Think back Thursday

Since I will has had my blog 5 whole years this summer Mum thought it might be a nice idea to set aside a day to look back on some of my past adventures, or just a photo she likes, like some of my blog friends do already. I put my thinking cap on. And that gived me a great idea for a name. Think back Thursday! How did I get so clever? I is even gonna get Mum to schedule them in advance, so even if she says, sorry Ludo, we has no time for blogging! I will has a blog up once a week! Hurruff!
The first piccure I choosing be this one… Ok not of me, but still great!

Two summers ago!

~Lickies, Ludo

pee ess: Mum just seed it called ‘Throw back thursday’ and has a name and everything. But that sounds a bit American in terminology for us, so we will use think back. BOL!