3 posts in 1 week!!

I thinked you might like to see more piccures from our dog club Christmas party after Arran showed you one of us all dressed up as Reindogs!

lureindeer2 lureindeer arranreindeerLuArReindeer



Here we be with our friend George(ina) who tooked Arran to the pawty so he could come too.

party2 arrangame


Lots of dogs did has much better costumes than us, but we still won a prize.

Mum started doing the website, including a blog, for our dog club, so if you wants to see more piccures (though not including me) you can go here.

Want a sneak preview? Mum calls this one ‘adorable puppy’.



Arran really did likings of our prize, a squeaky Christmas pudding! (we got treats and collars too! for winning some team games.)




~Lickies, Ludo!



I has decided to be kind and let Mum show you some more of Arran. Then it all back to me, cos after all, I far more interesting.

I rather like the little guy!  (Mum tooked this on her Ipad, we has beed sitting out in the garden a lot in the morning to try and get Arran to go to the toilet, so it pretty wobbly and then goes sideways.)

I dunno why Mum didn’t get me one afore!

He a very cheeky scamp. Mum and TND calling him scamp.

He learning the things I can already do.
He a bit better than this now, too.

Plus he gets fed lots of times a day and so I get some too.

~Lickies, Ludo.

Pee ess from Mum:
They are getting on really well so far. There is a little bit of jealousy on Ludo’s part over TND and Arran is still a bit over whelmed when Ludo decided to play. He is a cheeky little character though and very brave! He’s 9 weeks old btw. TND is smitten, it’s his first puppy experience. I have a question for clicker trainers. Do you think it’s stressing Ludo out hearing the click and not getting something? The first few times he is licking his lips, which I didn’t notice at first.

CHrisTmas Party

My dog club has a CHrisTmas party every year at the end of ‘term’. It a great way to undo all the years training and we has to dress up festive. Mum decided to be a cheapskate and make my costume. I turned into some sort of chef elf I thinks.
You can see how very impressed I be right?

But the party beed lots of fun! 

Grandma came too. They has signed Rusty rockets up for the beginners class in January. I is in the advanced/fun class, he better not show me up! This my friend Skylar.

 The turkey won, but I got a goody bag too.

 Musical newspapers!
Me and Mum went out first, cos we got isolated over here with other people and Mum beed too polite to push them out the way.
 The hall decorates very nicely for Crisp mas.

 Getting ready for the egg and spoon race. You has to get your person to hold your lead in the egg and spoon hand so if you pull, they drop the egg and then you get to try and eat it like one doggy did.  Our team got sabotaged and we didn’t win.

 We did  win the mini rally style game though and the get sausages out the water game.

 We played pass the parcel too.

Then they had people stuff like a raffle and food. Grandma won a toy and gived it to Rusty. He like it.

Currently Rusty wants to eat any other dog he sees in the outside world, so Mum be a bit ‘nervous’ about how he gonna do at training. But that the point of training I guess. Except for me, cos I so perfect.

~lickies, Ludo

Prizes for efurryone!

We all got prizes last week in my house!

Auntie Penny got her birthday cake prizes. She win at life. And at being a Super Springy Spaniel, (with a bit of arthrytis)

I won some prizes at my dog clubs fun show. We raised money for a local dog rescue. Mum beed pleased with me, but thought I should have done better in some of the serious obedience classes. I got one third and one 5th in those we think. It showed her we need to do work in different places and without treats more. In class I is perfect! (Mum says except for all the barking).

I got placed in the non-sporting pedigree and I got a place in most handsomest dog and I entered best mismatched pair with my friend Nell and we got third in that.

Getting judged, can you see Nell looking after my bandana for me?

 Doing a stay in starters obedience.

 And a heel in clever clogs (I didn’t get anything in this one, but there did be some bits in it we has not done before, like picking up a weird hard tube. I did do it once I knew what Mum wanted, but we had brought my own dumbell with us for the retrieve, which tooked us ages to change cos I doesn’t like holding hard things in my mouth. I is not a retriever Mum!

 They had a fastest recall and I did pretty well and got 9.7 seconds over 50 yards, but I did not place in the top 6th. My friend Nell goes really fast and she got down to 8.3 seconds and came third. A little spaniel called Jess won, cos you had to clip on the lead and touch the post and Nell casnot stop that quickly. Mum says I probably would have gone faster if TNP be at the other end.

 Show me my ribbon Mum!
The clever clogs winners. Jess at the end really loves looking at her Mum, sometimes I think she must get a neck crick! (yes, nearly planet border collie, but not quite)

I didn’t do my trick for best trick though. It the last class of the day and Mum did not enter me, since she could tell I did not be in a trick mood and she didn’t want to practice and get me all excited before the obedience. But Grandma came with us and entered us anyway. I did it but really half heartedly and we only got 5th. (out of 5, bol!) But the 1st to 3rd winners didn’t just do one trick, so Mum thinks maybe we misinterpreted the rules, as I just did a reverse around Mum, (plus the winner, a working labrador, did retrieves of dummies, in order, which really very clever, but it his job, so we could never have competed with that with just a little fun trick, so Mum says we can take some consolation from that.)

 Anyways, the most important but be that I got lots of attentions and lots of treats (every ribbon got you a gift bag of stuff from fish for dogs (all free from wheat, yippee!) So I has plenty of treats now!

Molly and Faline got their prizes through from Garth’s silly photo contest.

 Molly inspected it for ediibility.
 Mum hung their very cool prizes up in their room.

Thanks so much Garth, Molly and Faline be very pleased to get a parcel of their own and for someone to have recognised their brilliance!!

~lickies, Ludo

pee ess: I is going on Hol-ee-day again soon! Huruff!!

Videos of me!

The bestest kind, of course!
The first one just of me and Sally playing.

These next two is me and Mum doing more practising for Dancing with the Doggy Stars. No editing in these. As I said in my other post, I get super excited pretty easily. You can see the big struggle for me doing the being still bit at the beginning, In Mum’s head I is supposed to look asleep and then when the into on the music finishes I jump up. Off camera Mum be moving around all excitedy and I sooo want to jump up and get her right away!! So it a bit boring and doing samey stuff and we go off camera a bit, well Mum the top of me does, so you might not want to watch it, but it do have me in it. So that be good huh? You can see how excited I get too.

Our internet be really shabby at the moment, cos of the bad weather Mum thinks, so we finding it hard to use the internets. We went to Grandpawents the other day to catch up on blogs, we hope it better soon.