An Elanmore of Every Colour

Want to see a selection box of shelties?

Over New Year my cousin Becky on the Elanmore (my dog Mum’s) side brought her people up to visit for a little hol-ee-day. Her person called Katherine and Katherine’s daughter Laura and Laura’s son Jack. Katherine’s Mum be called Norma and she bred and owned my Mum Thistle and has been the Elanmore breeder for many many years! We met them in the summer too, they very nice and I will tell you more about them and the other Elanmore dogs in another post. On New Years day we met up and we also met up with my other cousin Benji. I has known Benji for a few years through my training club, but we did not know we be cousins until just recently when Mum got talking to Becky’s people. We all cousins, all from the Elanmore kennel, related through our great Grandma, Lady.

Becky (Elanmore Royal Empress)…

Benji (Elanmore Sir Harrington)…

I thinks you know what I looks like? (Elanmore Blue Flash)

It did not be very nice weather, but we had a nice walk anyway. The peoples chatted and we ran around and did some posing.

Benji’s people had to go home after the walk but Katherine, Laura and Jack comed to my house for a cup of tea. Laura has a dog who not a sheltie (but we will not hold that against him) called Charlie.
Mum thinks he very photogenic.
The sun comed out for a few minutes so we went back out to try and get some sunshine photos.

Look how big and brave I is. Jack a children and I sitting right next to him and looking and not even being chicken! He be a very nice young man though and does not do scary things like other childrens I see like run right up to me and make loud noises and stuff like that.

I hope you liked meeting some more of my ‘first’ family. I sure did and I will show you some more soon!
I thinks Katherine, Laura and Jack enjoyed their hol-ee-day in St. Bees and so did Becky and Charlie!
By the way, Laura been doing a challenge for Cancer Research UK this month. She beed a ‘dryathlete’, not drinking any alcohol. If you has some spare pennies and fancy donating to a good cause her sponser page here. Charlie helping on New Years eve. (Mum stole this pic from her facebook page. BOL!)
~lickies, Ludo!
pee ess: From Mum, Ok… Not EVERY colour possible. But… you don’t really get any colours other than sable, tricolour and blue merle deliberately bred for over here in the UK. Blue merle without the tan (bi blue?) is accepted, but not desirable. Black and white, like (Oreo and Morgan) is accepted and we have met one at an agility show, since you need a bi black to get a bi blue and bi blacks are rare, it makes bi blue’s even rarer! Of course you can get shaded sable (mahogany) like Becky, or lighter coloured (gold) sable, but they are all just classed as sable by the Kennel club. I’ve never heard of a sable merle being bred over here (and was a bit shocked when I found out it is bred in the US, since it looks very similar to shaded sable, it would be difficult to tell if the dog carried the merle gene or not, which means you could potentially breed two merle sables, thus creating double merles with all their ensuing health problems. Doesn’t seem worth the risk to me… but I guess it’s for the potential for blue eyes, which do look pretty on the gold coat) anyway, sable merle and colour headed whites are not recognised by the kennel club so I would imagine that’s why. If you want to see the UK standard it’s here.
Some fun links on possible colours if you want to be nerdy, more applicable to other countries… here, here and here.


How did I gets brown on me? Well, Mum and grandpaw tooked all the stuffs out of her room. I thoughted, great! We living in the living room now, so that be good cos it nearer my food bowls. But then they put stinky colours all over the walls. They call it paint. Paint stinks real bad so I kept out the way most of the time. I only wented in once and I managed to get brown on me. Oh well. Mum has a lot of stuffs huh? I not allowed any of it, which not fair.

Mum had to move our room around to fit in all the stuffs from OD’s. We got to sleep on the new sofa, which I not be allowed on, while the paint dried.
It beed like an adventure! Only it beed really really, very too hot here at the moment so Mum kicked me off after a bit.

The room all done now and it not any different to me, but Mum like it and say it feel more like hers now, (even though it really be mine) so if she happy, I happy. Here what it look like.

And here my blogging area!

Of course the biggest change be the one you knows about… Pepe!
Well, Pepe has gotted very unfairly and rudely spoiled. He not deserve it, cos he not upset at all about moving and has got right back into his old habit of ruling me with his strong paws.

This big hugeunormous box camed. A package for me! No Mum!? But all packages be for me!!

It all beed for Pepe! A little toilet house. And this cool looking giant stuffy thing. I tried to get inside but my shoulders got stucked and I could not get out! It be soo scary but Mum just laugh laughed at me. Horrible Mum.

Even Molly and Faline got stuffs. Like this little house, I so wanted it too. (See how stupid and moulty Faline look?)

Can you believe Mum didn’t get me ANYTHING. Nothing AT ALL! I beed thinking right then that I might just hate Pepe if Mum gonna play favourites and get him and the rabbit-dogs cool things and not me. Then she went out. Outside without me. I cried for a bit, then barked angrily then was just about to send out an SOS to get yous all to call the RSPCL (Royal society for the protection of cruelty to Ludo’s) When she comed back through the door.

With this.

And…. Even better
Foods! I gots pork loins, ox tail, lamb necks, a whole pig shank to chew on. (carefully) and 3 different fishies

ah, all forgiven Pepe.

Even though changes can be confusing for a young little dog like me, I very glad these ones happened, I can tell Mum be a lot more happier and settled now all the stuffs with OD be over.
~lickies, Ludo

My parents

Honey asked me to play the parent game with her, where we has to tell about our real, dog parents and not our adoptive people pawrents.

So here goes…
My Mummy beed a blue merle like me, only smaller and shyer. I not remember her too much, I think we beed her first litter and so she gotted a bit fed up with us sometimes, but she teached us good about scary things. I lived in a house with some other shelties, and some whippets and pidgeons. Well, the pidgeons lived outside.

My Mummy beed called Thistle, or her show name be Meadow Park Blue Thistle at Elanmore. Which is where I get my Elanmore Blue flash from.
My Daddy be called Bumble, or ch. Myndoc on a Mission. My Mum and Dad were owned by different peoples but the lady what owned my Mum took ill and so My Mum stayed with my Daddy’s Pawrents whilst we puppies were born and little, that why we know more about my Daddy than my Mummy.

Mum says that my Dog Daddy had a personality very like I has, so I guess I takes after him. She said he came and say next to her on the sofa and was demanding chin and neck strokies with his paw, just like I does. Once he almost pushed me off her lap wanting attentions.

Here be my Daddy. Does you think I looks like him?

My Daddy be a champion show dog and his Mum beed very proud of him and showed Mum all his awards and some piccures of some of his other puppies. He also be half brother to a dog owned by a famous lady Doggy freestyler in this country, called Gypsy. She on the cover of a book Mum has too and Mum always say to me, looks she your Auntie. Cool huh?

Here be my Daddy having a grooming demonstration for my Mum. Yup, he was a traitor and helped her learn how to properly brush me. There some of his awards in the background.

Mum did not take many piccures of my parents and completely forgot to take one of my Mum, she was far too busy playing with puppies, and stroking shelties, and asking questions to take many.

Mum and old Daddy had gone specifically to look at me, but they was also considering two of my sisters who were tri-colours. But I was the boldest and most interested in playing so they liked me best, of course! I just knew as soon as we was brought out from our puppy crate and putted in Mum’s arms that she would be my Mum. I was not scared at all and played with some toys they had brought me. I even pulled old Daddy across the room by his finger.

Me and old Daddy.

First Mum snuggle

Which one be me?Those first piccures beed from when I was 5 and a big weeks old. When they comed Mum and Old Daddy left me with a guinea pig teddy which went in the puppy pen with us till they comed back so I would have something familiar that smelled of my Mum. You can see it a bit here.

On the car ride home I cried and beed sad and scared, Mum beed sitting in the back with me, so she gotted me out and I sat on her lap instead. When i got more sleepy she put me back in. It beed very hot so we stopped often to drink and walk on the back seats, My Dad’s pawrents said Mum and Old Daddy were the only ones so far that they hadn’t had to give water too as no one thought to bring it!

I not be ascared when I got to my new home, I looked round (there beed lots to see, like my rabbit siblings!), chewed on my nylabone and went sleepies in my crate. I had Pepe my cat bro then so I not beed alone.

Oh, and this the big pack of goodies we gotted from my breeder.

Well, Honey, I hope that enough about my parents for you!

I has to tag some more furbodies to play, you has to talk about your parents or wherever you comed from afore, and about your first day.
I will tag my beautiful Morgan.
Ginger Jasper
Mya Boo-boo
Tucker (the much better than Dennis Vizla) / Dennis

I also beed gived some awards. This, from Chase

This the list 7 things you love award, now I already done this, But as we dogs tend to love everything I sure I can think of some more. Since there so much romance in dog blog land, with two weddings afoot I thought I would do a love letter to Morgan. Now you all knows that I has two special ladies in my life, but Morgan my main girl. Please would you allow me to has the pleasure of your company at Scooby and Lady’s wedding?

My Morgan, here why I loves her, she;
Original, she has a great sense of style.
Racy, she vigourous and lively
Gentle, she being a great big sister, she so
Naughty, mixed with nice.

Best of all, she my gal,
Everytime I thinks of her,

My heart
It skip a beat
Never, has I knowed such a dog
ever in my life.

*sigh* I thinks that 7 things?
I would like to pass this onto all those loved up pups, especially Scooby doo, Lady, Rosie, Petey, Asta and efurrybody else.

I also got this award from Tucker, thanks Tucker!

I has to say why I loves blogging for this one. Well, I loves blogging because of all the above. Ruff!

I will pass this onto Morgan, my new cat pal Zeus, Honey, um… and… oh, Lorenza! Heh, it hard! To not know who’s had it.
~lickies, Ludo