Catching up


Ludo here! Well, it be a long time since I has posted properly about what I be doing. That because I be doing so much! As usual, the peoples is busy with work in the summer and doing some D.I.Y. and of course, fun stuffs with us, which means me and Mum doesn’t get so much computer time.

I here to do a post, just to catch you up with what’s been going on in Ludo land! Of course, I has lots of full length posts to show you too.

Grandpawents moved house (again) and we looked after Rusty whilst they moved and then we escorted him to their new home. Rusty does be very bad in the car and I has to tell him off for touching me with his cootie feet and also making Arran lean into me cos of being ascared.

They has a lovely new bungalow now, much bigger than afore and we all like it a lot. It quite a bit nearer too so it make it easier to see our Grandpawents and Rusty. Even though there are lots of new things to bark at.

Here Arran and Rusty checking out the garden. Grandpaw has been working hard to get it up to scratch!

We also got a new house sorta cos we got a new tent!

Our new home away from home.

Mum got it cos now there three of us camping (me, Mum and Arran) we has already used it to go to two agility shows. It much more roomy and comfy and now we has two rooms.

We did not has wonderful summer weather this year. But we did get some nice days, nice enough for ice cream!

and relaxing

Me and Mum found some knit bombs at a local beach. They be everywhere!


or knit bombs, tea anyone?

I tried to take one home with me, but Mum put it back. No fair.

Of course, we squeezed in plenty of beach time.

We had a little holiday…

Cawick ‘multiverse’

Supervised some garden work.

We has to be on high alert now Arran!

And gained a new furry family member!

Abigail and Poppy the puppy

That Mum’s neice, Abi, and her new puppy, Poppy. I is trying to pretend the puppy does not exist, which pretty hard cos they is all living at grandpawents at the moment!

We also got our piccure in Dog’s Today magazine. Mum sent in the photo of all us Elanmore’s at Ennerdale. Doesn’t we look good in print?

And we started back for the winter term at our dog training club. That makes me happy!


Mum does a lot with our club, as well as taking us, she on the committee and helps organise things too.

Ok, I think that it! How bout you, has you all had good summers?

~lickies, Ludo!

pee ess: I also did something a little bit naughty (just a little)
It made a mess in Mum’s car, but I got to eat forbidden people food, so it worth it.

Mum picked up food from a restaurant to take to grandpawents when they had lots of family visiting and When Mum stopped I squeezed myself through to the front seat where Mum had put the first batch of food and helped myself to someone’s (it be Grandma’s actually) dinner what tipped over a bit. Mum be so mad at me! She managed to save what still be’d in the box but I got most of the chicken. I had creamy sauce on my muzzle and I liked it! Mum phoned Dad and tattled on me and didn’t talk to me for the whole journey. Plus I made the food go in all the little gaps in the car, like in the seatbelt clip.

Ah, I would do it all again too!

Wanna play?


Do you Mum?

I know you cas not resist my adorable face. Let’s go up to the field acoss all the sheeps is inside for lambing time and we can run around without getting sandy and needing to have a bath!

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What my gal gived to me.

My Gal Morgan sent me some stuffs. After I had my scary chokings on my collar she told me all about the harness she wears and her sensitive trachea. Her Mom helped us find a place in the UK that selled them so I has a handsome new ‘easy walk’ harness. Mum likes it a lot and is gonna get one for Auntie Penny too. Morgan also recommended us some bungee leads which she and Maisie has so’s our feets don’t get caught up.

Well, Morgan and her Mom very kindly ordered us the leads and sent us some other stuffs too.

“smells like my gal!”

Look at this very handsome American bandana! And matching tennis balls!

She also sent us the bully sticks from the post afore this one too. From her own private stash!!

And… My Mum got a present too!

Look, rabbit-dogs on a t-shirt, with a very important message about new ters on it. Mum said it fits very nicely and she wored it to work yesterday and got asked about it lots.

Here be Mum showing off with the new leads. hehe!

Thanks so much beautiful!!

Oh yes, Another of Mum’s sisters be coming down tomorrow with 4 different childrens to the ones I met afore. Mum hopes I will be ok with them now I met the others. We will see if they nice to me or not!

Happy cat day too! Here a piccure of Pepe lounging in the sun. I does not think he misses OD at all!
He gets to go outside now, with no lead on! When he lived with us afore he only be allowed in the garden because we lived near a road, but it all countrysidey now and he has taken to exploring, but he always comes back and he not allowed out after 7pm, still not fair he allowed and I not. He has already lost 2 safety collars and name tags!! I wonder what he does with no Mum there to throw balls and talk to him on his walks?

~lickies, Ludo

pee ess: 20 to go! I could not post yesterday cos Mum beed so busy with workings we didn’t even get a chance to turn the computer on! But I has lots of things to show you alls. I looking forward to joining in with Stella’s choir!

So much stuffs for me!!!

On the day before my blogaversary, all this stuffs came from the letter man!
ok, so, they wasn’t exactly all for me, some beed for Mum, some beed for the rabbits, and some beed stuff for ‘not tricky T-day’ and for some special to me pups. But i did get some, and it did be very exciting indeed! I wanted to open them!

Some beed some meant to be practice agility stuffs for me, but, Mum found that they had the wrong one, this will not do, she saided and she rung them up and emailed them, we still waiting to find out what they say…
I got a handsome new ID tag. My old one still had our old address on it. It a dog tag to go with my tough new GI dog stuffie!

It comed with a chain, but it attached to my collar now. I also gotted new training stuffs, a new training bag for Mum, target stick (mine broked) and a hands free i-clicker. oh, and I gots some disposable water bowls for when we go camping soon. I also got a tug-a-jug. I seed Miss Kylie has one of these and she very good at it, but I not, I got bored and gived up.

Bestest of all though, be this clever new puzzle plushie. It sooooo the best stuffie ever, it a million stuffies in one and so very fun. I can even put them back in it now too. They make all different kinds, one of them we has got for the lucky tricky t-day player, so I had to have one to test it out.

Let me tells you, it sure be pawsome. It my new favourite, good for playing tug, catch and clever with! Mum say it my blogaversary present. So happy Blogaversary to me!!

~lickies, Ludo


How did I gets brown on me? Well, Mum and grandpaw tooked all the stuffs out of her room. I thoughted, great! We living in the living room now, so that be good cos it nearer my food bowls. But then they put stinky colours all over the walls. They call it paint. Paint stinks real bad so I kept out the way most of the time. I only wented in once and I managed to get brown on me. Oh well. Mum has a lot of stuffs huh? I not allowed any of it, which not fair.

Mum had to move our room around to fit in all the stuffs from OD’s. We got to sleep on the new sofa, which I not be allowed on, while the paint dried.
It beed like an adventure! Only it beed really really, very too hot here at the moment so Mum kicked me off after a bit.

The room all done now and it not any different to me, but Mum like it and say it feel more like hers now, (even though it really be mine) so if she happy, I happy. Here what it look like.

And here my blogging area!

Of course the biggest change be the one you knows about… Pepe!
Well, Pepe has gotted very unfairly and rudely spoiled. He not deserve it, cos he not upset at all about moving and has got right back into his old habit of ruling me with his strong paws.

This big hugeunormous box camed. A package for me! No Mum!? But all packages be for me!!

It all beed for Pepe! A little toilet house. And this cool looking giant stuffy thing. I tried to get inside but my shoulders got stucked and I could not get out! It be soo scary but Mum just laugh laughed at me. Horrible Mum.

Even Molly and Faline got stuffs. Like this little house, I so wanted it too. (See how stupid and moulty Faline look?)

Can you believe Mum didn’t get me ANYTHING. Nothing AT ALL! I beed thinking right then that I might just hate Pepe if Mum gonna play favourites and get him and the rabbit-dogs cool things and not me. Then she went out. Outside without me. I cried for a bit, then barked angrily then was just about to send out an SOS to get yous all to call the RSPCL (Royal society for the protection of cruelty to Ludo’s) When she comed back through the door.

With this.

And…. Even better
Foods! I gots pork loins, ox tail, lamb necks, a whole pig shank to chew on. (carefully) and 3 different fishies

ah, all forgiven Pepe.

Even though changes can be confusing for a young little dog like me, I very glad these ones happened, I can tell Mum be a lot more happier and settled now all the stuffs with OD be over.
~lickies, Ludo

True colours and… yum!

It be True Colours Thursday again (hosted by Poopsie, AKA Blue) and today’s colour be Scarlet.

Here the things I found.

Please click to Bigify
Mum’s birthstone be a thing called Garnet, so those is some things with scarlet garnets in, she also has lots of scarlet tops and a lipstick. Then I has 3 toys with Scarlet in them and this wall and flowers be scarlet too!

Now I seed on the Dughallmor beagles that they found a telephone box. As I is in Britain I thought I best find one too to impress yous all. There not many around anymore but I found this old one, it is not scarlet as it be all worn from being old and by the sea and it not have a phone inside anymore, only wires, it just kept for lookings at.

Mum had Pancakes for breakfast this morning, they smelled good! I likes to seat in the chair opposite Mum while she eat her breakfast. I know them trainer types people say dogs should not sit at the table, but I likes it and I does not try and gets the food, I just not like sitting on the floor. Mum saved that nearest one to her for me and Auntie Penny. It had no syrup but was still yum!

See? Yum!

On monday I went and collected some things from the beach to send to Pedro. Here some of what I found, I be choosing what to send to him. He should has it soon.

Ah, it beed a lovely sunny day here, I wented to the little town with Mummy, we went to the pet shop and I picked out some treats for my birthday and a present to send to someone, we went on a extra walk to find the phone box and played outside. I did not want my dinner from my bowl so I did lots of tricks for it instead. I think I be getting love sick.

~lickies, Ludo

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