know a trick to keep it all to herself. But what that other thing… That look like a Ludo thing, for sure!

Mum says it a ‘not yours’ but I happen to have heard that TNP said. “You can give it to furball or whatever if you don’t want it.” But Mum has said “oh no, I want it, it’s cute.”

Can you see the problem with this? I sure can. So there that ‘not yours’ that not really a ‘not yours’ at all but a ‘mine’. I so wants it. Even worse Mum has hanged it on the door, just out my reach. Oh sure I could get it if I really tried but you has to be sneaky about these things, especially when some stuffy be turned into a ‘not yours’ cos if Mum catches you trying too hard to get it she will put on her mean voice and say ‘Not Yours’.

Who, me? Try to get that? hehe.

I found out the RSPCA’s cruelty number if anyone would like to report her. It 0300 1234 999 that the real number, just so you know…

p.s. Our dog training school has a sign up on the wall to tell off bad owners. It say. “My name is (sic) No, no, Bad dog!! What’s yours?” Which means not to tell your dog off obviously, so if I take the stuffy what rightfully mine anyways Mum casnot really tell me off right? School would so be on my side.


I be so mad!
Mean horrible Mum not be talking to me. she ignoring me and not paying me attentions. All cos she shouted at me. She said horrible words like bad dog to me.

I has beed very good lately and not touched any of the ‘not yours’ but today I couldn’t help myself. Mum had beed working on a stuffie kinda thing for her blog. It looked so very interesting. She was paying it lots of attentions and every now and then would make an exciting ouchie noise when she poked herself with the needle. And it smelled like sheep!!

So when it got left alone on the dining room table I had to hop up and take a look. Next thing I know it had gotten in my mouth and come with my into my bedroom and then what do you know it ended up like this…
That’s when grandpaw found me and tattled on me to Mum.

After she shouted I thought I’d play it cool and pretend I had just been chewing my bone the whole time. Mum exchanged knowing looks with Auntie Penny. How does they always know?

Mum said I not allowed anywhere unsupervised and not allowed in her room when she not in it. So not fair!! That my big crate!! So then I sulked for a bit.

And decided to get sympathies from grandpaw. But he kicked me off.


Being grumpy with me soo unfair. There no proof I did it, and anyway, it not look so bad my way. Usually when I had beed bad Faline gets to blog and I get banned from it. Well I not doing it this time! If she try to come in here to blog I will growl at her. Just you watch! Mum mean not talking to me and doing shoutings cos she should not have such interesting stuffs and leave them on diningroom tables. I not care if she say dogs not supposed to jump on the chairs and steal things from there… and infact if she not give me cuddles soon I gonna run away from home and go to Scotland to live with Martha and Bailey!

~No lickies! Ludo.

pee ess: Ok, some lickies. But only for all of you. And only if you go say happy birthday to my sweet special gal.

True colours and… yum!

It be True Colours Thursday again (hosted by Poopsie, AKA Blue) and today’s colour be Scarlet.

Here the things I found.

Please click to Bigify
Mum’s birthstone be a thing called Garnet, so those is some things with scarlet garnets in, she also has lots of scarlet tops and a lipstick. Then I has 3 toys with Scarlet in them and this wall and flowers be scarlet too!

Now I seed on the Dughallmor beagles that they found a telephone box. As I is in Britain I thought I best find one too to impress yous all. There not many around anymore but I found this old one, it is not scarlet as it be all worn from being old and by the sea and it not have a phone inside anymore, only wires, it just kept for lookings at.

Mum had Pancakes for breakfast this morning, they smelled good! I likes to seat in the chair opposite Mum while she eat her breakfast. I know them trainer types people say dogs should not sit at the table, but I likes it and I does not try and gets the food, I just not like sitting on the floor. Mum saved that nearest one to her for me and Auntie Penny. It had no syrup but was still yum!

See? Yum!

On monday I went and collected some things from the beach to send to Pedro. Here some of what I found, I be choosing what to send to him. He should has it soon.

Ah, it beed a lovely sunny day here, I wented to the little town with Mummy, we went to the pet shop and I picked out some treats for my birthday and a present to send to someone, we went on a extra walk to find the phone box and played outside. I did not want my dinner from my bowl so I did lots of tricks for it instead. I think I be getting love sick.

~lickies, Ludo

peeess: (2 parts is clicky in the word love, did you spot it, BOL!) Please go vote for me (or somepup else) over at the four musketeers sporty dogs contest. Also, Stella be back and her Mum be ok! Hooray! Go say hi if you has not already. I was really worried for a while there.

TCT – Brown

For True colours thursday (hosted by Poopsie Blue) this week I thoughted it would be a very good idea to show you some of mum’s ‘not yours’ from the pink net. She has lots of different shades of brown, so I got her to liberate the brown ones for me, but it be very sad and it not go how I plan it to.

Mum! Mum Help! ruffruffurffrrrrrrffff!!! The teddies are attacking and I didn’t even do anything at all to them! Help!!!


Hey Dee, Did you hear something? You know, I am brown, Ludo should really use me for his true colours this week.

hm, Ludo seems a little busy, I told him he should never mess with the ‘not your’s’ but these young pups will never listen to their elders. But I guess he says bye. So, bye!

Something amazing!

I found treasure! Lots of new my stuffs! Mummy has been trying to say they are hers, but they all so good they can’t be. Shall I tell you what happened? I was sitting in the computer room where mummy was tip-tapping on the keys when Faline came in. She kept on jumping on to the red chair thingy and mum kept telling her ‘no’ and chasing her off. I thoughted there must be something very sniffable up there for her to keep going up. So I wented up with her.

Firstly of all we found the little squeaky Naboo’s food. It yummy. But Mummy tooked it off us.
Then I happened to look up at what Faline was doing and there was so much stuffs!! Ooh, I be nearly quivering with excitement and couldn’t help my little tail wiggling. I been having lots of funs getting all those new mummy stuffs.

I not know why she hid them from me cos I do likes them very much. Perhaps she thought I wouldn’t? They be more of those things called ‘not yours’ but I think they is really.

My favouritist one be a little brown doggy. Trouble is it be one of Mum’s favouritist too. She caught me red pawed with his nose in my mouths. 😦

She did mend him though, so it ok. I think I be in mummy’s bad books today, but i sure she be forgiving me soon. I forgived her for no presents. Mummy showed me this piccure she took and says it be a of me and ‘my victums’ I dunno what that is, but I do likes mummy’s stuffs.