Think back Thursday

Since I will has had my blog 5 whole years this summer Mum thought it might be a nice idea to set aside a day to look back on some of my past adventures, or just a photo she likes, like some of my blog friends do already. I put my thinking cap on. And that gived me a great idea for a name. Think back Thursday! How did I get so clever? I is even gonna get Mum to schedule them in advance, so even if she says, sorry Ludo, we has no time for blogging! I will has a blog up once a week! Hurruff!
The first piccure I choosing be this one… Ok not of me, but still great!

Two summers ago!

~Lickies, Ludo

pee ess: Mum just seed it called ‘Throw back thursday’ and has a name and everything. But that sounds a bit American in terminology for us, so we will use think back. BOL!

Has a lovely Crisp mas Efurry one!

 I didn’t really feel like posing today. It far too exciting! My presents is not under here, they at Grandpawents house. These presents for other peoples. But they still very exciting. I got up and licked Mum’s face and so she gave up trying to get a ‘good’ piccure.

Molly and Faline got an early Crisp mas present of a box that someon else’s present came in. It nearly fills up their whole kennel. 
Can you see Molly’s little face? 

 Some cards from previous years, since I decided not to pose.

 Auntie Penny never minded doing anything.

See you all on the other side!!! Hope you get efurrything you want!

~lickies, Ludo


This new little thing seems to be living at Grandpawents now. He has beed there more than a week! He even came to town with us to my Wayne’s World pet shop and he went on a shopping spree. He has his own bed, and collar and lead and food and toys now so it doesn’t look like he going anywhere.

I does not like him.
He mean, he has little snappy jaws that snap at me when he thinks I is getting food. I does not understand it and I show him my big mean teeth and screech at him. He scary! Then he has the cheek to sniff me and wag his tail and try and lick my face. Plus all the peoples think he really cute and keep saying ‘aw!’ I is the only ‘aw’ around here thank you!

Mum says I will get used to him. But I does not think so. I wants Auntie Penny back!

He comed from a nice place called Matching Partners Canine Rescue and they called him Mr. Jelly Bean. We decided to call him Rusty cos it matches his colour and Auntie Penny got called Penny cos she beed the colour of an old penny. Grandpawents said they just could not handle not having a dog in the house. Rusty has beed sleeping on Grandpaws bed so far and everything seems very strange outside in the big old world to him, he having an exciting time and I think he loves Grandpawents and even Mum quite a lot already. Until he went in rescue I does not think he got to do many things. He about 10 months old.

Well, Grandpawents seem to like him so I guess I will just has to get used to him after all. The things a dog has to do for his families!

~Lickies, Ludo.

pee ess: Happy Thanks Giving to all my friends in the US!

Goodbye Auntie Penny

Auntie Penny has goned. I does not know where she goned but she not at Grandpawents any more and she casnot be on a walk because it has beed 3 days now and that one really long walk! Auntie Penny old and does not like walking that far either.

Everyone tell me that she not coming back and Grandpawents and Mum be sad. It pretty quiet and boring at Grandpawents now. I has no one to go crazy with. Auntie Penny always goes nuts when we go round there and I bite her face and ears and bounce around and whenever Auntie Penny wants to go outside for a wee I bark at her like mad and run to the front door so I get to go out too. But I guess there no point doing that either. And when Auntie Penny wants to get food I bark with her too. Yup. It definitely quieter round Grandpawents now, even if it just me making lots less noise.

Mum says I has to say good bye to Auntie Penny now.

Good bye Auntie Penny, thanks for putting up with me.

~Lickies, Ludo


Note from Mum:
I know there can be some confusion over dog speak in blog land, so yes, for those not on Facebook, Penny passed away on Sunday 4th November, at about 2.30pm. She was 15 years old, and she had a stroke. She has left a big void in our lives. I got her as my ‘Christmas present’ just short of my 13th birthday. She was the best first dog a girl could have hoped for, and she truly was the epitome of the family dog, very loved, very happy with life, and very flawed. She lived her life in a perpetual state of excitement and we are so happy that she kept that spirit up until her last couple of days. She deserves a proper memorial, with pictures and nice words, but I can’t do it right now without blubbing. Instead, a message from my 14 year old neice. “It’s sad to hear about Penny, we will all miss her when we come to see you because she was always very excited to see us and very friendly […]  R.I.P. Penny xxx”


Be a very special day!

Yes because I is going to my clubs fun show and of course it will be super fun and super cool!

Oh… Mum says actually, tomorrow be special because SomePUP be hasing a 15th birthday.

I doesn’t think it me. And Molly only be 7…

Oh look, Auntie Penny! Can you believe she ever beed a puppy!

Mum has made her a cake! Grandma bought her one from the shop. But i casnot eat it, since it has wheat in.

Mum calls it an omega cake! It mackeral flavoured, with egg and seeds, all has omega’s in them. We also added a grated up brazil nut for vitamin e, some parsley for vitamin C and some Apple cider vinegar which supposed to stop it going off quickly.

I get to eat it now right Mum?

 She says no, but I do has some other treats, Like bully sticks, but meatballs instead and chicken feet. Just dried.

 I got a chicken foot!

I hopes Auntie Penny likes her cake!

Yesterday me and Mum went to the beach at Sunset. We has had so many rainy days. Rain rain rain and no real warm summer that Mum wanted to get a nice sunset before winter really comes. Not great piccures, but at least it not raining.

~lickies, Ludo!

pee ess: Jan and the Funny Farm asked us what TNP stands for. It used to be The New Person. Then I think Ricky suggested he did not be so new anymore and so he became The Nice Person. He still that, cos he do all nice things with me and none of the horrible ones that Mum does.

Hol-ee-day! Northumbria pt. 1

This time on our hol-ee-day we went only a short drive of about an hour and a half away… we stayed in England, just outside Cumbria, in Northumbria. See how they stoled our Umbria bit? They talked all funny too. like this. Mum thinks it so weird that you can drive such a short way and get such a different, equally strong accent.

Anyways, enough of that boring stuff. Time for some things that interest me! Because I is the most important.

We stayed on a furry nice farm, called Lambley, which had been part converted into cottages. Mum and TNP liked it especially cos it had something called a ‘sauna’ and a ‘hot tub’, I didn’t get to go in there though.

The piccures might not be up to my usual standard, TNP got a new camera, so Mum inherited his old one and she making quite the blurry piccures. Also, my official photographer seems to just be taking photos of birds now.

The Back garden

Our one be the one to the right of me. We had the place all to ourselves for nearly the whole week, when the new people comed I tried to chase them off MY FARM.

 My bedroom

It very nice and I like it lots.

We mostly did lots of walking and bird watching/photoing. Though mostly me and Mum did other things like relaxing, eating and sniffings, maybe less Mum for that last one. The cottages be right next to a river and I love water! Unless it in the form of a bath.

It also has some very tall sheeps in funny colours.

Look, right at my back door! Mum insisted on giving them Carrots! I barked at them if they got too close. I wanted to do chasings of them, but Mum told me ‘leave it’ then we went outside with some treats and the clicker and we did work on ignoring them getting closer and closer. They did the getting closer too. But then the big chickens ranned away whenever they got too close to me. Which they should since I could have totally herded them big sheep up.
Speaking of chickens

Mum said those Sheeps is called Alpacas and she would have liked some of their wool as she uses it to fur her little mini animals. But just to show that they is still sheeps, here a sheep for comparison.

They matches, see?

 We seed these sheeps out on walks, they did not be at all ascared, just a bit nervous. They all wanted to do lookings at me. Well, I casnot blame them, cos I is pretty call. Mum thinks they is Romney sheeps.

The piccures might look a bit gloomy. We didn’t get much sunshine, but not much rain either. Perfect weather for me. Right now it really hot hot hot!

Ok, come back next time to look at some of the places we explored.

This was going to be a longer post, but we has a certain someone staying with us at the moment…
Grandpawents has goned away this weekend to a wedding down South and so we is looking after Penny. Mum says I is being my usual obnoxious self and pushing her around when we go outside. Auntie Penny gets really stressed out on her own and feels most comfortable round her own house so we is staying there at night. We stayed at ours one night, and we tried to stay at TNP’s last night, cos it beed his birthday. But at about half 12 (AM!) Auntie Penny woked up in a panic and started barking so we went back to Grandpawents. Here she trying not to fall asleep, since Mum got up, which means she might (shock horror) go out! Auntie Penny sleeps really deeply now and she casnot hear that much so she likes to go to sleep on peoples feet, or blocking a door way so she gets woked up when they move.  Whilst Mum types this for me Auntie Penny be sleeping on her toes.

She still a total nutcase when she awake though, bouncing around all the time. TNP says we is never getting a springy spaniel cos he’s known two and they has both been nutty. Auntie Penny really stupid too. She leaps down the balcony steps and then falls over and she gets her lead caught on her foot and casnot work out how to get it off. She also takes ages to eat her dinner and spends a while just looking at it, wondering what to do. I not even be allowed to eat it myself whilst she looks at it. Yesterday at TNP’s whilst Mum beed cooking TNP’s special birthday dinner Auntie Penny  got out the garden and tooked her self for a walk. TNP found her talking to another spaniel though. 
Silly old Auntie Penny. I like to bite her floppy ears.
Mum says she hopes someone has as much sympathy for me when I is old. 

~lickies, Ludo