A post of reminding.

Hurro! It me, Ludo! I is back. We did not really mean to take a break. My Mum has beed having ‘typist’s block’ lately. You see, my family lost someone very dear and important to us around the time of Crufts and since I is such a happy boy and we was not going to say anything Mum has beed having trouble putting her own mind out of the way to channel me. Wordsworth described it in a poem.

“I heard a thousand blended notes,

While in a grove I sat reclined,

In that sweet mood when pleasant thoughts

Bring sad thoughts to the mind. ”  -Wordsworth, Lines written in early spring.

My Dad (TND) he has a most wonderful Mum of his own, called Elizabeth and she had beed battling that horrible cancer. It came time that she could not go on any longer and she had to leave us.


With baby Ava.

Me and Arran has beed doing our best to keep our peoples spirits up and giving extra cuddles to TND, even though it sometimes annoy him. We know what best for him after all. Elizabeth be a wonderful lady, she had a nice voice, just the kind us doggies like and lets us know here be a good person, who we can trust and wont be mean. She knew just where to give the best scratches. She thought I be a handsome lovely boy and always interested in what I doing and she even let me sit on her nice furnitures and let me lick the plates. I looked for her in her house when we went round and wagged my tail waiting but she not there anymore.

She be a super clever kind of Mum too. The kind like in books that makes super delicious foods and can make clothes and grow plants and look after her children and have a career all at the same time! On Mum’s birthday this year, even though she beed very ill she gived Mum a present.



It a water colour painting of me with a smile on my face, we will treasure it. I bet she taught TND some of the things I like best about him. His kindness and caring and his love of good food and nature and his good sense to help him look after us.

At her funeral there be a poem read, “You can cry; close your mind, be empty and turn your back. Or you can do what she would want, smile, open your eyes and arms. Love and go on.” I will help remind my peoples to do that.

It my birthday on Sunday, I will be 6! How growed up and big!! I is not hasing a party, but I is sure Mum will make sure I has a nice day.

On the topic of enjoying things, here me and Arran checking out some of the goodies Mum brought back from Crufts with her.

~Lickies, Ludo!

The ‘New’ Forest

A few weeks ago (that how behind we is in blogging!)
Me and Mum and TNP got invited to go spend a weekend in a cottage in a place called The New Forest with TNP’s brothers. We had a nice time. It beed good and muddy and even though I did not really like hasing to get my feet washed everytime we came back indoors I did like getting them muddy. I does not think the New Forest very new at all, it one of those ‘trick’ things people do, like saying ‘we going for walkies  soon’ when they mean, in ages!

Firstly of all I got groomed to within an inch of my life! So I would not shed fur.

But I is sure I still left just one or two behind.

It a long drive for us so we stopped at a hotel on the way down. Luckily Travellodges let dogs stay.

Not as glamorous as my usual standards but I like any kind of adventure. No lifts in this one, but stairs is still fun.

I like our cottage. I shared a room with Mum and TNP.
TNP’s older brother and his wife has a baby, so Mum did be a bit worried but I did lots of good boy ignorings of her and only sniffed her when a little bit of her dangled near me. (Like her foot) She smelled ok. But she makes funny noises.

The New Forest has lots of animals roaming around in it. Donkey’s, really little ponies, and not so little ponies!

Mum really liked that grey one.
 We tried to get a family pawtrait

Mum also got a sparkly from TNP whilst we beed there. TNP asked Mum a important question when they went on hol-ee-day and so he had to get Mum a present apparently.  I does not know why that means *I* did not get a present though.
~Lickies, Ludo!
Pee ess: It took me so long to get this up because we had Mum’s family visiting and also, Mum’s computer takes sooo long to do anything it very annoying for her. I even had my birthday and didn’t post. I 5 now! 

Mum and TNP’s trip

Here the piccures from Mum and TNP’s trip for his birthday. They went to a very nice little luxury hotel called the Holbeck Ghyll and they didn’t even take me. Also I heard that the people in the next door room tooked their dog. Mum says I wouldn’t have liked to have gone and been left in the room while they ate dinner, but I think I should have beed the judge of that!

It beed a place just up a hill from lake Windermere, one of our biggest lakes here in the lake district. I has never beed to this one cos Mum says it be too touristy and crowded. Mum said words like pretty and traditional and stuff like that. Pawsonally I think the furnishings looked very comfy for a little dog to rest his head… hm.

They went mostly cos TNP really likes his food. I think he learned that from me. He likes to experience ‘fine dining’ and so he has been to a couple of restaurants which has won a thing called a michelin star, which means they cook very well but also you get good service and a good ‘ambience’ which different to an ambulance and so not something to worry about. Mum says I would not appreciate the care and time the chefs take to make the food, and she probably right. I doesn’t even eat mine cooked most of the time.

Me not being able to go aside I think Mum and TNP had a really nice time. TNP’s mouth waters whenever he thinks of the food and Mum had a ‘to die for’ (literally if we furs ate it hehe) nice chocolate dessert. Mum especially likes the waiter people who is all very nice to you and do things like help you choose your wine and put your napkin in your lap and tell you all about the food on your plate. She say it pretty much like stepping back in time and experiencing what being in the upper class be like when people had servants to tend to their every whim. She should try being a dog for a day huh!

Ok, now for piccures. First, the place. They not really in any order and I think you will be able to tells the ones that TNP tooked to the ones that Mum did. BOL!

 The view.
 TNP in the bedroom
 From the bedroom window.

 An interesting American at dinner. He be asking about lambs.
 One of the lounges

 The cheek!
 The hotel grounds

 More inside the hotel

Can you believe that sneaky cat! Mum and TNP went after work so had to get in their room and get ready for dinner quick. You is not allowed to wear jeans or t-shirts or trainers, so I suprised they let them in. hehe! You sit in one lounge to order your food and have canape’s and a drink, then you go through for dinner and then you go to a different lounge for coffee or tea and some petit fours. Mum just loves looking at all the little details that they took such care over ‘back then’ like the door handle bits and windows… she also tooked a piccure of in one of the lounges there be drawings of dogs, and they had little plaques saying they was by the ‘proprieter’ when he be 16. Guess that why it allows dogs huh?

Here some pics of the food, not good piccures, cos Mum just tooked a little camera.

 TNP had lots of kinds of mushrooms on his beef dinner and he picked out two baby ones for Mum cos he knows she likes mini things, like the little mini doggies she makes.

 Pudding, Mum’s favourite!

 And the tiny petit fours.

The next day they went round Windermere and met some swans! They also went in a little sweet shop and Mum bought some fudge. I got a little of that.

The drive home! Back to me! They both had a very good time!
~lickies, Ludo

Look who here!

She my furiend and we has lots of fun playing together. When Sally’s pawrents go on hol-ee-day she comes to us… well, grandpawents, for her own hol-ee-day. She gonna stay with me and Mum at our place sometimes too. Like tonight. Me and Mum and Sally went on the walk across the golf course.

Sally always likes to has something in her mouth and shake it around, but I got it from her sometimes!
The cliffs be eroding quite quickly and you can see in places where there big holes and bits falling away. Soon the walk might go right through the golf course. BOL. Dogs is supposed to be on the lead, but of course me and Sally be super good dogs and doesn’t run onto the golf course like some dogs (Auntie Penny).

Sally be 8 years old now and she not the best bred doggy, so she starting to slow down a bit now and needs to lie down every now and then at the end of the walk. I let her go first cos I a big growed up dog so need to keep sniffing everything.
Mum tooked my elephant and carried it so Sally could have a good pant, we rested enough to have a game of catch at the end.

I really like having Sally here, she can play bitey face so much better than Mum or the rabbit dogs!
~lickies, Ludo

Oh, pee ess: It TNP’s birthday today. Happy Birthday TNP!

Back from Hol-ee-day!

I has had another PAWSOME hol-ee-day with Mum and TNP. But mostly TNP cos I much prefers him to Mum. He only says nice things to me and does not do tellings off and he just give me his food even I just look at him. I think Mum jealous cos she going to me ‘oh, tnp I love you’ in a silly insulting voice. Well she should be jealous cos TNP like me best and even let me sleep on his feet all night till mean mum kicked me off. (Mum said that TNP told her too cos he beed complaining he couldn’t move and he too soft to do it, but I not believe her).

Anyways, I has to be quickly today cos Mum gonna go watch X-factor. Notice she updated her stupid attentions-taking blog afore mine? So here some piccies I will post more when we get the better piccies from TNP’s better-than-mum’s camera.

Ah, TNP. *sigh*
~lickies, Ludo

Shiney shiney sunshine!

Oh! How I loves it! I has had a lovely day today. It beed shiney shiney sunshine allllll day. I sat out in it with Pepe and Auntie Penny and soaked up the rays while Mum be at work. I saw TNP drive past and cried a bit and Grandma teased me and said ‘aw, did you see your boyfriend.’ Mum says I think TNP be even better than sliced bread. Well, yeah! Unless that bread has cheese or tuna or something in it.

When I sees TNP I does my special happy wiggly zoomies and I bitey on his thumb.

Anyways, I has just got back from the pub. Mum and me and Grandpaw went and I got to sniff some other doggies and eat some icecubes and get lots of their sandwiches. We got back and Grandpaw tooked Auntie Penny out and I got annoyed and did barkings at her. Mum says she casnot understand how my mind works since I had just come back from being out. But hey, I wants to go all the time.

The other day me and Mum and TNP wented back to Ennerdale lake. There beed lots of green and flowers and pretty things. TNP tooked some piccures so here they be. Oh and I barked at a cow. In some places in the Lake District they is doing forest management, trying to get the right kind of old English trees and plants and animals back where they used to be. One of the things they did is introduce some old breeds of cow what used to be wild here cos apparently they eat and trample the plants that the forest peoples don’t want. We came across some and ate our lunch and one comed to say hello, It beed about 4 leaps away. I snuck up near it and Mum got scared and TNP tried to say Hello so I barkbarked at it and it got scared. hahaha!

Mum chucked it her apple core which I did not be happy about.

The pics is just all jumbled up acause Mum be lazy.

~lickies, Ludo