Hurro furiends,

It me, Ludo!

Since I last posted I is not been doing so well. My cancer being very annoying and ouchy and not feeling comfortable at all. I is trying to not notice but it getting very hard. I still like to try and go out for walkies but we doesn’t seem to get far and I need to go to the toilet all the time, even though I can’t!

Mum has been trying to help me take my mind off it by playing little games on the floor and rolling the ball to me and we has been doing some tricks and playing find the treats and playing with my ‘brain game’ toys.

Mum and TND help us do them as I doesn’t have the same energy to figure out how to do them by myself.


Like me Arran, not with your feets for this part. You has to pull, push and nudge this one.abraintoy

I make sure I tell Arran not to come near me when I is doing my treat games. He being a very good little brother at the moment and not being all annoying and sniffing me all the time, like he did be when I first got cancer. I hope Stella forgives me for my very mean face. Hehe! Don’t do worryings, he would not come anywhere near me when I show him my mean face.


We made a video but it not very good as Mum does not really has a proper video recorder! I has fun doing my tricks even though I cas not do some of them so well as I used to. My lump very big now. ūüė¶ I is very happy when we is doing ‘take my mind off it’ things but when we is not I is not quite so happy.

I is going back to the vets someday soon and Mum says that maybe I will see my Auntie Penny. Mum is a bit teary about that but I will try my best to cheer her up!

~Lickies, Ludo!

pee ess: Thank you so much for sticking with us and all your nice comments. Sorry that we haven’t been by to your blogs in a while.


A fox and a Hound… playing together!



Everyone keeps on saying to Mum how much Arran looks like a little fox (or a normal size fox, since they be pretty small anyways). She even hears it just walking past people. ‘Look at that dog, he looks like a little fox!’

Well, one of Mum’s favourite films be called ‘The fox and the hound.’ and one of the characters says ‘Would you look at that, a fox and a hound, playin’ together!’

So I gives you…












Want it Mum??

~Lickies, Ludo!



3 posts in 1 week!!

I thinked you might like to see more piccures from our dog club Christmas party after Arran showed you one of us all dressed up as Reindogs!

lureindeer2 lureindeer arranreindeerLuArReindeer



Here we be with our friend George(ina) who tooked Arran to the pawty so he could come too.

party2 arrangame


Lots of dogs did has much better costumes than us, but we still won a prize.

Mum started doing the website, including a blog, for our dog club, so if you wants to see more piccures (though not including me) you can go here.

Want a sneak preview? Mum calls this one ‘adorable puppy’.



Arran really did likings of our prize, a squeaky Christmas pudding! (we got treats and collars too! for winning some team games.)




~Lickies, Ludo!


I Love toys!

Even though I did not get to post on my birthday because we had family visiting I did has a nice time. I got that sheepbum toy in the piccure and we went to the beach and had a fun time. Mum felt a bit bad that I didn’t really get that much though and so she got me that armadillo in the middle. I like it a lot cos it honks and it squishy! TNP says it sounds like a duck, so he called duckadillo now. He has squeakers in his feets too!
Waiting patiently

I choose duckadillo!

Way to focus the camera Mum! 

Not play time? Sigh!

TNP beed watching football so I didn’t get to play with duckadillo for very long.
Duckadillo my favourite and I will love him forever! At least until I get my next new toy!

~Lickies, Ludo
Pee ess: Mum says thank you for all the nice congratulations. We doesn’t know what else to call TNP. He calls himself chump sometimes, would that do? hehe!

Stimulating my brains

For Crispmas I got this new toy, it like a treat ball or kong, only harder. I has always liked to get food out of things like my kong, or a puppy thing I had which I liked lots. (I on a train in that video)

! I had a tornado, but it beed very easy for me. This Nina Ottoson Dog Casino, be ranked hard. It took me a couple of minutes to figure it out, Mum followed a couple of the steps in the guide but then left me to it. This about the 3rd time I has done it all on my own and it takes me under 5 minutes. Make one really challenging huh Nina? hehe.

Well, it really miserable and windy and rainy here and I sulking cos my TNP has goned away on hol-ee-day for a whole week and I not gonna see him for ages. *sigh*
~lickies, Ludo