The rabbits – by Arran

Hello everyone, It is me, the Medium sized Scamp, Arran!

I am going to tell you something very important. All about some  toys Ladee keeps trapped all the way up and up the stairs. She gets very bossy about them, they are so very fun and interesting that as soon as I get a chance I run up the stairs as fast as I can. I am very fast and squiggly! Then I have to run up the next lot of stairs even quicker! Sometimes they are shut in their room and I bark at the door for Mum ladee to come and let them out. Sometimes they are out anyway and ladee comes upstairs after me and spoils my fun.

Ludo says they are called rabbit-dogs and they are my brofur and sisfur. They bounce around like little puppies and they have food up there, they are VERY exciting! I think they are cruelly imprisoned and I do not know why ladee keeps them trapped up there when they cannot get down. (They are like me, I can only go up right now, So I have to get someone to carry me down by barking very loudly once I get to the top of the stairs, I will not try and go down by myself, oh no.)

DSC_0068 DSC_0065

But don’t worry, I go and see them whenever I can.

At first, when I was just a little scamp, Faline did not like me and she would charge at me and try and get me with her front feet and I was scared and said ‘help me Mum ladee!’ and ladee would pick me up or put me behind her, but now that I am a medium sized scamp I am not scared anymore and Faline has ‘gotten used to me’ and she does not attack me anymore. Ladee is very mean sometimes and says horrible words to me about being something called ‘respectful’ and not chasing the toys. I have no idea what respectful is and I don’t think I need to learn it. It sounds pretty boring, doesn’t it?

All I know is that if I do a good boy sit or lie down and not a running about after Faline, or putting my paws on her or Molly (Molly does not move, if he doesn’t want to no matter what I do, so I can’t chase him) then I get to stay longer.

Here Arran, I'll show you.

Here Arran, I’ll show you.

DSC_0074 DSC_0075

“This what called ‘being respectful’ you has to be polite and pretend to Mum that the rabbit-dogs be the bosses. Otherwise you will get tellings off and no more allowed on the  rabbit-dogs floor.”

DSC_0076 DSC_0082

I can do that Ludo, I will sniff both of your ears!

Now we play Mouthy Jousty?

Now we play Mouthy Jousty?

Ladee did not like that idea. She said ‘no biting near the rabbits’. I think Faline wanted to play too, right?


They went back to their crate and I am not allowed in there, but I did manage to find this toy of theirs. Finders keepers!


Tiring work for a medium sized puppy. Tiring work for a medium sized puppy.

I really like my rabbit-dog brofur and sisfur toys. I even like their pellet food that they get at night and I try and grab a whole mouthful and run away before ladee can stop me. She can be quick when she wants to be though!

I will report more on my bid to free my toys rabbit siblings another time.

-Wiggles, Arran.

Bunny Binkies

Bunny binkies be the same as doggy zoomies, so far as I can do tellings. It when you just gets this feeling inside you what so big that the only way to express it be to let it burst out you in a quick movement.

I do zoomies when TND comes home (See the tnD, thanks Reilly for the suggestion). During the sunny weather, before TNP oops, D, cut the grass in our back garden bit, he sealed off all my exits and Mum brought Molly and Faline down stairs for a look at the outside world. They has only very rarely been outside on grass and they beed a bit wary first of all. Since they eat grass, well hay… which dried grass, as the most part of their diet I guess it a bit like suddenly finding the floors all made out of kibbles. Or in my case, raw meat. A bit dis-con-cert-tion-ing. But they soon got the hang of it and started doing binkies.

Mum says they hard to capture, she and TND had a binky competition. He won.

 I stood guard.

But then I couldn’t take it anymore so I went to go sit with them.
I gived Faline a kiss on her head. But shh, don’t tell anyone!
The winning binky shots


~Lickies, Ludo

Has a lovely Crisp mas Efurry one!

 I didn’t really feel like posing today. It far too exciting! My presents is not under here, they at Grandpawents house. These presents for other peoples. But they still very exciting. I got up and licked Mum’s face and so she gave up trying to get a ‘good’ piccure.

Molly and Faline got an early Crisp mas present of a box that someon else’s present came in. It nearly fills up their whole kennel. 
Can you see Molly’s little face? 

 Some cards from previous years, since I decided not to pose.

 Auntie Penny never minded doing anything.

See you all on the other side!!! Hope you get efurrything you want!

~lickies, Ludo

Oh Crisp mas time, oh Crisp mas time…

(Note from Mum, please excuse the mess, I’m fiddling with the blog layout)

I has not posted about lovely lovely Crisp mas yet and it only 2 weeks away! I has seed some presents arrive already!
I has beed doing lots of Crisp massy things though, doesn’t do worryings about that!

TNP got himself an early Crisp mas present. I helped open it.

It beed a boring lamp.

We has our Crisp mas tree up in the living room…

 Hey Mum I is blurry!

We went to a couple of Crisp mas fairs in nearby places.
We went to one at a place called Dalemain, which did not be very good. Mum casnot find her photos of that, but I got lots of attention, of course.
And we went to a charity one at Keswick. We go to Keswick quite a lot and this year it got voted the dog friendliest town in England. It very true. There so many dogs in Keswick all the time. A lot of the shops has signs on saying dogs can come in and there a lovely vegetarian cafe called ‘Peddlars’ where we go and eat and I sit in everyone’s way.

Molly and Faline helped Mum make up a present for a rabbit rescue. Instead of doing any card swaps this year Mum signed up to be a ‘cracker’ on Rabbits United forum and sent a present to some rescue buns. She had to wrestle the treats off them and they kept getting inside the hay box and chewing the paper and all sorts of naughty things.

Mum says they misunderstood the word ‘help’.

We has a really great Crisp mas present already in Honey getting through her scary surgery!! What more could a sheltie ask for? Except for presents and treats of course!

~lickies, Ludo

Prizes for efurryone!

We all got prizes last week in my house!

Auntie Penny got her birthday cake prizes. She win at life. And at being a Super Springy Spaniel, (with a bit of arthrytis)

I won some prizes at my dog clubs fun show. We raised money for a local dog rescue. Mum beed pleased with me, but thought I should have done better in some of the serious obedience classes. I got one third and one 5th in those we think. It showed her we need to do work in different places and without treats more. In class I is perfect! (Mum says except for all the barking).

I got placed in the non-sporting pedigree and I got a place in most handsomest dog and I entered best mismatched pair with my friend Nell and we got third in that.

Getting judged, can you see Nell looking after my bandana for me?

 Doing a stay in starters obedience.

 And a heel in clever clogs (I didn’t get anything in this one, but there did be some bits in it we has not done before, like picking up a weird hard tube. I did do it once I knew what Mum wanted, but we had brought my own dumbell with us for the retrieve, which tooked us ages to change cos I doesn’t like holding hard things in my mouth. I is not a retriever Mum!

 They had a fastest recall and I did pretty well and got 9.7 seconds over 50 yards, but I did not place in the top 6th. My friend Nell goes really fast and she got down to 8.3 seconds and came third. A little spaniel called Jess won, cos you had to clip on the lead and touch the post and Nell casnot stop that quickly. Mum says I probably would have gone faster if TNP be at the other end.

 Show me my ribbon Mum!
The clever clogs winners. Jess at the end really loves looking at her Mum, sometimes I think she must get a neck crick! (yes, nearly planet border collie, but not quite)

I didn’t do my trick for best trick though. It the last class of the day and Mum did not enter me, since she could tell I did not be in a trick mood and she didn’t want to practice and get me all excited before the obedience. But Grandma came with us and entered us anyway. I did it but really half heartedly and we only got 5th. (out of 5, bol!) But the 1st to 3rd winners didn’t just do one trick, so Mum thinks maybe we misinterpreted the rules, as I just did a reverse around Mum, (plus the winner, a working labrador, did retrieves of dummies, in order, which really very clever, but it his job, so we could never have competed with that with just a little fun trick, so Mum says we can take some consolation from that.)

 Anyways, the most important but be that I got lots of attentions and lots of treats (every ribbon got you a gift bag of stuff from fish for dogs (all free from wheat, yippee!) So I has plenty of treats now!

Molly and Faline got their prizes through from Garth’s silly photo contest.

 Molly inspected it for ediibility.
 Mum hung their very cool prizes up in their room.

Thanks so much Garth, Molly and Faline be very pleased to get a parcel of their own and for someone to have recognised their brilliance!!

~lickies, Ludo

pee ess: I is going on Hol-ee-day again soon! Huruff!!