When I went to Oxford

Hurro, Ludo here!

You know, Mum was looking through some of our photos the other day and she realised there a lot of stuff we planned to blog about and she neglected my blog never got around to posting. So here an adventure from 3 and a half years ago, afore Arran comed along, when I went on Holiday to the Cotswolds and visited the city of Oxford.

Oxford a city in the UK and it famous for it’s colleges and big fancy buildings also, it has no cars inside it.


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The other day I gots to go to town. I likes going to town lots, there lots of things to sniff and do and people always say how unusual I is.

Mum and grandpaw went into the people eye store to get Grandpaws glasses fixed. There beed another dog in there, a little chihuahua, she beed a big huge flirt with me, even though I sure she married cos her peoples said she expecting her first litter. The eye doctor people said they should advertise the store as a dating service. I told them Scooby already had one.

Then we went for a look in the craft store, Mum got some papers. Boring.

Then the best bit! Tada!

We doesn’t get to go in the big petstore places cos Mum there none round here and Mum does not buy things from places that sell pets unless she has to. First we stop and tut at the rabbit hutches, hehehe!

The biscuit aisle, even though I doesnot get anything from there.
I picked out a treat for me. This not our favourite pet store, that one in a different town, but we got a few bits we needed like biscuits for Pepe.
Ah, funs!

Oh yes, the childrens and Auntie Toni be here. They very nice, good players! I showed them my tricks and they has beed very good at keeping me busy while Mum been at work. I will post about them later. I hopes I get to visit all your blogs, but if not, I thinking of yous!
~lickies, Ludo