Tricky T-day – closing doors

This still a work in progress, we doesn’t have the proper cue words in yet and I got a bit confused cos Auntie Penny gets all excited when we go round to grandpawents. But, here me, being helpful.

We started learning this at school. It uses a basic nose touch/target which can be taught pretty easily just by ‘capturing’ ie, marking (with a click, yes, good boy etc) and rewarding (with a treat) touching your nose to something, a hand or piece of paper for example. When you can do that well progress to a wall and lengthen the amount of touching time before you get a treat. For the other version, get your pawson to hold something which you can tug on and they can reward you for doing that. Best not to start on the door right away cos you want your pawson to be able to feel if you is tugging properly and not just trying to actually play tug!

~lickies, Ludo

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Tricky and True colours thursday.

Here a very quick put together video (Mum has to go work) of how my fetching slippers trick be progressing. We coulda learned it easier, I thinks, if Mum had just told me to get the slippers. Cos I know get it. But she say she didn’t want me to get the wrong idea and think of her slippers as toys. She say they not toys, I must only fetch them. Spoil sport. We tried it with her old small slippers and the bigger ones. She want me to learn to fetch by just the bobbly bits in the end. Auntie Penny just got back from the groomer and looks very pretty, but smells too sweet and not at all like a dog.

Also, here some of the sky blue we found for true colours. These were tooked at the agiligy show with today in mind!

tRicky T-day

Welcome to tRicky T-day! Recently me and Mum has been working on improving some of my existing tricks and being able to do them in different positions and with her moving about too, ready to do dancing like Honey! It a big work in progress… Also I was super hyper excited all week with having the childrens here.

The cross paws bit we struggling with is Mum wants me to cross my feets when she does, then do a roll over when she spins round. This confusing me so we gone back to basics for now just trying to get good on cross feets. I does not like to do cross feets, I like to do ones where I run about like mad!

This T-day marks a month of T-days with the objects prompt (well actually it be on tuesday but I could not post then). I said I would send a little goody bag to my favourite trickster. You may has noticed the funny way or writing tRicky T-day today. Well, that cos I has chose Ricky. I chose Ricky cos he has posted good trick videos consistently. He kept trying with the freetiming even though it unnerved him a bit and came up with some good results I think that deserves special recognition. Congrats Ricky!

For this next month to give some inspiration I thought it would be fun for us to try and learn a ‘helpful trick’ This week I gonna try and learn how to fetch Mum’s slippers. You could try learning how to open a cupboard, alert your pawrent to a noise, help with laundry etc. Let’s show people how useful tricks can be!

Does not forget that if you want to join the players list on the side to let me know.

~lickies, Ludo

pee ess: Mum has started organising our tour of England! It very exciting! So if you want to come and has not comment RSVP’d there not long to go.

Tricky T-day

For this bunch of tricky T-days I has suggested you work on tricks involving objects. I said I would post about free timing as a way of coming up with the tricks, so here you go.

Free timing where you gets to come up with your own tricks, it really give the brain a good workout but gets you lots of treats. At first it can be a bit confusing but I bet you’ll all get the hang of it, then you get to feel really clever!

That me doing some free timing with an ironing board.
It easiest to start off with a box, but since I do quite a bit of free timing Mum had to try and find objects I had not used afore.

Here another one with some sort of foamy thing we found in the shed.

It kinda harder for your person to do this, because it make them practice their patient skills while they wait for you to figure things out, and decide what they want to reward (called shaping) into a trick.

Once your person has seed a behaviour they think would make a good trick, or start of trick they should stop clicking for anything else you do and click for just the thing they liked. This can be the frustrating bit for you as you might be thinking, like I do, ‘Hey Mum! I did something then, where my treat be?’ if it take you a while to repeat the behaviour your person should give you extra treats so it make you wanna repeat it again and again. Once you done the same thing about 5 times your person can finally say something. They can say whatever word they want the trick to be till you understand. It may take a few sessions/days to get the the stage where you have a trick, but it worth it! If the trick be something like my back leg lift you can transfer it to other objects, or no objects too!

As far as me and Mum can tell there two main ways to learn tricks. One be called capturing and one be called luring. Free timing be a capturing kind, apparently we dogs hold the learnings in our heads better when we learn through capturing, I guesses because it be a more natural thing for us to do and also we has learned it ourselves. As you can see from the video I really likes my back leg tricks, which we captured doing sorta free timing with a book, you can see that in a past tricky T-day. Luring be where you is coaxed into doing a certain thing, for my tricks we mostly use a mixture of capturing and luring.

Here some more videos of things that could (and sometimes have) be learned through capturing during free timing.

My bubbles trick

Some stuff from free timing with a box when I beed little and living in our old house.

Stuff on a sweet tin.


Does not be forgetting the competition part. I will pick my favourite object based trick from a months worth of posting (To give you time to figure one out. You don’t have to use free timing to get it either) and you will get a cool goody bag. In it will be This book staring my Auntie. Some of my favourite tricky treats, some other tricky tools and some fun stuffs. So I hope you all play and that can be some incentive for you.

~lickies, Ludo

oh, pee ess: We has just realised that actually, it be tuesday today, not yesterday when this be posted. I think that Dotty hen thing Mango’s Momma has be catching through the internets. Lock up your Mum’s!

Tricky T-day Catch up and TCT!

About time I catched up with Tricky T-day huh?

Here a list of efurryone who done playings so far, with a little thingy on what they beed learning. I updating my side bar too, let me know if I missed anyone.

tRicky Ricky has beed playing and has some great videos up! Including tricks and agilities. Has a look at his first page for some great links to places to get trick ideas from. I currently learning one of Ricky’s tricks, going backwards through Mum’s legs.

Honey has posted lots of great videos, not only of her pawsome tricks, but also of how to learn clicker training. She and Hsin-yi be the bestest teachers and Honey a great inspiration to any dog who thinks they casnot do learnings. Honey has a Tricky T-day badge you can use too. If you want to link to Trick-T-day even if you not taking part you can use anyone of out badges.

Oreo and Misty be so very good at doing tricks! They has posted some very clever paw based tricks, not to mention all the others and learn something new nearly everyday it seem. They also has very fun videos to watch!

Mason Dixie posted a video of her catching her treats and a wooftastic video of her diving trick. So athletic! Such natural ability and something I cannot do at all! I too scared!

Khyra has played too. Check out her catching skills! Khyra’s trick really show the great thing about tricks, treats! Haroo!

Last, but very not least! The pretty Katie has beed posting about how she getting on with her paw tricks. Katie a very good obedience dog, so that a good trick in itself. I casnot wait to hear more on your tricks Katie!

I thinks that efurryone, please let me know if I missed you. Also, if anycritter wants a badge like mine or Oreo’s or Honey’s made please do peemailings to

Now we all getting the hang of things I is thinking of spicing things up a bit. This month, in addition to any tricks you already working on you might like to try something called free timing. This basically just a trick with an object. In free timing you supposed to just come up with your own trick. It very good cos to start with you just get rewarded for everything. I will post a video tuesday to show what I mean. It easier to start with a box. Even if you does not do free timing you can still post a trick that you can do with an object. Any object you likes.

At the end of the month I will send a goody bag to my favourite object trick and you can be trickster of the month and choose the next kind of trick for us to all work on. Have fun efurryone!

Don’t forget, if you add a tricky t-day label to your tricky t-day posts I can link right to them.

Oh yes! Cats can do tricks too. Pepe can do a sit, but that cat not Pepe.

Now for True colours thursday!
I missed quite a few of these! Today be Navy, here what I found out on my walk.

Lickies, Ludo

oh! Pee ess!
I got this very nifty award from Dennis while I beed away.

It meaned a very lot to me and Mum, thanks so much Dennis and Dada!

Tricky T-day

Hello, it be tricky T-day! I has not done all the things I wanted to for it cos Mum be poorly sick with a cold. I has beed helping her get better by giving lots of cuddles so’s she can feel well enough to take me to agility tomorrow.

I going to link to efurrypup properly for Thursday now instead, for now, here be a video of some of the tricks we be working on at the moment.

I casnot wait to get round to see what you all been up to for T-day!

~lickies, Ludo

I did a little bit of crawl in there but Mum be naughty getting me to do that. We not allowed anymore, cos in my classes we learning distance downs for an emergency stop. Well everytime I went down I crawled forward till I reached Mum’s hand. Apparently