New blog

Hello friends.

We’ve been wanting to for a while and have decided now is the time to start a new blog.

It’s still a work in progress but you can find us at

Hopefully we’ll keep it nicely updated and get to visit our blog friends more regularly.


Happy Crisp-mas!

Hurro efurrybody!

Well, It has beed a while! But of course, I couldn’t let a Crisp-mas go by without checking on my family. Cos I is sure they need some Crispmassy help from me, Ludo!

Let’s have a look and see…


Arran be looking pretty fluffy as usual and I hears he got the new-ters and is doing well.

Molly and Faline my rabbit-dog siblings are relaxing as usual. Crisp mas does not be so exciting for them and they is getting old. Molly has cataracts now but he gets by ok!

Wait, what’s this! An interloper in my Crispmas pics!


Oh, That’s just Arthur, my new baby brother. As you can see he a not-a-sheltie. He being a good friend for Arthur and I has given him some Crisp mas tips already. Mum says he pretty like me as a puppy and so I will allow him to be in the picture. He goofy and sweet and he makes my pawrents smile so I guess he ok. He 7 months old now and growing up quickly.

I want them all to be happy at Crisp mas time.

Thinking of you all from across the bridge, my dear friends. Thank you for thinking of my too.

Love, Ludo.


Our Last Day Together

Hello everyone,

Well, I said I had some pictures to share of Ludo’s last day with us, and here they are.

We decided a couple of days before that Ludo was in too much pain and not able to enjoy things like he wanted to and so we had booked his vet appointment. He was such a brave boy, right to the end and if anyone had seen him in good moments they would have thought he was mostly fine, maybe just a bit hobby, so we were able to enjoy our last day together. 

I took the day off work and we headed down to the beach with a picnic.

The sun was shining down on us and it was such a beautiful day. The water sparkled in the sunlight, there were other happy dogs around and I let Ludo chase the ball as much as he wanted to. It felt like I was getting a little glimpse of where Ludo would be headed next and I am so happy we got to have that happy day together. I am sure my photos don’t do it justice but I hope they capture a bit of how beautiful it was. 

We started off with an ice cream. The locally made kind and Ludo got a whole cone to himself. He couldn’t believe his luck! (Arran had a little bit in a paper tub)


We sat on the rocks and watched the world go by. A whole class room of school children were doing something with geography near by, but they didn’t come too close. Then Ludo sat and watched my lunch be eaten and helped out with the challenging iced bun cake part of it.

It felt like we were the only ones there and I thought of all the fun we’d had exploring these shores together.



I wonder if all those people know what a special day it is today…


Belly full of ice cream but ever hopeful for more.

Arran explored for a bit on his own, but we managed to get one photo with all 3 of us together. It felt like rather a timeless moment.


But time waits for no Mum, especially not when you have a shetland-rabbit dog, waiting to continue their last adventure!


Let’s go have fun Mum!


Wait for it…


Catch me if you can, Ludo!


The rock pools looked so inviting. He couldn’t swim but he still enjoyed a nice wade through the water…


Someone got very sandy! He usually liked to roll around on the dry sand or grass after being in the water to try off his face, but his tumour was stopping him going too far over so I dried him with some tissues.


I’ve zoomed in on this head shot, because I could see myself in his eye. 🙂



Running to the horizon


Seaside shelties

We stayed for hours, I didn’t want it to end, but it had to, as all things must.


My boy

So, he went with sand in his fur and some cheese in his mouth and I think he would have been pleased with that.

Thank you for sticking with me, through these sad days. My friends, what would I have done without you all and your kind words and your loving of Ludo?

I’m not quite sure what to do with the blog. It’s always been his. So I think this will be it for Seaside shelties. Arran still has some things to say, so maybe we’ll start again someplace else. I’ll be sure to let you know if we do. But for now, I guess all we have to do is wish you lots of Lickies, Love Ludo and Mum. (and Arran and TND and Molly and Faline too. xx)

Ludwig Van Puppy

Signing off.


Ludo was helped to the bridge at around 6pm yesterday. His cancer was just too advanced for him to be able to enjoy life in the way he wanted so we decided it was time for his pain to end. He went very peacefully, with his family at his side and some cheese in his mouth. I hope he knew how much he was loved and how much he meant to us.

Thank you for sticking with us. We made sure we had a memorable last day so I’ll be sure to post about that soon.

We really miss him.



Where do you sleep?

Hurro, Ludo here!

A few posts ago I talked about quirks and habits. I has had to change some of mine these last couple of weeks. I cas not to runnings around now and I has to wait at the bottom of the stairs and grumble until someone carries me up them.

But I can still do sleepings. I has always slept in a most comfortable place on the back of the sofa (all different sofa’s but TND’s sofas especially comfy for this. I has made some dog shaped dents in them.


Arran sometimes comes onto the sofa for a snooze, but usually he sleeps in his little green beds or just the floor.


But since I is getting too ouchie to climb onto the back of the sofa I has decided, maybe I should sleep in Arran’s green bed instead of Arran!


What does you think? I fit doesn’t I? Arran has two green beds, one upstairs and one downstairs. I think he can spare me one.

We will both sleep on the floor and at night I like to sleep in the bathroom on the cool times or I go into the guest (my) bedroom and sleep on the people (Ludo) bed in there.

One place we never sleep though is in our fancy mini-sofa that Mum bought us. Just to annoy her because it cost a lot of money papers. We store our toys on there sometimes though.

So, where do you sleep?

~Lickies, Ludo!



Golf balls and POTP


It me Ludo!

I thinks I is going to have to ask for some Power of the Paw… At the weekend I started feeling a bit ouchie on my tummy and not wanting to move like I usually do. Mum noticed me looking at it and she did not be very happy when she looked at it too. We went off to the vets on Monday and Mum got me to do my bang – upside down trick and my vet looked at my tummy too. The vet likes me because I always march right into his office to see him and he says every other dog has to be dragged in. The vet said some things to Mum about it not being fair and he wished he could cure me.


Don’t do worryings Mr. Vet. So long as I can still play with my toys I is happy!

I has something bothering me in my groin right by my leg and I is licking it to make it better, I think it grew pretty quickly because Mum checks my belly scars from my cancer surgeries every other day and it did not be there before. The Vet said I definitely had a golf ball in there! Well, I doesn’t know how it got in there but it should not be there! I already heard Mum tell TND that it be an apricot. So I is not sure who be right. Probably me though!

The vet gave me some medicine of antibiotics and pain killer and anti inflammatory and even though I tries to get out of taking the medicines I do like the treat I get after so I put up with it. Even if I do have a bit of an argument with Mum as to whether I should take the yucky syringe medicine. My Bro-fur Arran is so spoiled he thinks he is missing out so he gets a syringe full of water afterwards. I cas not even imagine volunteering to have a syringe put in my mouth!


How about I just has the treat instead?

I IS feeling quite a bit better already (I bet it does not have anything to do with the medicine though, because it not nice taking medicine). Mum says that the lump will not go away because it probably more of that Mast cell cancer stuff but the inflammation and swelling around it already be going down a lot so it not ouchy or affecting my movement right now. My vet said to us that Mast cells control the bodies histamine response and so that why they can be sore and go red and swollen around them. That probably why my original little tumour on my leg got diagnosed as a hot spot at first.

Anyway, I is still carrying on mostly as normal and I want to do all the things I usually do. TND and Mum sometimes look at me sad but most of the time they is just their usual selves. Mum and me and Arran are going camping at an agility show next weekend. I don’t think Mum will let me do agility anymore, especially cos I seem to damage my skin more easily at the moment, but I will still has a fun time camping. I got to go for a little swim in the sea yesterday too.


If you has any POTP to spare, please do sendings my way for no more ouchies.

~lickies, Ludo!

pee ess from Mum: Thank you everyone for your continued thoughts and best wishes for Ludo. I’m sorry to put up such a gloomy post. This recent lump has come on fast and has shocked us quite a bit as he was doing so well, with only a very small apparent recurrence of the MCT in the form of a sore in his ear. This is on the other side to his recent surgery, but about where one of his lymph node removal scars, I promised Ludo no more surgery and our vet hasn’t offered it for now, so unless something changes, we just hope for a slowdown of the growth and continue palliative treatment.

pee pee ess from Mum: Does anyone else hate the ‘palatable’ veterinary tablets they seem to be making now? Ludo is fussy anyway and, although incredibly greedy, he will spit things out if he doesn’t like them. Having flavoured tablets that he doesn’t like just makes it easier for him to detect them in whatever food I try to hide them in. He is very adept at eating the surrounding food and spitting out the tablet!