Mean old sea

These past few weeks we has had some storms in the UK. We has not had any bad flooding like other places so we is very lucky really. We did get some very bad winds up to 85 mph and me and Arran did not like it at all and Arran refused to do his poos outside and started doing them inside but he has mostly gotten over that now. We also had something called a ‘spring high tide’ and the sea has beed pretty mean to us and we lost some of our coastline what makes us ‘Seaside Shelties’.

Mum tooked a little video of the high tide.

DSC_0691 DSC_0695 DSC_0698 DSC_0707

Can you see the big hole in the corner of my piccures, just where the prom ends? It has been fenced off now. It at least as deep as Mum.

The high tide pushed all the stones about so we didn’t has any sand for a while and it left behind lots of rubbish.

DSC_0002 DSC_0005 DSC_0006 DSC_0007 DSC_0008

Some of the villagers organised a beach clean up. I did not help cos I does not has hands.

The sea chomped away parts of the cliffs… We usually do a walk starting over at that building (the beach shop) and all the way along the cliff tops to the other side of the beach. Only, it beed closed off at both ends now, we not sure if or when it will come back. Mum says ‘they’ will has to move the path in, since it vanished into the sea and that depends on if the golf course lets them.

Horrid old sea! It really a lot of fun to dash along the coastal path up and down and scare Mum by going really close to the edge and of course I has never tried to push Arran off the edge, oh no. Plus we always take our favourite photos up there. We walked along the bottom to do assessings of the damage.


Not too bad…DSC_0004

oh oh, if you makes this bigger you might see the fence posts trailing in the air. They used to be a couple of feets back.DSC_0009

Some wild bunnies lived in this bit. We always encountered tourist dogs who had abandoned their people in order to chase them. Mum got worried for them. All that grass and mud used to be up the top.DSC_0010

Yoohoo, anyone alive in there?DSC_0011 DSC_0012


Arran did not be the least bit bothered. Whilst me and Mum inspected he ran off to say hello to some cocker spaniels and decided to take his own merry little Scamp way back. Mum put him back on his lead for a little while. He becoming a real teenager and arguing with Mum, which of course, I did not/do not ever do. Except for when she not paying me attentions or doing training things right.

He did find something cool, but Mum said we could not keep it.DSC_0013

Mum says we must just think like Annie.DSC_0014


I does not know who that be so I will just keep on thinking like Ludo. So long as we has nice places to walk and good treats to eat and I can smother my peoples with love, the sun’ll come out tomorrow!

Hi Mum!

Right Mum?!

~Lickies, Ludo!


Meet and Greets

We has had a very busy week! We has beed doing workings in the garden. We made sure to supervise whilst TND digged all the old lumpy grass and stones up, (TND built his house a few years ago and didn’t quite get round to the garden, not having dogs to need it nice for… then Mum and TND put down new flat grass. We like it lots! Arran did not be very happy about doing his tinkles and number 2’s out in the front garden part and he started doing more inside than outside. Especially cos it got super windy and rainy. It not totally done yet, but a lot better to run around on!


We also helped Supervise Mum doing lots of cleanings in the house and washing the carpets with a big hoover thing. We had lots of visitors this weekend, including a little baby come to stay. Mum beed very proud of us dogs and although we got very tired out and had to keep sounding the intruder alarm when people comed and went we was very well behaved. Just afore all those people we went out to do some more socialising with Arran.

We did ‘meet and greets’ with some local Horses. They liked us a lot. Arran did not be so sure if he liked them though.

DSC_0048 DSC_0049

DSC_0050DSC_0056DSC_0057 DSC_0058He liked baby Ava who came to stay (she TND’s niece) and kept on doing fly by kisses. She can walk around now, on 4 feet, but she casnot walk on 2 feets like a growed up people can.

Just afore all our guests comed to stay Mum said Arran be in his ‘painintheass’ stage of puppyhood. He certainly a pain in my tail, acoss of all the hanging on to it he does! But he  being a good boy now.

~Lickies, Ludo

Here be some piccures from the second day the childrens was here. We wented to the beach, it was not very sunny but we had fun anyway. The big boys played cricket and the little ones collected shells and accidentally tooked a critter back to their van who camed out of his shell later and caused lots of comotion. BOL! Me and Auntie Penny both got to play with a ball each. Auntie Penny was putted on my lead and allowed to run around with it dangling and got it all wet and sandy. She need it there to grab incase she hurt her knee again and she like to chase the seagulls over the rocks.

Here be the piccures.

And a video. They was all mean to me, you casnot really see it in the video as it only the last throw shown but everytime they threw the ball everyone was cheering Penny. No one was shouting ‘Come on Ludo you can get it’ was they? Not fair! Mum says that the British always route for the underdog but that not make sense cos I be the underest dog and can walk under peoples legs and stuffs and Auntie Penny can’t even do that!

Happy Easter Efurrybody. Thanks again to efurryone who was mean to Faline for me. Especially The DB’s and Suzuki who said about eating her. harharhar!
~lickies, Ludo

I is zorsted!

Too zorsted even to move for delicious chicken liver pupcakes.

Afore I get down to the proper post, I has some things to clear up! Firstly my tum seem to be all better now! Huruff! Nextist, sorry if you has beed worried about me being in prison after the nasty Faline did that post about me. I would say it not me but there be no denying it. Thanks for all your support, I will try and get some rabbit poops in the post to those who asked.. I tried to blame squirrels like Khyra said but Mum said that she knew it beed me…. But… I did it for Mum’s own good. Yellow be a stupid colour for little bowl and this way Mum had to dash out for better colour clays. How was I to know not to chew it up? Anyway, she not cry with salty tears more of an ‘oh no’ cry. I did have to be shut in a room for a while so’s she did not get in a temper with me. though. It ok anyways cos she made another one quick to send off. Here be what she sent for the swap, since some of you wanted to know what the bowl looked like afore I got my teeths on it. Mum got a very pretty cushion in return. She should give it to me really for all my helpings.

Threely; BeaWOOtiful Stormy has gived me these very lovely flowers
These pink roses are given to friends, bringing them a sweet and fruitful day. Those who receive these roses as a gift need to pass them on to ten friends to show them you care. And to those who received the roses, it’s to show you are never forgotten.”

Thanks so much AO4! If you is in my side bar and would like this award please do take it!

Okies, now onto my week.

We has had our visitors. They has just goned. They comed late at night on monday after some car troubles and Mum was very happy to see her sister and neices and nephews (and one of them brought a friend too), I was not! About half hour afore they got here Mum putted my lead on me. I thought this beed very strange and it was past bedtime. So I lied on Mum’s bed and crycried that she had forgot to take my lead off. Then I heared a car and all the peoples shot up excited. Mum took my lead and sat me in the kitchen and then all these strange puppy peoples comed in! The OP pack call them grandbipeds and these was the same thing. But some a bit bigger.

I was very scareded and did barkings and hid between Mum’s legs. She said ‘no barking at the childrens Ludo.’

You know what I has learned about childrens? They is chicken and cheese dispensers. They all gived me some which I tooked but I still beed wary about them. They be noisy and strange. Auntie Penny was all very excited and she told me childrens be really good and so super cool. She say they drop foods all the time and they always wants to play and give cuddles when adults do not.

I did not believe her. All the children I has seed afore is the kind that just want to reach out with hands and rush at me and hit my head. I sat in the corner and hid and growled at them and Mum said I was not allowed to. But then they left to go to bed so I guess my growling worked.

Next day Mum tooked me out for a walk and we went to a caravan (We lives through a caravan park where peoples come on holiday so Mum’s sister rented one to stay in, or does you USA peoples call them trailers?) and the childrens were all there! Well, I bark barked at them again. Mum said no a few times and told me to leave. Then she said ‘Right, I’ve had enough of this.’ You know what she did? Well she gived my lead and treats right to the littlest boy biped called Josh and ignored me! Well, that sure shut me up and I not barked at them anymore.

As the week went on I got more and more used to the childrens. They thought I was a very good dog and beed amazed at all my tricks. We got to do lots of fun things and they did tricks with me. They all had a go doing figure 8’s and they all stooded in a line and I did tunnels through their legs. They all argued about who got to hold my whistle and my lead and my treats and my ball and they played all the time with me, I sure was popular.

Auntie Penny was right after all!! She was alive before two of the childrens and the littlest girl children called Daisy lived with grandpawents and her Mum and my Mum in their old house for a while. Auntie Penny said she helped bring her up right and taught her how to share her food and toys and baby bottle. I think Auntie Penny did a good job teaching her. They all said they missed Auntie Penny and Auntie Penny said she missed them too and gived them hugs and kisses.

See Grandpawents and Mum used to live near them in a city near to London but when grandpaw retired and Mum went away to uni, grandpawents moved up here to the other end of the country where they used to come on holidays, so they does not get to see their grandchildrens very much.

It gonna take me a couple posts to show you all the things we did. But one of them was they helped mum make some pupcakes and they has tooked some home to their dog Noah. (well 3 of them’s dog because Daisy belong to a different sister of Mum’s really). This Noah when he beed a puppy, he be 3 now. He had to stay at home with the childrens Dad though.

I is off to do lots of catching up on all yous blogs now. Hopes you all be having a nice Good Friday.
~lickies, Ludo

lots of things

This is gonna be a busy post today! I has two tags to do and my tricky T-day blooper vid!

Zim gived me this award. Thanks so much Zim, Stormy, Amber and Dave.
I has to list 5 reasons why life is grand. Of course life be very grand for me, here some reasons why:

1. Mum makes me life grand, she looks after all my needs and is my very best friend. She takes me on fun walks and we has a good time together and I know I makes her life grand too.

2. Grandpawents are also very nice and although Mum says she and grandpawents try each others patience sometimes we is very lucky that they let us come and live with them when she and old Daddy did that breaking up thing, otherwise I might not have beed able to stay with Mummy, so we owes them a lot and we know they has had to put up with us invading their space, when they has moved into a little bungalow to retire and live by the sea by theirselves which really not big enough for us all. Someday soon we hope we’ll be out of their hairs again. Nanny reads my blog sometimes so I hope she sees this.

3. All my toys and playing with them make life grand!

4. Living by a beach makes life grand, I can go and run around off lead whenever I wants and I know that make me a very lucky dog.

5. All of you! Me and Mum loves blogging and the great community of friends we has now. Originally Mum only intended to help me do my blog whilst I was a little puppy. But we is still going now and I thinks we is hooked!!

I is supposed to pass this along to 5 others, it always so hard to choose. This time it gonna go to the potential loves in my life, Gabbi (and co), Kylie, Morgan and I is also gonna pass it onto Vodka and Suzuki I casnot wait to see why all your lives is grand.


That distinguished bear Woodstock tagged me to play the name game:

1. What is your name? Ludo
2. A four letter word? Love
3. Girl name: Lacie
4. Boy name: Latte
5. Occupation: Lighthouse keeper
6. Color: Lavender
7. Piece of clothing: Lingerie hehhehheh
8. Food: Leeks
9. Item in the bathroom: Loofah (the rabbits play with these too)
10. Place/City: Lancaster: Lancaster (where I lived before we left old Daddy)
11. A reason for being late: Ludo escaped. hehe, or Lost keys
12. Something you’d yell: LOOK OUT!
13. Movie: Lady and the Tramp
14. Something you drink: Lemonade
15. Band: Ludwig Van Beethoven. Oh, Mum says he’s not a band. She suggests Led Zeppelin.
16. Animal: Lion
17. Street name: London road
18. Car: Land Rover
19. Song: Lonely Pup in a Christmas shop I had to look through Mum’s song list for that one.
20. Activity that includes more than one participant:
Line Dancing.

Anyone else who want to play?


Here be my blooper video. It not a very good one as mum has deleted most of the older stuffs. You know what I has realised, it not my blooper video, it Mum’s. Don’t you all agree. If anybody wonders for some reason Mum finds it really funny when peoples or furries stick their necks out like tortoises. I was just looking to see if there beed any treats on the sofa.

So there you go, my blooper is my tricky T-day this week. BOL!
Sometimes Auntie Penny is really annoying, she never plays or does anything with me and I get mad at her when she be in my way or stealing my attentions or getting all barky and excited. Lately she has begun sleeping on MY (Mum says HER) bed. Which she not allowed to do!!
Still, she does be warm. Mum says probably Penny has decided we is staying and that Mum is back to being her mum now. I does not think so Auntie Penny! You is grandpawents dog!

Mum has also beed stealing my furs again. Can you believe that Penny just loves to be brushed? She sits whining until it be her turn! That little blob of fur at the side of mine is from Penny.

phew, what a busy post!!
~lickies, Ludo

About people-dogs

I is going to share some stuff I have learned about people dogs with you today. I do loves people-dogs, they is very fun and good but they do has their downsides. Firstly of all, they is very selfish. I has notice this a lot. Whenever they has some kind of yummy food they most often do not give it to us other kind of dogs, the rabbit dogs know this too. I’m sure all you other shetland rabbit-dogs and other kinds of puppy-dog have found it out too. I’m sure if mum wanted some of my meat and bones I would be happy to be sharing it.

They is also confusing. Sometimes they gives us some and sometimes not. Mum made her self a ‘crisp mas’ drink. That funny word I been hearing lots again. While I was sitting patiently waiting to see if she would be dropping any for my to snuffle up I got a big suprise cos she let me have some of the cream! See, you never know where you are with these people dogs. Molly and Faline didn’t get any though, so I must be the specialist pet more than them. All they get is hay and pellets and yummy carrits and green stuffs.

People dogs also like pretty stuffs. We been to the beach lots in the afternoons. Cos mum thinks the sun be very pretty when it goes down. I do runnings around with mum. Yesterday I ranned right through a big puddle and got all covered in water. 😦

They is also very easy to wrap around my little paw. hehe. I has a new trick where if no one is paying me attention and playing with me I go to the door and bark to go out. They has to get up incase I needs a wee, but sometimes I don’t and when they get up they looks at me and talks to me. ruff! I also winned about the bed thing, it been cold at night, and so I warm mum’s feet up on the people bed. All this thinking sure is making my brain hurt.

Mum has just reminded me I gots an award! It from my new buddy, Ludo. Yup, another Ludo! Thanks Ludo. I would like to give this award to Josh and Jessie. I love their blog and they has the same kind of adventurings that I like to do.

I been thinking a lot about this crisp mas thing and wondering what it could be. Mum says it is a secret thing, but I has to be a good pup, otherwise Santa paws wont come. What do it all mean? I not worried about Santa paws, I always a good pup. But does I want Santa paws to come?

I do wish someone would tell me.